The Next Tag Team Champions

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  1. *Hawk's music hits and he walks down to the ring*​
    Hawk: I have been approached by a former rival of mine and we came to a conclusion, We have both been over looked and passed to the side while the focus and spotlight has been taken to other guys who havent paid they're dues and cant put on a decent match. Im sick of being put down the card and being over looked,Im going after the tag team championships, I cant go alone, My partner and I are loose cannons and cannot be over looked anymore may I introduce my partner NanoRah14!​

  2. *Jacob enters the ring mic in hand*

    Don't think we'll stop by winning the tag team championship, we'll conquer every single title in this company because we'll give them the prestige and will take a lot of guys out of our ways, they think they're the main event and can't actually make anything good for this company. We'll start by kicking your ass at Payback CrayJ Lee and Danielson and get those titles from you, there will start our path of destruction. Now you two come out to this ring and make this match official!
  3. *Hawk shakes Colton's hand*

    This is our moment, We are sick of being miss treated and wandering the mid card, This is our first step to destiny, Rodrigo and airbourne908 our fatal 4 way aint happening, Its gonna be a TAG TEAM MATCH! This is the new team that you should all fear, We can strike at any moment. Beware of us, Watch your back and dont cross our paths. We are the Creators Of Chaos. Britanica make this match at Payback happen!
  4. Um Britanica don't make this match happen. We didn't agree to this match or any terms. If they want a shot at the tag titles they need to make sure no one else wants to challenge us first.(have a num 1 contender match)Amatures
  5. i'm too lazy to do it, dont you remember when you would challenge everyone to any match about 200 times before you won a title? :pity:
  6. I remember when you denied me 200 times because you were afraid of losing a title :pity:
  7. :lol1: or because you jobbed more often than Dat Kid.
  8. Well that's just factually incorrect.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. We have no set schedule yet for payback, I have to talk to jonerthin. lol

  11. He didn't even win it, he just walked in and picked it up. Say hello to IWT's Mideon.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. [​IMG] Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. Who the fuck is that vanilla pussy?
  16. Not sure. I'm sure youd like him more if his name was Japanese though.
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  17. Trolling is the kewlest!
  18. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  19. [​IMG]

  20. It'd be hilarious if it was trolling.