Storyline The Night After Bound For Glory

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  1. (A theme plays (without the Shield intro), The Alliance walk out, Hawk seems pissed off, Nick seems a bit distant from the group, DK and Hawk are discussing something, Hawk climbs onto the apron as DK and Nick walk up the steel steps into the ring, Hawk demands a mic, Nick tries to move forward to speak to Hawk, DK puts his arm in front of him and shakes his head*

    Its hard to explain my feelings right now, Not only did my match I knew I had won get cancelled but I lost my make up match, I lost my one shot at Jacob Colton, I lost my one chance to take away the only thing that makes him relevant, I lost that chance. I get no rematch and no do overs. But its not ending like this, At the next Pay Per View the challenge is out there Jacob, If you are a man you will accept it and meet me in that ring and since Jonathan wont sanction it, NON SANCTIONED MATCH. There wont be a ref, There wont be any rules, It will be a fight. There will be kendo sticks, There will be chairs, There will be tables, There will be ladders, Every weapon you can imagine will be used, I want to beat you to a pulp like I promised, I will destroy you and end your career.

    One of these things I hate about this place is how the most dominant force in IWT is looked down upon, People think these little titles make you something, A title doesn't make the wrestler you make the title, Titles don't mean shit to me, What does mean shit to me is taking away Colton's title, And I lost that chance because of this motherfucker

    *Hawk turns to Nick*

    You cost me my damn match, I was knocked to the outside and you let me down, You took the pin without a fight, You are the weak link of this group, You are a failure to us, The Alliance refuses to keep let downs in this group, The Alliance is the strongest force in IWT and we will not carry dead weight like you around, You are done.

    *Nick goes to leave the ring, DK grabs him back*

    Meet your replacement.

    @Nick1698 @DK James
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  2. Queen cones out from under the ring, spearing Nick and standing over him. "Goodbye dear." She said, kissing Nicks forehead and leaving black lipstick, then standing over him.
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  3. The Alliance is the strongest force in IWT -Adam

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    Losses 2
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  4. There is no shame in being IWT's 3MB.
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  5. Not at all.