Storyline The Number One Dazzling Chav is...

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the ring with the biggest grin on his face holding the money in the bank contract briefcase in his hand*

    ( Gav the chav) I told you hahaha look what I've got

    *gav raises the mitb briefcase as the crowd cheers*

    I told every single one of you I would win and that is exactly what I did now the question us what do I do now? For the first time in a long time gav has nothing planned I could face dazzle again but Ive been there and done that I could join the new generation stable bur gav ain't got time for that instead I'm gunna do literally nothing im gunna go away for a while and chill for a bit im gunna sit out on the sidelines and wait to make my move who knows when I'll return it could be next week it could be next year whoever walks out of tonight as the champ better watch out coz gav is gunna be waiting in the wings like a raven waiting to pounce when either of you make a silly move then boom im gunna come out and take whats mine and become the next IWT world Heavyweight champion!

    *gav drops the mic and leaves the arena*

    @THG? @DK James got any holidays planned?
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  2. Imagine a chav as the IWT champion :aries2:
  3. I know lol its all about the timing