The NWO...But with Sting?

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    The idea for this discussion comes from a recent Hogan interview were he said he wanted to originally turn heel against Ultimate Warrior at mania. Wrestlinginc then mentioned a note from Bischoff's autobiography were he noted that when he convinced Hulk to turn heel at Bash at the Beach he had a backup plan set and had Sting agree to turn in case Hogan backed out at the last minute. So this brings us to today's topic. Could the NWO have had as much momentum and crossover appeal if it had been Sting instead of Hogan who had been revealed as the third man?

    Would it have led to just as big a ratings boost as it was with Hogan?

    Would it have reshaped the industry just as much?

    What would have happened to Hogan if he hadn't turned face and how would Sting's career look today?
  2. Sting turning wouldn't have had as much impact because he wasn't the wrestling icon that Hogan was. He was a big name in wrestling, but Hogan was a household name for most everyone, even those who didn't watch wrestling.

    Also Sting's storyline was a huge part of the angle early on. I don't think Hogan could have played an interesting enough role to carry that portion of the story and it would have just been Hulkamania vs NWO and Hulk probably would have squashed all 3 main members within 8 months.
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  3. I doubt it tbh, what made the NWO special was the WWF invasion I believe, Sting doesn't fit that mould obviously.
  4. Imagine Hogan coming down from the rafters with the facepaint.

    And yeah seabs. They would really have had to sell Sting as a traitor to make the invasion angle work without Hogan.
  5. It would have still had a bit of juice to it, in my opinion, because Hall and Nash added a lot of the 'cool' factor the NWO had and if you read Bischoff's book, he admits they came up with most all of the ideas for the group (spray painting the letters on people's backs, for example) and there were times when Hogan wasn't around that the group was still drawing huge. That includes the Wolfpac. But it was Hogan's heel turn that glued people to the product and really helped 'complete' the group, and with him being a huge icon and a guy that most could never imagine as a heel after the big Hulkamania run, Sting turning would have never worked as well, especially when you consider that every attempt ever made to turn the Stinger heel has failed. (I haven't watched much of TNA, but people I speak to or things I read all indicate that every attempt to turn Sting heel have failed there as well.)

    The leader of the new villainous group being cheered rather than booed would not have been good for the group's credibility, because that's the exact thing that killed it in 2002 when WWE resurrected the storyline.

    Imagine if it had been Bret Hart instead of Sting or Hogan, that would have been even worse lol. There were heavy rumors of Bret being the third man at the time, because Bret was negotiating with WCW at the time and most assumed that since Hall and Nash gave off the impression of it being a WWF invasion (despite having to clarify no longer being employed by the WWF at GAB '96 for legal reasons), that their third guy would be another WWF superstar jumping ship as well. Many even have the misconception that it was Bischoff's original plan (it wasn't) before Bret decided to stay in the WWF.
  6. I don't think it would've worked just as well.
  7. This right here is the truth.
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