Storyline The Office

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  1. Michael is sitting backstage at his desk. He's signing a pink slip but swiftly rips it up when he see's the camera. He looks nervous and guilty before regaining his composure and speaking.

    Michael: Recently, a disgruntled former IWT employee barged into my office. And aired his grievances. He called me a 13 year old retard. He called the cops on one of my good friends for saying a word, he deemed offensive to his black. He proceeded to mock me, since I'm a part-time police officer around this town, I rejected his call and told him to calm down. He tried everything from mocking my career as a competitor to the state of the IWT. But ultimately he got ejected from IWT Headquarters. This man was seriously upset. This man is well-known. He's done a lot of good and even more bad. But he got me thinking...

    Michael: I realized what he said could be right. Maybe in some neighborhoods, '*****' is an offensive term. Which I didn't know until recently after looking up some Fox News polls. So I decided that the best thing to do, was to apologize.

    *The camera gets a shot of the pink slip with some shreds containing the letters 'L' 'U' 'C' and letter that looks like half an 'S'. Michael kicks away the pink slip and yells at the camera man to face him.*

    Michael: I'm sorry Jonathan. I'm sorry for not ejecting and killing my friend for his offensive language. Sadly, I haven't seen that friend since the incident nor have I had a deadly weapon to fulfill your wish. Clearly, one day, it will happen and then I will proceed to piss on his grave and present you with some of his rotting corpse as a sign of reconciliation. But this is just the warm-up as to why I made this appointment with the camera crew. Because it's a far more serious and daunting matter.

    Michael: You see, I've been hard at work to revitalize the IWT. I've booked cards, rebuilt divisions and recently relaunched titles. But there's one thing that will stand out, and that's the upcoming, final unification of the IWT and World Heavyweiight titles. Alias Antonio and Victoria Parker collide again, this time for the newly founded IWT World Championship! The end of an era for sure. But with the end comes a beginning, and that beginning will launch us into the new era. I have trust in both competitors that they will be perfect banner bearers for the IWT. I have no bias. But I will only allow the very best compete for the ONLY prize the IWT has to offer, of such magnitude.

    Michael: This is the most important match in their careers. The winner will go on to face a new opponent while the loser will have to climb the ranks...all over again. IWT Once and for All will be LIVE on PPV from November 20th - November 25th. This will be the last time, two dogs will rule the yard...