The official "rate the match" thread

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  1. This forum could use something like this.

    The thread is simple. Come here after you watch a match and give it any rating you choose. Could be any match in the history of wrestling. This could create some great discussion.
  2. AJPW 2000/2/27
    Triple Crown
    : Kenta Kobashi vs. Vader (c)

    "Vader throwing Kobashi around like a ragdoll? Kobashi fighting back? Stiffness, strategy, hot crowd? Whaaaat? But that sounds so ordinary on paper." Well, it does, but it's executed almost perfectly. Immense match with a strong climax.

  3. So, what about this thread?
  4. No ones been using it, so i haven't either.
  5. I ain't no "no one", jack.
  6. I'm sorry, Dude.
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