Storyline The Old Generation

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  1. Michael is sitting in old warehouse with sounds of cars filling the area. Michael shuts a nearby window calming the noise in the warehouse. He walks over to the wall behind him where portraits of all New Generation member hang. He takes Chip's, Christian's and Anonymous's off and throws them forcefully on the floor. He steps on them before he walks out. The camera follows him out as he summons Alkatrz who had been pouring gasoline on the old warehouse. Michael ignites the warehouse with a lighter before Alkatrz and Michael stand back with blank expressions. Michael faces towards the camera and begins to speak.

    Michael: I've awoken, I had been carrying The Old Generation on my back. They were past their prime and were getting worse by the minute. Alkatrz and I have made the final decision to toss them off to a littered, ravaged and filthy curb where all has-beens at one time or another end up. The Franchise and The Youth here won't carry broken men to our glory. We're here to write our own destiny, and nuilld others. The Old Generation, has ended and The New Generation will be reborn.

    The camera shuts off, after a brief period the camera turns back on with a fuzzy outlook. Hours seem to have passed as Michael, Alkatrz and the cameraman are in a large car. The car screeches to a stop as Michael opens to door and invites the cameraman to walk out. The camera shows a large white building with a red sign on the front. They walk into the building, it has multiple rooms. Michael starts walking as Alkatrz pushes the cameraman to follow, they enter a room with white leather seats. Portraits of Michael and Alkatrz are hanging with many other empty frames around the room.

    Michael: As you can see, we're truly The NEW Generation. *Michael and Alkatrz laugh* The New Generation is growing and at Uprising...another star in the constellation will be identified.

    The cameraman walks out of the room and out of the building. He points the camera at the big red sign.
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