Storyline the order admit they ain't no match for the chavs

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  1. *the orders theme music plays as both marcus Anthony and trip in the Head come out to the ring*

    Commentator 1 here comes the order I wonder
    What they want this time

    Commentator 2 lets tune in to find out

    (Trip in the Head) at IWTMANIA the order will go one on one with the dazzling chavs for the tag team titles but lets be honest we're no match for them in fact I probably won't even make it to mania after I get the shit beat out of me from that sexy bastard gav the chav

    *gav the chav chant starts*

    Me and gav we're both pretty similar why? after all we are easily the strongest competitors from our respective groups we both carry our groups to victory

    *trips turns towards marcus Anthony*

    But you on the other hand you ain't even fit enough to wipe the blood from my butchers knife why the fuck did Britanica the slut hand over the reigns to you? You mate are fucking shite I bet the dazzler rips you a new arsehole at uprising when you both face off you ain't fit to be the leader of the order in fact you are out of order your past your sell by date you ain't fit enough to be my tag team partner and that is why we will not win at mania we may as well give in to the chavs

    the order gives in​

    *Marcus snatches the mic from trips*

    OOC please no interference if you wanna comment please wait until me and dazzle are done

  2. *Marcus puts the mic to his mouth.*

    Marcus: Trip, it will probably be your ass that gets pinned in the match. I mean, we'll both get our asses handed to us, but it's pretty obvious your going to get pinned. Although, I may get the worst beat down from The Dazzler. That guy really does know how to kick ass. By the way, the reason I'm the leader is because Britanica know's that your nothing but a low class jobber. You couldn't beat Gav if he lost all of his arms and legs. At least I'll be able to get one hit on Dazzler before he tears me to shreds. You'll probably trip on the ropes before you even get in the ring. The only reason we can't win the tag team titles is because we both suck, but most importantly, because you really, really suck. Like seriously, you suck. Hell, you just blow dude. Yes, you do blow dudes as well. I know that first hand, and guess what people, he sucks at doing that as well. The similarities between me and The Dazzler are that we both are the best competitors in this group and we both know how to get the job done on our own. You, Trip, are like Gav because you both are monkey crap, I may be stinking garbage, but you two are steaming, stinking piles of pure monkey crap. By the way, Brit told me she didn't even feel anything!
  3. (Trip in the Head) oi you little cheeky **** leave my 3 inch dick out of this you know what right at least I managed to pull a fit bird like her the only reason a girl would look at you is there desperate or gavs mum you know what right you actually got one thing right kind of yes you and the dazzler are pretty similar

    let me explain unlike me and gav who time after time carry this group to victory you and the dazzler other than being absolute shite of course you both also poor imitations of something great the dazzler thinks he's the rock but really he's more like rocky maivia *rocky sucks chant breaks out *you instead of thinking your I dunno as good as me instead your more like my other opponent at uprising brian Mandela the dickbag your both deluded you both think your the fucking bees knees but you are gunna suffer the same fate as him when the dazzler takes his size 12 boot and sticks it straight up your candy ass
  4. *Marcus laughs*

    Marcus: The only thing you and Gav carry around, is mine and Dazzler's bags and jock strap. The Dazzler would kick Gav's ass, just like I could kick your ass. Trip, we all Brit wouldn't touch your ass with a 50 inch pole. Hell, most women wouldn't touch your weird ass if you were the last man on earth. The great thing about me and Dazzler, are that we are proud Arabs. Not some jabroni from some unknwon country in the U.S and some monkey ass who loves putting meat in his mouth. Ain't I ain't even talking about the meat you cook. Now shut your mouth before I walk over there and slap the taste out of your mouth. Hell, you're such a jobber, you'll probably get pinned by that Mandela jobber. You piece of trash.
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  5. OOC: Oh i see, doing the impersonating bit, ok. Just remember how epic it was when DX got the Nation back is all I'm saying. @TheArabHammer you see this shit?
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  6. (Trip in the Head) you know what mate I probably will coz I'm fucking shite all he has to do is pull his gun out on me and I'll cry like a little bitch I go around telling people I'm this crazy butcher trying to intimidate them try to strike to strike dear into my opponent trying to scare them but no matter what I do gav the chav just won't budge he is genuinely hard as fuck I can't wait to get my arse kicked by him at uprising

    *gav the chav chant continues in the arena*

    Here why don't you all shut the fuck? You honestly think gav the chav gives a damn about you heres a little known fact after summerslam gav the chavs contract will expire I bet every single one of you 20 quid he doesn't sign another and fucks off out of here he'll be out of here quicker than it takes @Delik takes to eat a Domino's pizza and after that he'll be gone for good and he's probably gunna take that tag title with him coz nobody including me can take it from him coz were all fucking shite

    *marcus Anthony snatches the mic from trips*
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    Sum a ma bitch!
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  8. If your gunna bump yours @Trip in the Head then gavs bumping his come at me
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  9. No I like it, build for mania bro
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  10. Why don't you guys build up by setting the plans in motion?!