Storyline The Order Evolves

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  1. *In between the X-div weekend matches there is a pause in the action. Fans get up from their seats in droves to get snacks, souvenirs, and use the bathroom. But the pause is cut short as the Order of Night's theme hits the speakers*

    *Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony slowly walk out from behind the curtain and make their way to the ring, tag team championship belts slung over their shoulders. Marcus wearing his black Order hoodie with the ripped off arms and Trip's with the arms still intact. The crowd rushes back to their seats as they realize what is going on back in the ring. People are pushed and drop their newly boughten snacks. A child cries because he dropped his ice cream on the ground, but no one notices as they race past the poor child back to their seats. Trip and Marcus take their time as they climb the steps up into the ring, quiet and somber as ever. Trip in the Head raises his head and pushes the hoodie back off from his head. He pulls his specially made dagger mic out of his hoodie pocket and begins to speak as the crowd finally quiets down*

    TRIP: Good evening IWT. Are you enjoying the show? *crowd pop* Good, because the Order is about to make your night THAT.....MUCH......BETTER. Now, when the Order first burst onto the scene all those months ago, we were but 3 individuals who set out on a mission to fix what was wrong in the IWT. We carved a path through the competition making a name for ourselves along the way. Eventually, we had people who realized what we really are and truly gave in to the Order of Night. Becoming an agent of the night and exploiting it for their own needs - which is exactly what we intended. We can only help show you the way though. You need to accept that to really understand what "Give in to the Order" means ladies and gentlemen. *crowd breaks out in boos and Trip motions for the crowd to continue, taking in their boos and enjoying every moment of it. He walks around the ring slowly as fans throw their newly bought snacks and drinks in the ring, realizing only seconds later what they had just done*
    TRIP: *Looking around the ring* Look at this MESS you animals! *crowd boos more and Trip is getting frustrated. He hits a button on his custom made microphone and yells *SHUT! UP!* into the mic. The mic changes his voice output to a deep thunderous tone so loud a speaker up in the rafter blows and the crowd goes silent as sparks slowly fall from the blown speaker. Trip clears his throat and adjusts his mic before he continues* Now......I would like to announce that the Order is once again growing in numbers. As each night passes more realize the power we have tapped into. They want it, they NEED it, and once they get it - they aim to USE it. So lets get started, shall we?

    Who is going next? (open)

    @TheArabHammer ? You? Oh, @THG? and @12345 , feel free to pitch in if you like.
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  4. Chip: *snicker* I'd like to make an order. Give me a Big Mac or sumthin' COCKSUCKAH!
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  7. COCKSUCKAH!/10.
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