Storyline The Order looks to Mania (Take 2)

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  1. *Nick quickly defeats the newbie Game Changer in the ring as Trip in the head and Marcus Anthony make their way back to the ring. Game changer has already been removed from the ring and Nick slides out just as Trip and Marcus make it back to the ring.*
    TRIP: Well that was just rude wasn't it? Damn greenhorns trying to stick their nose where it don't belong. Sooooo, now that THAT'S over..........Dazzling Chavs......I believe my tag partner here had some choice words for you just a little while ago. Lets look to the reply shall we? *Trip motions to the titantron as the reply begins*
    VIDEO REPLAY (open)

    TRIP: So, IWT universe, here we are. Just weeks away until The Order has their IWTMania debut. Only the second of its kind in a long long line of IWTManias to come. Not only is it our Mania debut, but it is also a match for the IWT tag team titles. The road to Mania is different for all involved though. Look at D'Z. He came out and challenged the IC....I mean EU.....champ for the title at Mania BEFORE he was even a part of a #1 contender match. And look what happened. He came out on top in said #1 contender match. Hard to argue with that. Then there's our illustrious GM taking on ???. That has been a backstage brawl waiting to happen for quite some time now as I understand it. We just have to hope ol whats his name decides to show up I guess. Maybe thats what the ??? really stands for - will he be here tonight???. Then theres the WHC belt currently held by IWT's own resident victim of vast delusions of grandeur - Dat Kid. Who is he facing again? Oh right......nobody cares. Good luck with that Kid. By the way, how's it feel knowing your little pet Joey Bryant has a title that is so much more prestigious then yours, hmmmm? Time will tell on that one. Speaking of Joey Bryant, who LOST rather ungracefully to the Order's own Alias Antonio the other night in a non-title match at Uprising by the way. I bet he's busy preparing for his match with....that guy that won the Rumble. You guys all know his name right? *Crowd chants Bruce Knight! Bruce Knight!* Riiiiiiight. Enjoy that main event folks. Worth every penny. No, really. *Trip chuckles to himself before beginning to pace around the ring* Now, our particular road to IWTMania this year was long. Arduous. Painstakingly slow. We faced the so-called champs months ago at a house show just to show off what we could do as a new tag team in the dwindling division of the IWT. And we defeated those champs! A loss for which I have heard multiple excuses for. But the fact remains. We won. And in this business a win is a win. And since The Order of NIght's debut ALLLLL those months ago, all we win. We have yet, in fact, to be defeated as a team I believe, Marcus and I. Sure, we have had our individual loses, as well as victories, but as a team *Trip shakes his head* Not even the greatest crime fighting duo in comic book history could take us down. *Crowd chants Shaaaa-Dow! Al-ka-line! Shaaaaa-dow! Al-ka-line!* HA, those fools gave it their best. They even did quite a number on my tag partner, the new leader of the Order mind you. But in the end it was not enough. We came out of the tag team tournament victorious *Crowd: Booooooooooo! Trip raises his right hand and when the crowd quiets down some he continues* And we shall do the same at IWTMania! *Crowd: BOOOOOOOO! Trip climbs one of the turnbuckles before he smiles smugly and says* Would you just give in to the Order already people? Your looking at your new tag team champions of the world come Mania time this year. *The crowd continues to boo as Trip motions for his tag partner Marcus Anthony, The Phoenix himself, to speak his mind*

    Marcus: I...W....T. You have felt the impact that The Order has made in the last few months. The statements we made when we formed were not just useless bits of air being sent out of our mouths, they were proclamations. Proclamations that had come true. You see WE are not just the future, we....are the present. Our brothers in arms, have consumed all there is to feast on in this company. Alias Antonio*crowd goes apeshit*, our X division champion, made Joey Bryant look like he had no idea what to do against a juggernaut of his caliber. Farooq *crowd chants fooooooooooooq and a smark is seen wearing a shirt that says "I wish I had a 36" plasma* has won EVERY major title in this company and has nothing left to prove as he is considered one of the greatest in the history of IWT. Finally we come to Trip and I.*crowd gives a heavy mixed reaction primarily with boos* WE dominated the tag team division while those so called "champs" are talking a big game, they know damn well that the real champions are right here *Marcus points back and forth to himself and Trip* Our match at mania there Chavs, is just a formality. So save yourselves the medical expenses and embarrassment and bring your sorry asses down here and give us what's rightfully ours. Everyone here knows that's it's time....for you two to...*Marcus holds up the mic and the crowd shouts GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!*

    TRIP: Now, before our Mania opponents could come down and actually face us in this ring, we were disturbed by the IWT's newest jobber. Gav thought he would be funny and come out and make jokes, as we will see now, but our title match at Mania is no joke Gav. Lets see that replay, shall we? *Trip motions to the titantron once again*
    VIDEO REPLAY 2 (open)

    *gav walks out to the arena and stands at the top of the ramp*
    ( Gav the chav) hahahahaha that was fucking beautiful Jeremy you my friend has just made gavs day now please step aside gav will take this from here
    Oi marcus looks like you have found your very own roadster hahahaha get up of the floor you fucking little pussy now normally me and my man dazzle would be stood side by side facing the 2 of you but as you all know that coward over there decided to attack b.dazzle right before he was about to take on marcus Anthony now where gav comes from you don't attack a man from behind no only a little pussy does that shit then when I call you out to explain your actions instead of being men you both jump me thinking your fucking clever but it clearly didn't work you know why because unlike dazzle im hard as fuck
    now since then gavs been doing a lot of thinking do I return the favour and smash both of your fucking faces? No gavs not gunna do that do I hunt down Britannica and put you 2 to shame and show her what a real man can do? Nah, fuck knows what I might catch from that or do I just simply walk away? You know what right now that seems like the smart thing to do right now yes fuck it gav ain't doing anything silly for once jeremy finish them!
    *gav leaves the arena leaving both the order and jeremy stood in the ring*

    TRIP: So Dazzle is still out hurt is he Gav? What a pussy. And I suppose you are too much a little bitch to come out here by yourself. Funny how you were fine with leaving that greenhorn out here to get his ass handed to him while you ran into the back with your tail between your legs. So how about you bring your candy ass out here and speak to us face to face in this ring before our meeting at IWTMania II. What say you,oh bellend of bellends?

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  2. *gav the chavs music plays as gav storms out towards the ring gav climbs in the ring and stares both trip in the Head and marcus Anthony down then gav turns towards marcus Anthony and hits him with a right hook knocking him out for several minutes before turning towards trips who is stood alone*

    ( Gav the chav) this is exactly what happens when you fuck with the chavs you think your fucking clever don't ya calling out gav don't you well here I am so what you gunna do let me guess you gunna smash my face in? Well gav says just bring it I've already took your mate out with one punch and im gunna do the exact same to you but first lets go over a few things

    number fucking one you think gav sees this a joke? Well here right let gav make this crystal fucking clear gav takes you 2 very serious in fact gav sees you as the strongest opponents they have ever faced gav would be stupid to see you 2 as a joke that would make gav a silly little **** wouldn't it

    number fucking two the only reason dazzle ain't here tonight is coz you pricks attacked him like a bunch of pussies how ironic it is that you dare call gav a pussy just ask your mate down there gav don't attack people from behind like you seem to no gav prefers to look the little **** in the eye stare deep right into his soul then smack him around the ear and watch them fall like a ton of bricks

    number fucking errrrm 1...2.....6!
    *gav takes off his tag team belt and smashes it into trip in the Head face*

    I'm the tag team champion and there's not a single thing you can do about it why coz I'm hard as fuck!
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  4. *Trip in the Head is knocked back from the blow to his face with the tag team belt. He falls and hits the back of his head on the bottom turnbuckle. He lays there dazed for a few moments as the crowd goes crazy and Gav finishes. As Trip regains his senses he brings his right hand up to his face and then looks at his palm only to see his own blood on his hand. Blood that had been running down from his nose. He looks from his palm immediately up towards Gav who is working the crowd. Trips expression changes and he gets up quickly and sprints at the unsuspecting Gav, going for a clothesline that Gav ducks under. Trip turns to face Gav and throws a right that gets blocked and Gav returns the favor. Gav goes for a second, but Trip blocks Gavs punch and goes for a right of his own which connects. As Gav and Trip go back and forth, Marcus is getting back to his feet. Gav sends Trip running into the corner and follows it up with a jumping forearm to the face in the corner. Trip slumps in the corner and Gav pushes him down, jumping to the top turnbuckle afterwards. Gav raises his hand and dives from the top turnbuckle, dropping his elbow into Trips chest. Gav pushes Trips body under the bottom rope and to the floor. Gav raises his arms and yells as the crowd goes crazy, not seeing that Marcus Anthony has got back to his feet in the corner behind him*

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  6. Artist is shown: he spams a empty bottle over his head and falls unconscious.
  7. Marcus Anthony grabs gav from behind and delivers a release German Suplex. He let's out a primal scream much to the dismay of the crowd. Marcus quickly follows up by grabbing gav off the mat directly into a gut wrench Powerbomb. *the crowd pops for the feat of strength*
    Marcus then rolls out of the ring and assists his partner to is feet so they can stomp gav out of existence. As soon as Trip and Marcus start stomping a mud hole in gav's ass, theme music hits the titantron distracting The Order

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  8. *The fans pop big as The Dazzler's theme hits.*

    Announcer 1: is he here!?

    Announcer 2: No way!

    *Finally The Dazzler comes charging out from backstage to a huge pop. Trip and Marcus look stunned as The Dazzler slides in the ring. The Dazzler gets to his feet and both Marcus and Trip go for a double clothesline, but Dazzler ducks. Both men turn around and Dazzler begins to unload on each of them with rights. He knocks down Trip with a big right and then turns his attention to Marcus. Marcus goes for a big right, but Dazzler blocks, and starts connecting with more rights. Dazzler backs Marcus into the corner and keeps firing with rights and lefts to the head and midsection. Trip gets back to his feet and clubs Dazzler from behind. Marcus and Trip begin double teaming on The Dazzler, but he continues to fight back. The number games are starting to work in the favor for The Order as they begin to take control. They unload on The Dazzler with stomps when Gav gets back to his feet. He takes down Trip and both men begin to exchange fists as they brawl on the floor. Marcus goes to save Trip, but turns his attention towards Dazzler. He picks Dazzler up, and knees him in the stomach. Marcus runs to the ropes, bounces back, and runs right into a big spine buster from Dazzler.*

    Announcer 2: These men are going to beat each other down to where they won't be able to even make it to Mania!

    *Marcus rolls out of the ring in pain. Meanwhile, Trip and Gav are still brawling in the ring. Trip has Gav in the corner when Dazzler clubs Trip from behind. Gav and Dazzler begin to beat on Trip until Gav connects with a big DDT. Gav moves out of the way and Dazzler stands behind Trip, ready to give Trip his signature move, the B.Bottom. Trip gets to his feet and turns around. Dazzler goes to give him his finisher, but Marcus quickly pulls Trip out of the ring. Marcus and Trip high tail it up the entrance ramp as Dazzler and Gav look on from the ring, eager for another fight.*

    Announcer 1: It looks like The Order has just got a taste of their own medicine.

    Announcer 2: Yes, but it's not going to be like this at Mania.

    *The Dazzler's theme hits and Gav and Dazzler celebrate in the ring with their titles. They stand up on the turnbuckles and hold up their titles to a huge pop.*
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