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    The lights in the arena go out and the ceiling in the arena is rigged to make it look like a clear starry night. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect. Smoke starts to rise from the stage and Fenris the wolf walks out onto it. An image of a full moon shows on the titantron and Fenris poses and howls.

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the group as they stand at the top of the ramp looking at the ground with hoodies pulled over their heads. As they start down the ramp Fenris follows behind them. They get down to the ring, throw back their hoods, and look at each other for a moment and nod before they slide into the ring under the ropes. Fenris makes his way over and calmly sits down next to the timekeeper. Trip and Marcus stand in the middle of the ring and both lean back, releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, and on both sides of the top of the ramp, blinding the crowd whose eyes were by now used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the members of The Order of Night stand in the middle of the ring with microphones.

    TRIP: So, IWT universe, here we are. Just weeks away until The Order has their IWTMania debut. Only the second of its kind in a long long line of IWTManias to come. Not only is it our Mania debut, but it is also a match for the IWT tag team titles. The road to Mania is different for all involved though. Look at D'Z. He came out and challenged the IC....I mean EU.....champ for the title at Mania BEFORE he was even a part of a #1 contender match. And look what happened. He came out on top in said #1 contender match. Hard to argue with that. Then there's our illustrious GM taking on ???. That has been a backstage brawl waiting to happen for quite some time now as I understand it. We just have to hope ol whats his name decides to show up I guess. Maybe thats what the ??? really stands for - will he be here tonight???. Then theres the WHC belt currently held by IWT's own resident victim of vast delusions of grandeur - Dat Kid. Who is he facing again? Oh right......nobody cares. Good luck with that Kid. By the way, how's it feel knowing your little pet Joey Bryant has a title that is so much more prestigious then yours, hmmmm? Time will tell on that one. Speaking of Joey Bryant, who LOST rather ungracefully to the Order's own Alias Antonio the other night in a non-title match at Uprising by the way. I bet he's busy preparing for his match with....that guy that won the Rumble. You guys all know his name right? *Crowd chants Bruce Knight! Bruce Knight!* Riiiiiiight. Enjoy that main event folks. Worth every penny. No, really. *Trip chuckles to himself before beginning to pace around the ring* Now, our particular road to IWTMania this year was long. Arduous. Painstakingly slow. We faced the so-called champs months ago at a house show just to show off what we could do as a new tag team in the dwindling division of the IWT. And we defeated those champs! A loss for which I have heard multiple excuses for. But the fact remains. We won. And in this business a win is a win. And since The Order of NIght's debut ALLLLL those months ago, all we win. We have yet, in fact, to be defeated as a team I believe, Marcus and I. Sure, we have had our individual loses, as well as victories, but as a team *Trip shakes his head* Not even the greatest crime fighting duo in comic book history could take us down. *Crowd chants Shaaaa-Dow! Al-ka-line! Shaaaaa-dow! Al-ka-line!* HA, those fools gave it their best. They even did quite a number on my tag partner, the new leader of the Order mind you. But in the end it was not enough. We came out of the tag team tournament victorious *Crowd: Booooooooooo! Trip raises his right hand and when the crowd quiets down some he continues* And we shall do the same at IWTMania! *Crowd: BOOOOOOOO! Trip climbs one of the turnbuckles before he smiles smugly and says* Would you just give in to the Order already people? Your looking at your new tag team champions of the world come Mania time this year. *The crowd continues to boo as Trip motions for his tag partner Marcus Anthony, The Phoenix himself, to speak his mind*
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  2. Marcus: I...W....T. You have felt the impact that The Order has made in the last few months. The statements we made when we formed were not just useless bits of air being sent out of our mouths, they were proclamations. Proclamations that had come true. You see WE are not just the future, we....are the present. Our brothers in arms, have consumed all there is to feast on in this company. Alias Antonio*crowd goes apeshit*, our X division champion, made Joey Bryant look like he had no idea what to do against a juggernaut of his caliber. Farooq *crowd chants fooooooooooooq and a smark is seen wearing a shirt that says "I wish I had a 36" plasma* has won EVERY major title in this company and has nothing left to prove as he is considered one of the greatest in the history of IWT. Finally we come to Trip and I.*crowd gives a heavy mixed reaction primarily with boos* WE dominated the tag team division while those so called "champs" are talking a big game, they know damn well that the real champions are right here *Marcus points back and forth to himself and Trip* Our match at mania there Chavs, is just a formality. So save yourselves the medical expenses and embarrassment and bring your sorry asses down here and give us what's rightfully ours. Everyone here knows that's it's time....for you two to...*Marcus holds up the mic and the crowd shouts GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!*
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  4. The twenty five old pro wrestler, Jeremy had been tuned into the AMW backstage listening to the faction talk about wins and losses made the wrestler crack his neck preparing himself for his debut into the wrestling universe. He was no novice to sports entertainment, he just had to drive down different avenues before he made the right turn into AMW. This place was a perfect fit for him America was home of the brave and bravery was a trait to be respected and one held himself accountable for showing. He had his casual attire on but his wrestling gear was underneath.

    Pyro's flared while an impressively large man standing 6 foot 4 emerged through them it looked like he was ignoring the fans but he wasn't, he felt them there and knew they were there, he was just focused on his opponent who he calls his victim, while he wore a black jacket with the words :Harley Davidson: written on the back in silver, a black tanktop underneath with black jeans. He was soon standing five feet in the ring in front of both men locking his intense eyes on them. "I've listened to you guys in the back long enough and tonight, ArabHammer. Your ass is mine!" With that said, he ran at him immediately and attempted to spear Hammer in the midsection!
  5. *gav walks out to the arena and stands at the top of the ramp*

    ( Gav the chav) hahahahaha that was fucking beautiful Jeremy you my friend has just made gavs day now please step aside gav will take this from here

    Oi marcus looks like you have found your very own roadster hahahaha get up of the floor you fucking little pussy now normally me and my man dazzle would be stood side by side facing the 2 of you but as you all know that coward over there decided to attack b.dazzle right before he was about to take on marcus Anthony now where gav comes from you don't attack a man from behind no only a little pussy does that shit then when I call you out to explain your actions instead of being men you both jump me thinking your fucking clever but it clearly didn't work you know why because unlike dazzle im hard as fuck

    now since then gavs been doing a lot of thinking do I return the favour and smash both of your fucking faces? No gavs not gunna do that do I hunt down Britannica and put you 2 to shame and show her what a real man can do? Nah, fuck knows what I might catch from that or do I just simply walk away? You know what right now that seems like the smart thing to do right now yes fuck it gav ain't doing anything silly for once jeremy finish them!

    *gav leaves the arena leaving both the order and jeremy stood in the ring*
  6. Bro....AMW is another fed.....
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  7. Okay.
  8. *Marcus Anthony side steps the spear and laughs*

    Marcus: Hey FTJ, did you let loose one of your little friends to come out here for comic relief? Seriously who the hell are you? You call me a different name, you have no idea what company you're in, and you think you can just interfere during our promo because you have nothing better to do. Let's get one thing straight here whatever the hell your name is, right now you're nothing to me, second you'll never be anything to me, and finally a month from now no one will even remember who you are. Nice try trying to make a name for yourself kid. Do yourself a favor and take your wannabe Goldberg ass right back to the other imposters in the back and at least keep a shred of your dignity and try to find someone that won't bury you as quick
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  11. "First off, I'd beat your ass in no time flat no matter who you think I'm trying to be and that Goldberg guy not even close. Honestly I'm striving to be the champ no matter what company I'm signed to and your punk ass is in the way. Now you have two options you can take your wannabe wolf pack ass home where you belong. Or unless you want your ass kicked right now in front of your little sister."

    The crowd is hyped with anticipation expecting a confrontation between the two wrestlers. One who wants to make a name for himself and establish himself in either company. And the other who avoided the spear.

    "Now which one is it gonna be. A match? Or home?" Holds the mic awaiting his answer.
  12. I'll face you....
  13. I say we make this a little bit more interesting... Dark Match triple threat?
  14. Nah, man i ain't jobbin again....
  15. I like that, okay.
  16. If it's a 3 way, i'm out if you want 1 vs 1 i'm okay with that.
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  18. Dont opt out over a loss Kid it comes with the job. But if you insist then I'm okay with a 1 on 1.
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