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    *The Order of Nights music hits as Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony make their way to the ring in their black Order hoodies, their new tag team championship belts hung over their shoulders. The usual theatrics of their intro are not done as they quickly get to the ring and enter it. Trip pulls out his dagger mic from his hoodie pocket and starts talking.*
    TRIP: Cut the music! *The music is cut short* We are out here tonight to address the IWT universe. Now, we did exactly what we said we would do at IWTMania 2 this past weekend. We beat the Dazzling Chavs for these very titles! *Trip holds up his strap, as does Marcus, to a negative crowd pop* They even put up quite a fight. More so than we ever expected. But we triumphed in the night, night being our specialty and all. We even got under Dazzle's skin a little bit. I saw him come out here a little earlier and talk about how he felt like he didn't even know who he was anymore and I would be lying if I didn't say I was mildly amused. We know who you are Dazzle. Just another victim that gave into the Order. All of that denying it wouldn't happen leading up to Mania was just a show and you know it. We came out, we dominated, and we are now the IWT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD! *crowd pops with boos* Obviously these fans had thought more of you and your tag partner Gav, but we knew the truth. The Dazzling Chavs were nothing but a gimmick put on to appease these crowds whereas the Order is the REAL DEAL in this business. You people are looking at champions that are undefeated as a team in this company! *crowd boos* Boo all you want, the facts remain the same. Marcus and I carved a path through the tag team division, never faltering once! From our debut against the Dazzling Chavs themselves up through the tag team tournament that followed shortly thereafter. NO ONE has had the ability needed to stop us. *Trip walks up to the front ropes and says* And now darkness has truly fallen on the IWT tag team division. Who else is there that could even pose a threat to us as a team? *Trip turns to his tag partner* What do you think Marcus? I'm sure you've got plenty on your mind.

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  2. Through all the trials and tribulations we have faced through out our careers, the fruits of our labor have finally come time to harvest. WE have told each and every one of you that The Order of Night will show why we are the most dominant force in IWT.
    *the crowd gives a big heel pop*

    Trip, Britanica, and I set out to do one thing....right the wrongs in this company where we knew there was a poison slowly killing IWT and it was up to US to bring it back to life. We have run through every possible road block and proven that The Order doesn't make false promises. We made everything we said that would go down, happen. At IWTMania 2....that...was the start for greater things. NO INDIVIDUAL , NO TEAM COULD STOP US.

    *Marcus holds his tag team title in the air*

    This is a symbol of our determination.
    This is a symbol of greatness.
    This is a symbol of what is to come for The Order.

    *the arena is filled with animosity towards the tag team champions hearing nothing but boos*

    There's nothing more we need to prove as we have conquered every team laid before us.
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    @Stopspot @Shadow gavs waiting
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  4. *Spinzz and Andrew come out on the ramp as the Desperadoes theme music hits. Both are wielding microphones.*

    Spinzz: Now hold on just a minute! Sorry sunshines, we don’t mean to rain on your parade or anything. In fact, we’re here to congratulate you two on performing something that no one thought you’d be able to do, you went all the way! And here I thought you guys had problems with finishing early.

    You proved us wrong, you proved Gav and Daz wrong, and you proved the entire IWT universe wrong by not choking in the tag titles match, and I must say those are some mighty fine pieces of gold you two scruffy gentlemen have there. Have they started to smell like you two yet? Andrew and I have a bet going on how fast it takes for the stench of you two to stick to gold and leather. You also still have one “wrong” to right in the IWT; you both still dress like doofuses.

    *Spinzz has made his way halfway down the ramp.*

    Spinzz: As I said, we’re not here to cause trouble or start something, but to put ourselves at the front of the line. You two claim that you have conquered any and every team here, but I remember taking you two bozos to the limit when we last met in the ring. I also remember that you two dingleberries spent the better part of a month running in and attacking us before that match to soften us up. And that raises the question, what would happen if the Desperadoes faced the Order whilst 100 % fit? Certainly that would be something that the fans of the IWT universe would want, right?

    *Spinzz is met with a resounding “yes” from the crowd.*

    Spinzz: So we are here to lay down a gentleman’s challenge, let’s revisit the magic that was one of the greatest tag matches in IWT history; let’s revisit the IWT tag team 2013 tournament final. Desperadoes’ vs Order 2, for the IWT tag team championship at EXTREME RULES!

    *The crowd pops for the laid down challenge*

    Spinzz: So I ask you, what say the champions!?

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    *Trip in the Head rushes up to the ropes quickly, his temper getting the better of him. He raises his specialty made dagger mic up to his mouth as he rages at Spinzz*
    TRIP: DOOFUSES!!? I'll show what a doofus can do if you care to step into this ring....RIGHT NOW! Oh? No? Don't like the smell? Is that the reason? *Trip calms down and steps back from the ropes* I'm sure any reason would do right about now, wouldn't it? All bark and no bite - thats ok. You're intimated. I get it. You DID take us to what you thought was the limit last time Spinnz. But...SURPISE!....we kept going. Turns out our limits where much farther than you could have ever expected. *Trip pauses and shakes his finger at the Desperadoes* Buuuuut, without that outstanding match you two gave us in the finals of the "Road to Mania" tag team tournament we may have underestimated the Dazzling Chavs going out onto the grandest stage of them all at IWTMania 2. The fact that we had such a hard time dealing with you two.....*Trip glares back and forth between Andrew and Spinzz with a confused look* whatever you ares......made us that much more focused, work that much harder to achieve our goal. *Trip grabs his belt from his shoulder and raises it with one hand and says ever so confidently* And so we did. *crowd boos for a few moments as Trip lowers the belt back onto his shoulder and composes himself* Now, you two want to get in the front of the line to challenge us for these titles? We would WELCOME the challenge boys *Trip glances over at Marcus and says jokingly* If you can even call it that. *Trip and Marcus have a quick chuckle before Trip continues* You see, unlike the previous champs, we are not afraid to defend what is ours at every opportunity. You think you can take them from us? Make your way through the darkness and try fools. *Trip lowers his dagger mic back down and stares menacingly at the Desperadoes on the ramp*

    That work for you? (open)
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  6. Andrew: Now before this starts I want to let you know something. There are three things all wise men should fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentleman. I myself consider the Desperadoes quite the gentlemen, so if you two were wise men then you'd be smart to try and not anger us.

    *Andrew and Spinzz simultaneously jump onto the apron, but they do not enter the ring*

    Andrew: Out of everything you two have done, from the meaningless attacks, to doing whatever it took to win, there was always one thing you two have gotten right. You known that there was strength in numbers so you guys capitalized on it. For most of your careers here you've been scouting- or hunting if you will, for recruits you can call your allies. It's a smart move, really. I wasn't until I found Spinzz that I considered myself lost.

    Andrew: Enough about that though. Trip, Marcus, even though we've only faced off once I feel like I've gotten to know you two quite well. That's why we took it upon ourselves to crash this dirty, little "soiree". It's about that time to start a new chapter in this little book of ours, don't you think? Here's a spoiler alert, at the end of this chapter the big bad wolves get what they deserve.

    *Spinzz and Andrew get ready to advance in the ring*
    You ready? (open)
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  7. * the dazzling chavs music plays as gav the chav and b.dazzle come out to confront the order and the Desperadoes*

    ( Gav the chav) well well what do we have here eh dazzle? Look at these cheeky little ****s thinking there fucking clever well look at them dazzle they think there the top dogs of the the tag division now don't they the bunch of ignorant

    *gav and dazzle both head down towards the ring as gav continues to speak*

    Oi Desperadoes i guess the clue is in the name you 2 are just a bunch of washed up has beens chasing the glory for that last time you 2 nusr be really fucking desperate aren't you sticking your fucking nose in where it doesn't belong why don't you just get the fuck out of here

    *gav then focuses his attention on the order*

    Now you 2 you owe me and dazzle a rematch I believe so I guess we'll be seeing you at extreme rules to take our belts back now last time you both managed to somehow steal the victory but it wasn't convincing even you can at least agree with me on that gav was expecting you to give us an arse whooping like you said you were going to but it was pretty lacklustre maybe your not as good as you believe you are and that is going to be your downfall

    *gav grabs hold of marcus Anthony and gets right under his nose*

    Gav heard what you've been doing backstage dropping bits of poison into dazzles head thinking I wouldn't notice you fucking silly **** you better back the fuck off or I will fucking smash your face right in bell end!

    *gav pushes marcus Anthony away and hands dazzle the mic*

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  8. *Dazzle takes the mic and puts it up to his mouth. He goes to speak.*

    Dazzler: Gav, Gav, settle down. No need to get physical so soon. The Dazzler hasn't even got a chance to speak. Which reminds me.
    Finally........The Dazzler has come the IWT!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzler: Desperadoes...............Andrew and Spinzz........if you'd just step to the side a little, that'd be great. The Dazzling Chavs have some business to attend to with the order, if you don't mind. Who is The Dazzler kidding, it doesn't matter if you two mind. Trip and Marcus, you two have something that belongs to us. You have the tag team championships and we want them back. At wrestlemania, we went to hell, and it was you two who made it back to the surface. Not again. Never again. The Dazzling Chavs want their rematch and we want it at Extreme Rules! There will be no stopping us until we get our shot, and if you two think you can get out of giving us our deserved rematch, we will make sure to kick your asses until you can't walk for a year.

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzler: And if you even think about giving our deserved title shot to the Desperadoes, we will make sure to shove their heads up your monkey asses and proceed to whip all four of you into a black and blue, bloody mess. Choose your poison Order, it's either give us our title shots at E.R and get your asses kicked then, or don't give us our title shots and we whip your asses and their asses right now!

    *The Dazzler lowers the mic and waits for an answer.*

  9. The crowd are confused as the music hits, they don't know if they should cheer or boo.​

    Harriet Vargas appears at the top of the ramp, she pulls down her mask and grins wildly at the men in the ring. She watches the crowd briefly before turning her attention back to the ring.​

    “Surprised to see me?” ​

    “I thought I'd toss my hat into the ring for the number one contendership for the tag titles since you boys made it look like so much fun.
    The X-Division strap will be mine shortly, so in the meantime I figure 'fuck it- I'll go for the tag titles too'. I'm what's best for IWT- so handing those straps to me will only serve the company well.”

    Harriet looks on toward the ring, the men stare back at her silently.

    “You all seemed a little confused, I can see those poor brains of yours working overtime- what is she doing here? And alone, none the less...”
    “I know you guys have taken a few bumps to the head over time- so I'll make it easy to understand. I want those titles. I don't care how many other teams I have to get through- but they will be mine.”

    "I know there are a few teams in the division that think they got this... not that I need to worry about any of them.
    Andrew and Spinzz? Who gives a fuck- right? As for The 'dazzling' chavs- I could end you both all by myself. You are both past your prime and quite frankly... fucking pathetic.”

    “However, it does stipulate that I must have a partner to go ahead and take the titles.”

    Harriet pauses for a second, her head down as she looks almost heartbroken. Seconds later she looks up again with a huge smile on her face.

    “Well guess what- I do! I won't spoil the surprise by telling you who he is- he'll make himself known to you when he's good and ready.
    I will just say that he's the top superstar of IWT, the main attraction. There is nobody else like him."

    "Everybody wants to fight by his side...but I'm the chosen one.”

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  10. OOC: Not sure if anyone else plans on posting here yet, but see this is when @Delik or some other GM figure would come out and be all "Wait a minute playas" and then make some kind of match/matches. :dawg:
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  11. OOC: funny you mention that....

    *The Next Tag Team Champions walks out to a chorus of boos and Reagan and Harriet have a Staredown before Reagan puts the new Specialized NTTC Microphone close to his lips*
    Reagan: wow.....look who we have here...Lots of Team who think they are the best when they are truly not....and a Girl who thinks that her "Mentor" is going to scoop down to her level,i mean you can try and make this person a Mystery but we all know that you are planning for Aids to be your Tag Team Partner....and we Have The Dazzling Bitches who say The Order took them to Hell but here's our Advice STAY IN HELL! it's better for everyone that way you two don't try and keep getting shots like what happened last year and you people kept on getting Title Shots when You Clearly don't Deserve them so give them to the Future of Justin Magnus and Reagan Cole managed by the Amazing Mr.FailFace then we have Andrew & Spinzz...i know one of you got kissed by the Crazy Bitch Victoria Parker at Wrestlemania but that's not a Achievement that should lead you to Title shots,that should be a warning to go to the Doctors,you don't know what that Women might have....just a Little Warning.....then we Have The Order...the Tag Team Champions who won a Tournament of Nobodys to get that Shot but now you have a Target on your back but the Clue is our Name "The NEXT Tag Team Champions" so of course we should get the Tag Team Title match at Extreme Rules because we have got the Bulls eye on the Target
    *Reagan passes his Microphone to Justin Magnus*
  13. Reagan: how about no? Dazzler it's time for the Goddamn Future to Make their Mark!
  14. You want to be a jobber in the Tag division too?
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  15. Tell me more about your countless victories, mr. future.
  16. As Justin begins to speak, he is cut off as Aids Johnson walks out doing his best Rock impression, stepping inbetween the tag team and walking 3-5 feet ahead of Magnus and Reagan before putting up his microphone.

    A man with an important agenda always begins on step two. You see I've talked and talked about the future of this company, the bigger picture if you will. Harriet and I are only two members in a faction set to change the IWT from the ground floor to the penthouse sweet on the 90th floor. So where do we start? Well the tag division has been graced with great champions, but their opponents?

    *Aids points at Shadow and Spinz, before moving his hand over towards the Dazzling Chav's* Well these two pairs of ego's don't know when to give up, and it could end up costing The Order their hard work all for something nearly no one is interested in, after 4 months of the same few teams, why even bother with this charade? Let's be serious for a moment, The Order has handed out more jobs than Mcdonalds in the past few months, but now that they are the champions, the teams they have consistently steam rolled now have a chance?

    Harriet and I bring something the other two teams here can only fake. Chemistry. We have something that only one other team has here, and that is an understanding of where we want to go, and who we are.

    Let's face it, the new teams *aids holds his middle finger up over his shoulder to face Reagan* all want a shot, but we are here to bring some competition to the Tag division. It's all about the big picture team, and Harriet and Aids would like to let you all know that the #1 contender to the tag division championship is ours. Whether we get it today, tomorrow, at ER or after depends on how soon you plan on losing your belts. It's as simple as that.
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  17. Spinzz: Hey @B.Dazzle (Dazler), where you at? I can't see you over the jobbers.

    Since you seem to be a man of dignity and gentlemanliness, let's settle this like gentlemen. Next Monday, Desperadoes vs the Dazzling Chavs, winner faces the champions.
  18. *Dazzler pulls out a rocket launcher, but due to new rules is unable to use it.*
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  19. Next monday a team who has lost to the order goes up against another team who couldn't touch the order for a #1 contender match, even though the Dazzling Chav's have a rematch clause? This has been strung out since this year began, and now we are being asked to wait another TWO ppv's to see a change in the tag division? *Aids pulls off a pair of sunglasses, revealing a 2nd pair behind it* It seem's simple here, if The Order agree to this, then they really must not be agent's of change. I suggest we have a tag team tournament next week for the true #1 contender, with The Order and The Dazzling Chav's either adding a team to the mix, or having the finals happen at Extreme Rules, on the same night as The Chav's rematch.

    *Aids points at Trip and Marcus in the ring* What do you think team, you had to wait 4+ months to get to where you are, are you willing to spend the next two month's in the same issue? Or are you ready for change.
  20. Reagan: at least i didn't lose at Mania....
    *Reagan smiles at Harriet*
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