Storyline The Order of Night prepares

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  1. *Scene opens with the camera showing a horizon shot of the woods on a dark clear night. A light from a fire can be seen in the tree line. An owl flies by the camera and the camera begins to follow it. The owl swoops down and lands on a tree near the campfire. As the camera settles in Trip in the Head, Marcus(@TheArabHammer), and @Britanica ♡ are all seen around the fire. The camera zooms in on the IWT superstars. Trip is sitting with one foot up on a stump and appears to be eating some sort of animal on a stick that was no doubt cooked over the fire. Fenris the wolf sits by his side. Marcus stands with his arms folded, one foot up on the side of the fire. Britanica sits back in the shadows where the light from the fire barely reaches*

    TRIP: *takes a bite of whatever he is eating on the stick, chews it and
    swallows* A tag team tournament!? Have we NOT already proved that WE, the Order of Night, deserve those tag team titles? Now we have to take down these hippy guitar playing lunatics to even have a chance at competing for them. This is wrong and needs to be set right. *Trip rips a piece of meat off and throws it down in front of Fenris, who promptly chomps it up. Trip then looks in Britanica's direction* Would you agree?
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  2. *Marcus stands up and walks around the fire. He looks around and smirks at @Britanica and @Trip in the Head then starts to speak*
    Marcus: The new era has begun. We are on track to right the wrongs in this company. We have defeated the reigning tag team champions. Leaving a scar they will not soon forget. Next up is the duo of Dexx Duggan and Mike Boston. These two souls are so far gone that any hope for retrieval is lost. *Marcus shakes his head and looks down and then suddenly back up* Poor things won't even know what will hit them. It's a shame that they will be another set of bodies on our path to glory. My brother, we will show NO MERCY unto these pathetic hallucinators carving out our way to the titles. All their guitar playing, all their egg throwing panda loving existence will be changed forever. * Marcus puts his hand in the flames of the fire and keeps it there a second and pulls it back out then stares at his hand*. They have lived in a world where a false prophet has been guiding them to an unknown goal. As we.......have been reborn through a baptism of fire. Every fiber our beings had been dragged through levels of pain and suffering to realize our true gifts WE were blessed with. Trip with his carnal desire for inflicting pain. Myself with a burning rage ready to be unleashed at a moments notice. Our savior, @Britanica , had chosen us as her weapons to smite those who deserve our wrath. The time for darkness has come and Monday it'll be lights out for Boston and Duggan.
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  3. *Britanica stand up and walks towards the fire*
    "tick, tock. tick tock. tick tock... Their time is running out. The Night will eat them alive and justice will be served."
    *She laughs as the camera zooms in on Fenris licking his chops*
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  4. TRIP: And so our journey begins. I can't wait to show these panda worshiping fools what can happen in the dark of the night. The PAIN that can be doled out as we see fit excites me to no end. But we shall not enter into this match underestimating our opponents. The Order of Night will be prepared for what we shall face in the team of Boston and Duggan in the first round of this....tournament. *Trip stares into the fire* The first round of OUR tournament. Of OUR ascension as the top tag team in the IWT. *Trip stands up and clenches his fists* We will not be stopped, for no one can prevent the onset of the Night. *Trip kicks at the fire and the main flame goes out, leaving only embers behind and letting the darkness of the night envelop the area. The scene fades to black as a wolf crying at the moon can be faintly heard*