Storyline The Order prepares for the Rumble

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    *A camera is turned on in the middle of a forest and is pointed at the dark night sky. There is no moon, but the stars are shining ever so brightly on this clear night. No sound can be heard except the chirping of crickets. It almost seems.....peaceful.*

    *in the distance*
    ???: COME ON! LETS gooooo alreadyyyyyyyyy!

    *The outline of bodies appear in the shot from a distance and are coming closer. One person is dragging the other on the ground. When they get about 10 feet from the camera the figure doing the dragging drops the other to the ground and approaches the camera. As he gets closer the familiar visage of Trip in the Head is instantly recognizable. Trip picks up the small handheld camera and points it at himself. All that can be seen is Trip's face in the darkness as he speaks*

    TRIP: Well hellooooo boys and girls. Welcome to the 100 aching woods! HAhahahaha! Lets see, whats on the calendar for the Order of Night next? Well, we of course noticed we were the talk of the town so far in the Royal Rumble. Everyone is aching to say how much better they are then us and how we'll be just another short lived stable. The Dazzling Chavs, Andrew and his "new" partner*Trip holds up Alkaline's old mask so its visible to the camera* Miss this do you? The list goes on and on, but all we hear in the Order is talk talk talk *Trip shakes his head disappointingly and then pauses to scratch at it for a moment* Here let me fill you all in on something. Oh Storytime! My favorite. *Trip sits on the ground and points the camera at the stars in the sky. The figure he was dragging before can be seen raising its hand off the ground slightly for a moment as Trip points the camera upwards* You guys see those right? The staaaaars. Star light, star bright, how I wish to crush your dreams tonight. Hehehe hahaha. The stars have been there for billions of years. Some of them are dead already, we just don't know it yet because we are still seeing their light from before the star burnt out. *Trip spins the camera back at himself as he stands up again* This is how the Order sees the IWT and the rest of the wrestling world. Numerous old stars that have already burned out and are dead.....they just don't know it yet. Just like those dead stars in the sky that existed for billions of years, the stars of the IWT will be enveloped by the never ending darkness. It matters not how bright they shine. We'll never stop. And you can't fight it forever either, so *The figure on the ground makes a sound and starts to move* Oh look! Good timing, our new friend is awake. *Trip sets the camera down and walks over to the figure, dragging it back to where he left the camera and shoving the figures face into the camera* Say helloooooooo to everyone *Trip shakes the figures head while saying "hey everybody" through his teeth, using the unknown figure like a puppet* Ohhhhh, no one can see your face my little man. Your hair is in the way. *Trip pulls back the figures hair and it is revealed to be Farooq of the IWT! HIs face is only visible for a moment and Trip shoves his face back into the camera quickly, smiling* Ahhhh hahahahaha! Be careful when you venture out into the darkness, you never know what you'll find.

    *Trip sets the camera backs down and and can be seen laying into Farooq in the background. A previously unseen figure approaches the camera and picks it up*
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  2. *the camera zooms in and out on Farooq's face while deep laughter can be heard in the background. The camera focuses in on a wolf in the distance. A deep, strange voice begins to speak*

    "That is some creature don't you think? Alone, but never scared. Proud but not prideful. Gives command but is willing to accept obedience.... "

    *the camera is turned to reveal it is Britanica talking with a voice changer. She throws the voice changer behind her and starts laughing*

    "So word on the street is... We are crazy, flea smitten dogs? *She looks at her arm and shoves it into the camera lens* DO YOU SEE FLEAS? *She pulls back her arm and begins to walk as she talks* You see... We may be a little off the rocker so to speak, but crazy? That is just crossing the line. We are a pack. We have pack mentality. Either you are with us or you are against us... And well... I would truly hate to be against a pack of rabid dogs. *Farooq's voice can faintly be heard in the background, grunting while taking hits* Now, some of you may be wondering why... Why we do this... Why do we seek out certain individuals and force them to join us... Well, that is a serious question I really don't feel like... *Britanica drops the camera and it shows Fenris eating what appears to be flesh of some animal, Britanica laughs and picks the camera back up* Me and my butter fingers! *Blood is smeared on the lens, Britanica quickly wipes it off* Well... not so much butter I suppose. So that thing that is coming up... What is is called?.. Ah! YES! The Royal Rumble! *Britanica looks seriously into the camera* Just another stepping stone to where we are going. No one will stand in the way of the Night. We will rule over the IWT with blood on our paws and a vicious howl! *Britanica begins to howl and Fenris howls with her... The wolf off in the distance begins to howl. Another voice howls and Britanica starts to laugh and points the camera at the fire, she continues howling and hugging Fenris as they howl together and the camera is picked up*
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  3. *The camera is grabbed but is circling the fire and a voice starts to speak*
    Voice:the circle...a symbol for all living creatures. There's always a beginning and there's always an end but it continues it's path over and over again. Life after death...truly makes sense because there's always new life after death everyday. Whether is the end of a human life and a baby being born, or the destruction of a regime to give life to new one.
    *The camera stops circling and turns the camera around and Marcus Anthony is staring into the camera*
    Marcus: We....are all reborn. We have ALL had to meet our end to find our new beginning. Each one of us had no other choice but to perish into the flames to rise out of the ashes reborn a newer and more powerful being just like the Phoenix. The only difference, is that we run in a pack. Each one responsible to do their share for the greater good of us all. At the Royal Rumble, not only will we raise our hands in triumph, but one of us WILL go on to main event Wrestlemania. If one wins, we all win. That's the only way a pack survives....working together. Now to the fun part.
    *Marcus turns the camera around and briefly points it at Farooq then back to the fire a few times*
    Marcus: Savior, Brother, let the festivities begin.
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  4. "You want to know something great about darkness...." Farooq said with a grin, blood dripping down his lip as he looks towards the camera. "...It's the best disguise for stealth..." As soon as he's down speaking multiple figures dressed in black surround the area. They are all in a circle, having the group contained as one figure makes their way behind Farooq and gets him free. He looks at the three and rubs his wrists as he chuckles. "The only thing you three know about darkness, is how to get lost in it. You have no guide, you all just aimlessly walk while feeling the walls and going into false for me? My eyes adapt to the dark. I see clearly, and I'll make sure you to push you all into your graves...but at our match."

    Farooq laughs as he begins to walk off, holding the hooded figure that set him free, taking the hood off and revealing to be Chrysalis. He walks off into the woods, soon disappearing from sight as the hooded figures that surrounded the site disappeared as well.
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  5. *Trip yells after the group as they disappear into the night, obviously disappointed in the outcome of the evening*
    TRIP: Fine. Run! Run home with your little pet, hahahaha. You were weak anyway. And we will exploit that weakness to its fullest in our tag team tournament match at the Royal Rumble. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of the Order of Night!
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