Storyline The Other Side of the Road

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    Michael is standing in front of a steel fence with an arrogant look on his face. He looks down and brushes off his black suit before taking a deep breath and beginning to speak.

    Michael: Earlier this month, I went ahead and assaulted a man in his own domain. A place where he has worked for nearly two years. This doesn't say much other than, no one is safe. No matter where they are, they will be fucking killed by me and my Influence. People want to know who exactly was with me that day? Who would be willing to attack a man to such a degree? Well, it's man that's been cheated out of his rightful position in the IWT. A man who had it all and because of "troops" he lost it all. This man was thought to be the most dangerous man in the IWT at one point, but then he got a privilege that regular competitor can't get...and he lost it all. He has FURY. He has RAGE.

    *The screen fades to black and a rough video that seems to be recorded on a mobile phone begins to play. The phone is on the ground looking up towards a star filled sky. The tops of trees all around lit up by the flickering light of a fire. A shadow is cast over the camera lens as a figure approaches. The figure stands over the camera for a few seconds before speaking. He survey's the damage before looking down at the injured man. He mockingly asks him.

    Michael: You look like you've had better days..

    An injured and bloody man holds his hand out.

    Michael reluctantly grabs his hand, and lifts him off the ground and carries him off.

    Michael walks back as another man, wearing a crimson mask holds out his hand as well. Michael carries him away. He returns to the scene to find the mobile phone. He puts it in his pocket before shutting it off. The screen fades back to Michael.

    Michael: The Influence has arrived.

    Two mysterious men appear on the other side of the fence. One is wearing a mask and the other's face is not shown due to the shadow.
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  2. The man in the mask moves forward into the dim light, the illumination revealing the details of the mask he wears:
    Mask (open)

    As he moves up to the fence he leans forward on it extending his fingers through the links in the fence. He is wearing black leather gloves with the fingers cut off, an open long black leather trench coat with an unzipped black hoody on underneath - his scarred chest exposed - with the hood up over his head. The left eye of his mask is mysteriously dark. He is also wearing plain black wrestling tights with black kneepads and black boots. He takes a step back from the fence and in one swift motion scales the fence and pauses at the top for a moment, almost perching there, before jumping down beside Micheal. His leather coat flowing with his motions. He glances towards Micheal before approaching the camera as he slides his right thumb under the mask, lifting it up over his head as he closes in to the camera.

    The scarred face of the ex-GM of IWT, Trip in the Head, is alive. The mysterious dark spot in his mask makes sense now - an eye patch is covering what used to be his left eye. He stares at the camera as he steps backwards from it.

    He holds up a cell phone so the camera can see it, the same one Micheal picked up in the video earlier. Suddenly the feed turns to static for a second and then switches to another feed........

    Video taken from Trip in the Head's personal phone, just after taking off from the arena after Team IWT's loss to Team FSW.

    Song on the radio (open)

    The video begins as Trip starts to take a video of himself driving his car using his cell phone.
    TRIP (slurring drunk): Fucken Alias.......tator. *BUUUUURP* You'll be shorry....summa ma bitch! You think this is over....DON'T ya? No no no no no. You just wait you...fuck....*hic* ....huh.......Wha?

    The sounds of squealing tires is heard as Trip's expression changes drastically on the camera.


    The camera flies around as the car crashes. Breaking glass and the squeal of metal bending is heard as the phone, still recording the video, is hit on the lens by a splash of blood before it is thrown from the vehicle. As the phone finally lands on the ground the scene it captures is of a star filled night sky. The tops of trees all around lit up by the flickering light of a fire.

    The feed cuts back to the original setting where Trip is now leaning on the fence by Micheal, the mask pulled back down over his face. He points at the camera for a few seconds before a haunting laugh is heard.
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  3. Is the pre-rumble or post-rumble? This is based off the rumble match and what I'm going to have to write.
  4. This is before the Royal Rumble.
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  5. I'm in the rumble so I wanted to officially be back before it happened.