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    Christian walks out in his ring gear with Jwab following right behind him. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and once they reach the ring steps, Christian signals Jwab to stay out of the ring as security. Christian steps into the ring and poses on the apron before sitting down on his couch.

    Christian: If you're a true fan of IWT, you would have known that I invited three superstars out to the peep show next week, also known as right... now! Now I have a feeling I'll call them out, but instead I'll have Chris Kaizer sleeping by the commentary booth, backstage or some stupid place in which he thinks is comedic. With that said, it's a known fact that I don't have a match for Extreme Rules and neither does that idiot that stands by the ramp, Jwab. And... am I happy that I don't have a match at Extreme Rules? Most likely not. So that's why I'm here hosting my peep show with three very huge guests in your perspective. I know you guys are in the back telling yourself not to come out here, but if you don't come out, I'll sit here day in and day out until you guys do. And if that doesn't work, I'll send Jwab and the security I hired to find you and drag you guys out here. So instead of doing this the hard way, I'll just wait here for a minute before I send them after you.

    Christian awaits the arrival of one of the three guests he invited.
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  2. Aids Johnson walks out, but instead walks past the peep show area, falling asleep in one of two lazy-boy recliners in anticipation of Chris Kaizer.
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  3. OOC - 3 Guest invites, read this and immediately got a Charlie & The Chocolate factory, I'll be reading this to see who Willy Wonka has handed the golden tickets to.
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  4. Chris Kaizer makes his way down to ring side and falls asleep in one of the lazy-boy recliners next to Aids
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  5. Datcolytes dressed in all black hop over the barricade and surround the ring, so that there isn't an inch of room in between them. They all look at Christian with hungry looks in their eyes. Some of them even making leaps towards the ring to get in, but they act as if they'd been told not to enter the ring.
    A red spotlight shines on the stage as Dat Kid exits the curtains with the World Heavyweight Championship held above his head as he looks down. Kid reaches the end of the ramp where the Datcolytes still stare at Christian. Kid enters the crowd and is swallowed up by the sea of his followers, his championship still glimmering above the crowd. Kid rises from the crowd, being lifted by Datcolytes and is placed on the apron, where he is handed a mic.

    Kid swings the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder then leans on the ropes from outside the apron. His followers still like feral beasts. Kid looks at them.

    The followers silence and Kid looks back at Christian.

    I'm going to save you the embarrassment of getting Jwab crucified along with your security and just come out here voluntarily. I'm also going to save these people time and end this crappy little makeshift show you got going on here, with the production value of a billy mays commercial, because we all know why you're out here. You're here to toss your name in for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Dat Kid enters the ring.

    ...such a surprise.

    You're not getting a shot. You're not even competing on World Championship level. The only reason you were ever champion was because no one competed for it when it was made and you casually brought back this thing that I helped destroy, placing it on yourself without even having one match. Let's face it Christian, you have always been X-Division quality AT BEST. I'm sure Roadster will be very happy to have you as an opponent at Extreme Rules, so you don't have to worry about that.

    Last but not least I am going to save this World Heavyweight Championship from being tarnished again. I am declaring that as long as I hold this championship you will NEVER get a title shot. I don't care who you beat, when you beat them, or how long you've been here, you will NEVER hold this championship again. Maybe you might have chance at the IWT Championship since that's being held by some X-Division guy who got lucky, but this belt, you try to get this belt and you'll end up as dead as that other canadian no one cares about.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid goes through the ropes to exit the ring.
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  6. Christian changes his facial expression which grows into anger

    Christian: This is just like you. THIS IS JUST LIKE YOU! You KNOW... and everyone knows in the back that once I step in the ring with you, that title is as good as mine! You come out here, acting all high and mighty coming out of IWTMania II beating George! If any of you people don't know who George is, let me tell you! He is a man who has been gone for many months after he was unable to obtain a Mid-Card Championship, the Intercontinental Championship. He lost, he left and Dat Kid handpicked him as his opponent for the grandest stage of them all! All of this transpiring when people understand that there has been many talent in the back, WAITING for an opportunity, waiting for a moment, waiting... for a chance...

    The leader of The Church, Dat Kid, believes otherwise. He walks around preaching his religion, carrying nudes of Victoria Parker, saying that he is a champion. All of that is a lie...

    The only way you will be defined as a true World Heavyweight Champion, is when you defeat the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in this company, 181 days long... Christian! You always can claim that I'm not getting a shot at that title, but we both know that's not true... we both know that your days are numbered. We know that as much as you like to think you're number one, you're number two... right behind, Bruce Knight.

    Christian smirks and chuckles for a bit

    Christian: It's obvious that while I'm trying to aim for the top, you're doing the exact opposite. We understand that you don't have what it takes to beat me, we understand that you have fun facing superstars like The Artist, we understand. But one day, sooner or later there will be the owner of the IWT forcing you to face talent of that title's tier, not yours, Dat Kid. Not yours. And when that day comes... say goodbye to the World Heavyweight Championship!
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    Artist watches backstage, and smiles at the screen over Christian's promo.
  8. Aids wakes up, confused on where he is at the moment. He looks back and forth, opening his eyes and rubbing them to get his vision up to normal. He looks down at the floor and see's a near empty bottle of $500 scotch, before grabbing it and finishing the scotch off. He looks into the ring, see's Christian alone, and see's a bunch of paid actors carrying Dat Kid backstage as the fans boo. Aids gets up, walks to the announcers table, and starts urinating on the side of it. The fans cheer loudly, giving Dat Kid his first chance to jeer at them, but as he does one of the "datcolytes" trips, sending him down smoothly to his feet. The crowd begins to laugh more, as Aids swings over to see it happen, laughing while peeing all over the floor next to him.

    Aids finishes, walking back to his chair. Chris Kaizer wakes up, also confused, but only offers his hand as Aids and Chris high five before going back to sleep.
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  9. Christian: Ladies and Gentlemen... Aids Johnson!

    Christian points his hands to the direction of where Aids and Kaizer are. The crowd pops for him.
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  10. *Chip comes put waving to the crowd with a huge smile on his face*

    Hey guys! So this is the peep show huh?
    *snicker* so where are all the baby chickens?

    Hey Christian, *snicker* is your brothers' name Muslim or sumthin'?

    *the crowd groans*

    Shut up cocksuckahs!!!!!!
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  11. *Dat Kid looks over at Chip from ringside then back at Christian.*

    Is this your second guest? And you wonder why you cant get a title shot because everything is a big joke to you. Thus, in some strange way this championship has become exactly THAT, a big joke!

    *Some of the Datcolytes hop on the apron. Kid signals them off*
  12. Aids wakes up to the sounds of Chip's theme and immediate wakes up, marking the entire time.
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  13. *In the midst of the arguing, The Order's theme song plays, and out comes Alias Antonio to a huge pop. He saunters down the ramp with his eyes set on Kid, showing no emotion. Alias gets into the ring, shaking Christian's hand, and asks for a mic*

    Will you just look at the immense star power right here in this ring and at ringside? Chrisian, Kid, Aids, Chip, Kaizer.......and then there's Jwab but who the fuck cares about him anyway?

    *Crowd laughs*

    So....what's going on guys?
  14. *Jwab starts shaking furiously and paramedics run out grabbing Jwab and taking him to the back*
  15. Kaizer wakes up for his daily prayer to Black Jesus before going back to sleep.
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  16. *The crowd boos as the theme of former IWT Champion Joey Bryant's theme plays throughout the arena. He walks out onto the stage with a hoodie on and jeans, and his hood is up so you can barely see his eyes. He looks up at the crowd and shakes his head before walking down the ramp and getting in the ring. He sees everyone staring at him among the commotion and raises a mic.*

    "Why is it that every little thing that goes on in this company ends up like a circus? Oh wait, I know that answer. It's because nobody in this company has a sense of class except Joey Bryant, The Church, and Joey Bryant."

    *The crowd boos but there are still some cheers as he stares up at Christian.*

    "Sorry if I'm late, the last week has been a bit of a turning point in my career. IWT Mania. While you, Christian, were fighting in a pointless match against a pointless competitor, I was main eventing the show. I walked out on the IWT Mania stage with the IWT Title and left without it. In the middle of all that, there was much more of course, things like the entire crowd turning their back on me, like..."

    *The crowd boos again cutting off Joey and he shakes his head.*

    "You're all just as annoying as Bruce Knight's fans. I wouldn't doubt if you were all Bruce Knight fans. Since Mr.Knight isn't here in this ring with us tonight, I feel I shouldn't say too much about him but let me get this off my chest. Bruce Knight is a fluke champion, Bruce Knight proved nothing to me, he proved nothing to Dat Kid, and I'm shocked any of you are that impressed. Nobody gave him a chance going into the match but it's almost like people cheered him on only to make a young boys dreams come true. They only cheered him on to end the reign of Joey Bryant, and it's a shame that's what this company has come to. It used to be about who was truly the better man and now it's become a popularity contest filled with rats, and I was one of the rats at one point. I got as far as I did because of my popularity and I'm now just realizing that. It's pathetic, so this time, I'm going to win back my IWT Title without anyone's help."

    *He looks straight at Alias, but puts his head back down afterwards. He chuckles a bit.*

    "So you now know the pain of being completely fucked over by someone elses luck, right? I'm shocked you have a nice giddy attitude right now, you should be in a much worse state. You know as well as I do you should be standing in the ring with the IWT Title, and now you're left with absolutely nothing but your allies of the order. No X-Division title, no IWT title, just your pride. It's depressing in some sense that you haven't retaliated against Knight but instead congratulated him. Don't hide it. Don't act like the good man here and preach how Bruce deserved that win because he didn't and you know it. Sure, if he got lucky on me, no one would have looked at it any further. But while I was rolling out of the ring and making my way back to the locker rooms, you ran past me with that X-Division title and I knew Bruce Knight's reign would be even shorter than mine. I was rooting for you, you were able to beat me a month ago, which is no easy feat, so it seemed you should have had no problem in taking down Mr.Underdog himself. But again, everyone just wanted to make a joke of the IWT Title and just give it to a dreamer, someone who rarely even shows his face. It's pathetic. I put more work into this company than Knight does, you put in double that, you just need to realize that and stop being such a good guy. Because in this company there are no good guys, only underdogs and circus freaks."

    *He puts his mic down on the mat and leans back against the turnbuckle, still with his head down, just waiting to take in the words the others have for him.*
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  17. LMAO suddenly the golden boy is heel. You built him up as something new, something different DK, dont change that.
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  18. Bill Belichick?
  19. *Alias stares deeply into the eyes of Joey and nods his head, scratching the curve of his chin*

    Well it certainly has been a while since we've met eye to eye again, hasn't it? Always a pleasure to see you Joey, now even more that you don't have anything to boast about. And yeah, you're right, Alias Antonio doesn't have anything left. He's lost all legitimacy he had. No one fears this once unbeatable machine anymore, do they? But Joey, a wise man once said when defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, so rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal. I walked into the main event of IWTMania 2, with my plans set in stone. I was planning for that prominent moment ever since I stepped foot here in the IWT. But sometimes, hard-thought plans do not always go accordingly, and they're not always good ones, and that proved itself when I was defeated by Bruce Knight. I lost........everything. And you're right, deep down I felt like breaking down, deep down after that moment I felt like quitting the IWT and never come back again, deep down.......I wanted to rip Bruce Knight to shreds and eviscerate his soul in the middle of that ring. But you know why I didn't Joey? Because I'm a man of my word, and I said, that if I lost to Bruce Knight, albeit a fluke or not, I would accept it with pride, no matter how much I hated it. Sure, Bruce Knight may have had the streak of luck going on that very night, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you become a two time IWT champion at Extreme Rules, but at IWTMania, he pinned me 1-2-3 in the center of that ring. My dream may have been shattered when I lost to Bruce Knight, but in the long term, thinking about it throughly, that loss is a blessing in disguise. It forces me to get my plans straight, and once I do......I'll be one step closer in becoming IWT Champ.

    On that road to glory, the first step I have to overcome is that moron standing opposite me in the ring, Dat Kid.

    *Alias looks over at Dat Kid*

    You know what's funny, time and time again you've proven me wrong Kid. I thought you had your matches vs. FTJ and Kaizer in the bag, but you proved me wrong. I thought there was no chance in hell that you'd defeat George at Mania, but you proved me wrong once again. You're an unpredictable guy Kid, you never know what's going to come out of your mouth. One day, it'll be how you're God and Jesus Wept and whatever you spew out when you do that schtick, then it'll be about putting Joey Bryant over as the future, then it'll be about putting yourself over for being the holder of some belt that people like The Artist and Christian are going after, no offense buddy. Then you'll target people like me, Aids, Bruce for some reason. Listen amigo, I know you're some religious zealot who relishes cosplaying as some kind of god, but some of the shit you say man, is just plain ridiculous. Right at this moment, you're just simply an old fossil leeching off of Joey Bryant's coattails, waiting for someone to squash them into extinction. And I am going to be that guy to extinguish you once and for all. Your self-proclaimed reign of terror will also come to an abrupt end because at Extreme Rules, Alias Antonio vs. Dat Kid is an Extreme Rules match.

    Don't believe in The Church.........hell, don't even believe in The Order...........simply believe in the 2nd Gen.

    *Alias smirks at Kid, and nods his head whilst looking at Kaizer and @Aids Johnson at ringside*
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  20. *snicker* just get a room fellas! Am I right?