The People of Tomorrow

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  1. *Dat Kid limps out on his cane with a smile on his face, wearing a suit and tie. A small amount of "You sold out" chants are heard. Kid walks into the ring. He pops a balloon left over from Victoria's celebration*

    Mindless husks of America may I have your attention please? The most highly decorated IWT superstar of all time is speaking! *The "you sold out" chants get louder and Dat Kid's smile quickly vanishes* damn right i sold out. I sold out arenas bitches. *crowd boos* I'll wait...*Dat Kid stand patiently, but the boos do not go away* I am not here to have a conversation with you people, i am here to talk, and you are here to listen...

    You know a little earlier Victoria Parker was out here flabbing her cocksucking lips about how she beat Gohan, in fact she had a celebration. But if any of you recall that match Gohan got himself disqualified for hitting Ms. Parker with a chair to the knee. In before Skyrim fags. Let me repeat that to you all so you can understand the stupidity of the situation, she had a celebration because Gohan beat her ass in the middle of the ring with a steel chair. Now is that the actions of a true champion? No. I never thought I would say this, but thank god Aids interrupted that children's party before Uncle Majic.

    Show Spoiler
    For those who don't know who that is

    However he also made an ass out of himself. He was about to cash in on a hospitalized man and that just shows the type of scum he is, just like the rest of you Americans. Aids Johnson, American Hero, fuck the handicap! Aids I still haven't forgotten you kicking my cane from under me, that's why I'm going to embarrass you right now.

    With all the title matches and briefcase business, I think you all forgot about the one match that didn't happen. I think you're all forgetting the greatest victory of the night! Erik Draven, The World Heavyweight Champion, has NOT defended his title at Money in the Bank. You want to know why he Draven didn't defend his title? because Draven is a scared man. Draven isn't injured, that's just a bunch of bullshit for you idiot fans to believe. Seabs didn't fight my apprentice, Suicide, because he is a COWARD! It's not the first time either? Oh nonononono, Erik Draven has a habit of running away...isn't that right...Seabs.

    So because of that Draven has passed the 30 day limit to defend his title and now allow me to introduce to you, the new champion...*Dat Kid clears throat* Mindless husks of America may I have your attention please. The man I present to you is the man who I told you will rule the world and is doing just that. He is the undefeated rookie who has not only beaten Farooq, the current X-Division Champion in his debut match, but has defeated Erik Draven, the World Heavyweight Champion in his second match! He is the man who will carry on the legacy left by yours truly and is my first apprentice. Mindless husks of America! This is the man who became the pinnacle of this business in one month! I bring to you the NEEEEEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD...*Dat Kid takes out his handkerchief and pats down his forehead, then places it back in his pocket.* ...THIS...IS...Shadoxicity !
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  2. *The arena goes dark,a spot light is directed towards the stage,and, Suicide's theme hits*​
    *Suicide comes out on stage wearing a black sports coat on top of a dark grey V-neck,dark dress pants,and, nikes*​
    *He takes a minute to bask in the spot light,and, a sea of boos before getting in the ring*​
    "Thanks for that warm introduction and you're completely right. Draven is a scared man,he didn't show his face at Money in the Bank. Scared men like him shouldn't be a champion which is exactly why I am the right man to take his place as the champion. You see,most of the people in the back are scared,worthless people,much like everyone in this audience,and, everyone tuning in at home." The crowd errupts in a massive fuck you chant. Suicide smirks and coninues. "Chant what you will,it doesn't make what I said any less true." The crowd continues to boo. "Now,where was I? Oh yeah,the reason why everyone is scared is because they don't want to step up against someone better than them. I am without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest if not THE greatest wrestlers on the earth competing today! I'd be scared of me too."​
    The crowd gives off a WHAT? chant.."Interrupting me like that just means we will take away more time from the show. So go ahead and keep acting like the pathetic parasites you are,we would be more than happy to stay out here the rest of the show." The crowd goes silent. "That's more like it."​
    I am honored to be crowned the new world champion of IWT. I assure you I will be a fighting champion,and I will bring the prestiege back that the title oh so desereve. I also assure you that I will not be a champion of the people,I don't give a damn about these people." The crowd starts to boo again and Suicide smirks. With myself as world champion we will finally start the change we have been waiting for. We will change IWT for the sake of its future and it starts right here,right now!" The crowd lets leash a wave of negativity.​
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  3. *Dat Kid claps for Suicide* That's right ladies and gentlemen, the future is here! We will shape the path of this company in drastic fashion, like no other force has ever done in the history of this company! When my apprentice defeats Victoria Parker at Summerslam for the IWT Championship and unifies it with the World Heavyweight Champion there will be not a single soul in this company that will be able to stand in his way. However molding the future of this entire company does not stop with the big title scene, no. Every title must be ours and as much as we'd love to simply take it from you weak champion my apprentice believes in sharing. He is a gracious, giving, and caring man. That's why the future does not stop with Suicide, no, not at all.

    Mindless husks of America, I present to you the man who will join us in our crusade to shape the future in to what WE want it to be. This man is the most underrated wrestler on the entire roster and can defeat the likes of every idiot in that locker room right now. I bring to you a man who was backstabbed by YOU, the IWT fans! He deserves much more than you people have given him and since he can't get wants from you idiots he has decided to align himself with the people who will define the NEW generation of IWT superstars. Mindless husks of America I present to you the man who will help define an era. I bring to you airbourne908 !
  4. OOC: I'm facing Victoria at SS in a unifiction match? Nicee. Also,glad to see Bourne finally revealed.
  5. *Joel Rain comes out with a smirk on his face, he sees all of the shocked faces and continues to the ring, he gets a mic and stands beside Dat Kid and Suicide*​
    I am honored Kid. I finally have people that respect me, what I do, and what I'll become! The IWT roster will soon see who I am, I am no longer the friendly Joel Rain. You people turned your backs to me! You cheer people like Farooq and Senhor Perfect, when I sit there and rot in the shadows. But, hahaha, that is over! Dat Kid, he saw my abilities, he knew I had talent! He took me under his wing and has shown me the error of my ways. So now you people, you people who buy into the IWT shit mean not a damn thing to me anymore! You people are just worthless trash, who spend what little to no money you have on this product! But now, now we're going to make this product WORTH it. We are going to clean up this disgrace you people call a business, we will get rid of the filth that are the Internet Wrestling Titles champions, we will save you all, make your lives MEAN something. The People of Tomorrow will be here to make things better, better for us. Better for the business.​
    *The crowd boos and chants "You Sold Out!"*​
    Oh you guys, you always now how to be retarded don't you? We don't like any of you, you are all trash. But. We are still here to save you all. We started with the World Heavyweight Champion, next, the IWT Champion. We will keep going until we have eliminated all errors in the company. Trust me, you will be on your knees thanking us once this is all ov-​
    *Joel Rain noticed a child in the crowd saying "You suck!" and thumbing him down, Rain exits the ring and goes over to him*​
    Got something to say little boy? I'm all ears, hell, the whole world is all ears!​
    *The boy hides behind his mom and starts to cry*​
    Oh it's okay little guy! You won't be crying once we save you! Now as I was saying....​
    *Rain re-enters the ring and continues*​
    We will not stop until we have completely destroyed the virus from inside. You Mindless husks have no idea what we can and WILL do to save this company. If anyone, whether it be one of you spineless cowards, or somebody back there watching us right now, we will search and destroy you. Until we can finally say this company is officially saved. Joel Rain, Suicide, and the genius that is Dat Kid stand before you as your saviors, The People of Tomorrow....​
  6. *Jacob watching at home facepalms, turns the TV off and goes to the gym*

    Damn, this company is so full of new guys... If we fire some of them we could be on the road...
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  7. OOC- New guys......really?
  8. OOC: Yep. I was watching this at home and thought about all those new guys who have fight once or twice in more than one or two months. That's the bottom line of what I wrote. I know the didn't mention new guys in this thread.
  9. You cant post in character Jacob, You're suspended, It doesnt matter if you say you're at home nothing in character.
  10. Didn't even know it. It's my first suspension.
  11. You totally can post, adam is just being a twat.
  12. Im not being a twat, I was told no in character.
  13. you were told no where?
  14. What?
  15. Dude can post in character all he wants, he cant compete. You added nothing by hating.
  16. Oh great to know. I can't work but I can post in-character stuff
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  18. voted for themselves. Shameful.
  19. I was told no in character.
  20. aids > Jonathern.