The Perfect Strangers' Wrestling Word Exchange! Episode One

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  1. *Joel Rain and Farooq have themselves set up in a room with the title of their show printed in the background*

    Farooq: Hello everyone to The Perfect Strangers' Wrestling Word Exchange! This is a show me and my tag partner Joel Rain have created to get the inside scoops and thoughts from various IWT Superstars and Staff!

    Rain: And what a better way to kick off this series then interviewing the one and only......Rodrigo!

    *The camera pans to Rodrigo who waves, but remains silent*

    Farooq: Alright, we're going to ask you five questions, you ready?

    *Rodrigo nods*

    Rodrigo: Yes.

    Rain: Question One, What are your thoughts on your former tag team partner, Victoria Parker, finding a new partner in Danielson?

    Rodrigo: What can I say? Danny has proved the entire IWT that he has the potential and is skill enough to fill my place. It won't be the same but well, at least he's a nice partner. Victoria is good enough to lead anyone to the victory. Those two will be entertaining.

    Farooq: Interesting answer, Victoria has proven to be able to fend for herself by attacking Dat Kid, and Mr. Sackfist. Danielson was already a great wrestler, now to see those two together, can't help but to agree with Rod here.

    Rodrigo: I've said it before. She's a survivor.

    Rain: Question 2, Why did you decide to retire from IWT?

    Rodrigo: That's a hell of a question. I had a rough career, and I was just tired, tired of all that shit that came out of Jonathan's mouth. We planned all the wedding stuff, we worked hard, we needed everything to work perfectly, an error could messed up everything. We spent hours and hours at backstage thinking how could we convince Victoria to turn on kid. And it finally worked, but the day after , his "champ" lost and he blamed me. Just because I wasn't there to help him. And you something think.. Is this worth? Do I really give a damn? Well at that point, I was pissed with the creative team, I was pissed with the GM and I decided it was the right moment to take a break. That last match with kid destroyed me. I spent two nights in the hospital trying to recover and well after Jonathan screwed me for the second time I realised that my time was up. This is a cicle, new guys , just like you, must get pushed . Old guys like me, need to go away. I was in the brightest of my career, I know . But I knew that the company was leading to the disaster . All because of Britanica's decision. And I thought I should leave the ship before it crushed. And that's what I decided to retire. I didn't feel like putting my time and body In the line anymore. There wasn't a reason that could make it worth it.

    Farooq: Well this is where we may come to a disagreement. I don't think any of Brit's decisions will cause the IWT to crash. As long as she stays, she runs it fairly well. And betrayal happens, especially from trusting Aids and Jonathan, even Aids betrayed Jonathan, it just shows how anybody can even begin to trust them, which is no trust at all.

    Rodrigo: asn't Brits decision to give Jonathan the power? That's what I basically wanted to say. I didn't trust the guys, I had a goal. And it was the tag team championship, I did everything I had in my hand to bring it back where it belongs. And I did it even if I had to be in the same stable than Jonathan and the "exchamp".

    Rain: Question 3, What do you plan to do in your retirement?

    Rodrigo: Basically heal, relax and spend some time with my family. Then I will do some exercise, waiting for a reason to bring me back in action. This 6 months away from my country have been hard. I miss my culture, food and traditions. It's time to return and spend some time there.

    Rain: Question 4, Who do you think will shine in IWT's future?

    Rodrigo: Some veterans are already at the top. Victoria will probably rule the female division . Some newbies like you or Adam have been impressive so far. But when there's a championship on the line, pressure is a huge factor. If you control it, you will be guys who can become a legend in this company. My money is on you two.

    Rain: Final questions, Any last comments on the current IWT?

    Rodrigo: I think you already know what I think. I don't like what the IWT has become. The champ ran away and the championship is randomly put in the line. There are many titles that don't have holder and the product is bad in general. I mean, why don't you create a damn tournament to see who's the new champ? It just nonsense booking. In the other hand, the company has focused on young talent so far and it's caring about the future of the business. Gotta give credit for that.

    Farooq: Thank you Rodrigo, and good luck in your retirement.

    Rodrigo: Arriba espaƱa! It was fun.

    Rain: That concludes this week's episode of The Perfect Strangers' Wrestling Word Exchange!
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  2. That reminds me, next time we go to a Mexican restaurant, I need to bring my sombrero. :yes: And thank you for being part of our first episode Rodrigo
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  3. It was fun. Can't wait for the next interview !
  4. Is there a better "foreign" than me ? :pity1:
  5. Well that depends if you yodel?