The Perfect Strangers

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  1. Farooq comes out in his streets clothes, a Public Enemy shirt, blues jeans, and black sneakers. He walks down the ramp with a microphone firmly grasped on his right hand as he shook hands with some of the cheering fans. Farooq walked up the steel steps and entered the ring as his music stopped. Some fans were still cheering for Farooq as he waited a few more seconds before he spoke.​
    " is the day." Farooq said with a smile on his face. "In this company today, it is a dangerous place. People ambushing others in the locker room, wrestlers attacking each other, and just to much chaos. Also, the state of today's tag team division is almost near extinction. With all of these problems adding up, and causing more problems in the IWT, which also causes you, our fans to not enjoy the product that we have to offer, I have made an agreement, no a team with one of the wrestlers in the back whom I trust."​
    The fans cheered as Farooq mentioned that he had a partner. "It's time to bring out my tag team partner, he debuted by defeating the IWT champion, he is Rain!!"​

  2. *Joel Rain walks out with loud cheers after his debut match with former IWT Champion, Aids, and enters the ring*​
    "You guys surprised? I hope so, but I can tell you that you shouldn't be surprised when Farooq and I, perhaps some of IWT's most blessed talent, set this tag team division on fire and take our places as IWT Tag Team Champions. You see, Farooq and I may not have known each other for the longest time, but we both know that we can kick some ass. We're going to use our ass-kicking ability to make this Tag Division mean something! Oh and I have one last message. ​
    Victoria Parker. Who had seemed to be my friend but now has gone on to betray her former tag partner and end his career. The person who just ran off with another superstar, Rodrigo. But, alas, that didn't go so far as Rodrigo is now retired. So here we are now, Victoria has picked yet another partner, a man by the name of.......Danielson. All I can say to this is, no matter how many different guys you choose as your tag partner, no matter how many stupid tag names your partner comes up with, Farooq and I will take your titles, because we are the....."​
    *Rain looks at Farooq*​
    "Perfect Strangers."​
  3. Farooq nodded towards Rain as their music played and he looked over to the entrance. "If you two, Victoria or Danielson, or even you both have anything to say to us, I would suggest the time is now. Because we'll climb our way to the top, and dethrone you both of your tag team belts."​