The plot thickens - Another Payback hype thread

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  1. *Alkaline enters the arena, in his hands he is holding a remote control and a microphone. He gets in the ring and yells into the mic.*​
    AK: Cut the music! Cut the music! I SAID CUT THE MUSIC OR DO I HAVE TO CUT YOU!?​
    It's me again ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Smooth and ribbed, Alkaline. Here with another public service announcement to air my voice and hopefully save you all from the dark and destructive forces out there. ​
    Last night, I hijacked some of our airtime to tell you all about the conspiracy, the conspiracy that runs so deep in this company that it reaches further down than the beard on resident geezer Senhor Perfect. I told you about how a cabal of mystery individuals have been running this company since day one. How they have angled us up against each other in hopes of us taking each other out so that they can solidify their power. These bastards have been using us like pawns on a chessboard and handpicked us from all over the world, why I don't know. But I intend to find out. It is obvious that they have noticed me though, since my match with Joel Rain is now up in the air with phoney excuses like Joel not being available, the date for our match not being good and the ref's dog having a cough. They realized that they might lose one of their power pieces, the great United States title to one of their fiercest enemies. But that just adds fuel to the fire for me. I'll work even harder to unravel the Britluminati, save the US title and saving all of you! ​
    *Crowd doesn't know what to believe*​
    AK: Last night I also pointed out that this cabal isn't a new thing. But that it stretches back all the way to 1994! But today I have found even more dirt on them. If you play the classical piece Overture 1812 by Tchaikovsky you will hear subliminal messages that specifically say "Fuck Dat Kid, fuck Dat Kid". That means that this cabal has been around in some form since the 18 hundreds! And how did they know about Dat Kid back then!? ​
    Obviously these people have some kind of sinister plan for all of us. But why? What do they want with us!? Why are they doing this!? Destroy the universe? World domination? Killing of Senhor Perfect with a heart attack? Or just perfecting the ultimate coffee? No one knows and that scares me. It should scare all of you as well! This is Big brother people, this is all that is good with the world being taken away. Honest wrestlers being used as pawns without them knowing. I'm going to have to beat Joel to death for the US title for his own good, not because I dislike him.​
    It pains me, but I will do it to save him from them, to save the rest of the roster from them. To save you from them!​
    My name is Alkaline...And I will expose the conspiracy....​
    *screen goes black*​

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    I found this odd since we're discussing conspiracies.
  3. They don't want us holding gold brother. They are trying to keep the people with the power to change this place for the better down.
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