The potential of Aksana

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. The girl has tremendous physique and isn't too bad on the eyes. She's a former body builder and seems to me to be athletic. What's holding her back from a big push? It's not like there are divas lined up outside waiting to challenge AJ Lee. I wouldn't mind seeing the Lithuanian more on my television.

    Does anyone else see this potential in her, or am I just in lust again?
  2. First and foremost she needs to lose that onesie. It looks terrible. Other than that, the Divas division is wide open. If she works on her mic skills there's no reason she couldn't rise up the ranks.
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  3. She could use a while down with Del Ray at the performance center, then she could be a semi-monster diva since she has all that raw power.
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  4. I want to eat her ass. It's phenomenal. I want her to squeal in whatever the fuck language it is that she speaks.
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  5. I agree with this man.

    I think that her huge ass and her huge tits make her slow. But I'm okay with it.
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  6. Next to Kaitlyn, I think she's the sexiest Diva on the roster. Her entrance music is a little fishy and since she doesn't naturally speak english, I think that stops her from being used.
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  7. Her voice probably holds her back. I'd fuck her any day of the week, so yeah, push her if you want WWE.
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  8. WWWYKI.
  9. Will never forget a match she had on SD (against kaitlyn i believe) that was literally a headlock (by aksana) and a spear or something like that. Holding a headlock for 2 minutes bitch please next.
    Dont like her,maybe with a fresh gimmick..
  10. Don't let her talk. Hook her up with a mouthpiece and have her as a silent monster with women style power moves.
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  11. I haven't seen anything special from Aksana, she has a nice physique, but that's about it.
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  12. Guys....Aksana is a Future WWE Champ in the making.....

    Seriously....She'll be gone in 2014.....
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  13. She's hot.

    That is all.
  14. More like ASSana am I right?
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  15. Yeah I don't have any issues with that. I'm gonna motorboat her asscheeks and make them jiggle.
  16. She needs to work on her ring work a bit more. She's fine, but not that good (considering how long she's been wrestling she's doing well, but waiting until she's at her peak doesn't hurt) and they need to address her mic work because it isn't that good. As far as short-term goes, I think AJ will stay champ for a while and since Aksana is also a heel (I think) then it won't happen but if they turn her, maybe she can challenge for the belt. The divas division is a bit unpredictable though, out of nowhere a random girl will start winning matches and after a while the belt.
  17. Lmao you're all sorts of fucked up.
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  18. Her potential? She's already reached her potential . . .

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  19. I'm not a fan of her ring work but she's a decent heel. If she's given more opportunities in the ring perhaps she'll improve.
  20. Apparently she's set for a push soon. Surely she's been blowing someone backstage? I literally see nothing in her apart from her assets.