Storyline The power of God

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  1. Chrysalis is shown wearing a black dress inside of a Catholic church. On her lap is the IWT title, as she prays. She chuckles, opening her eyes to face the camera.

    "Another message....from the holder of the championship for now." Chrysalis says with a laugh before slowly stopping. "Tonight....I want to make something clear....for all of you who call me a "devil worshiper", or those who say I am going to hell, let me silence your words."

    "I love God....God has power, he brings fear, he demands people to worship him, to convert to him, or what will he do? He will cast you into a lake of fire. Such beauty it is....someone who flooded the world because of a disagreement in lifestyles, he took everything from Job and made him suffer....until it was only God he had. He turned Abraham's wife into a pillar of salt for disobeying him. He made his own people walk throughout a hot desert, just because they had doubts. He connected Samson's power to something simple like hair. He even made Satan and hell."

    "The apple, it doesn't fall far from the tree, and I am closer to my father in heaven than ever. You see, I took something from @Aids Johnson the current champion of IWT, his championship belt. Why? Because if he doesn't believe in the power of the Ministry, than I will take it from him just as God would take a life. I will flood the IWT with my wrath, striking you all down to hell, I will cut the hair of confidence in you all, causing you all to be weak and then you will fall. All those you love, will be taken away from you, because it is the will of my father."

    Chrysalis smirks, standing up as she approaches the alter. She runs her finger against the bible, walking in front of the book and opening it. "Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord an everlasting rock." Chrysalis said, then she shut the book slowly, placing the IWT title on her shoulder as the camera began to fade to black slowly.
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  2. The power of Christ compels you.
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