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    If I feel like doing a titantron, I'll make you one, I'm a busy and lazy man, so no guarantees.
    You must have at least one win to get a titantron

    What Dat Kid is working on currently: A bag of chips
    Expected finishing time: Never

    Current Orders:
    Yo Momma


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    Dat Kid
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    Victoria Parker
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  2. Great idea, awesome video maker, would recommend him :lol1:
  3. Don't say retired, say moved on. You'll be back.

    Ill take all of them. is my theme, hall/kliq works best.
  4. If he's doing it, I'm doing it :tough:

    I trust your discretion!
  5. Ill pay him triple to fuck your stuff up, be specific.
  6. You don't have the cash to hang with me. I'm the million dollar man, you're Duke "The Dumpster" Drosey. :smug:
  7. How are you gonna create the Titantrons?
  8. Sony Vegas probably.
  9. Didnt mean that. I meant with what stuff are you gonna create it ? Like videos ,pics of what?Dont know if you get my point
  10. Oh, not sure, good point.
  11. Dear god no, final cut X.

    To create titantrons just give me the superstar you want to use as yourself. I could also take clips from wherever you want and mash em together with music. It all depends on what you want
  12. Alright. It might take me a minute since it's all four at once. I'll start with your titantron. Then your BMO special. Followed by your match video package. Finally ending with your superstar vignette
  13. Theme song?
  14. Mr.Perfect's theme
  15. You're retired, that means that our match isn't going on? Aren't you participating in the US title match?
  16. So basically , each of us is a current superstar?
  17. Hmm..alright. I'll try and make it original, put a little spin on it.
  18. Well fuck my arse and call me Sally I'll take a titantron video.

    Theme :

    Style :
    Make it heel Batistaish, spotlights and shit. I'm a selfish bastard.

    Kevin Steen.

    I'll donate the monies now.
  19. No not really. You can have the option to pick a wrestler, or hell you can even choose to have the appearance of a movie star, or you could cut your face out and i'll put it on some muscled guys body. There is really no limit as to what I can do. The only thing I can't do is cut faces, so you'll have to ask someone to do it and bring it to me.
  20. Okay...Im gonna choose a theme and post it here,My superstar is Michaels..just in case someone wants to have the same :punk: