Storyline The Promo Not Asking for A Title Shot Pt.2

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  1. I am still using this font in spite of Jono....

    The camera shows Kaizer and Drake running through the backstage. They rush into the back of a production truck at the last second before it is shut. Kaizer and Drake get back into their positions from where we left off (Part one). Kaizer is standing there with a shocked look on his face.

    You monster! Getting your disgusting...demon drink all over these wonderful shoes that I did a commercial for Mountain Dew to get! Your protein shakes are disgusting. You are disgusting. Walking around here with your drink that doesn't even have dew in it! CAUSE MOUNTAIN DEW! THE ONLY DRINK WITH DEW IN IT!

    Kaizer looks at the camera and has a giant smile on his face while holding up a Mountain Dew bottle and taking a sip.

    And for you to act like it's nothing! Drake, God told Adam and Eve to not eat the apple. Well god damn it, I ain't God, but I'm the next best thing. AND I AM TELLING YOU TO NEVER DRINK THAT GOD DAM PROTEIN SHAKE AGIAN! We can take a trip to the god damn Pope and he would say the same thing! God damn my throat hurts...luckily for me, I have a Mountain Dew, THE ONLY DRINK WITH DEW IN IT!

    Kaizer starts to take a sip of his MOUNTAIN DEW!!!! While doing so, the truck driver slams on the brakes and Kaizer spills the Mountain Dew all over Drake. Kaizer looks around the production truck and finds a button. He presses it and the crowd pops!

    That answers my questions about how Jono was getting those reactions from the crowd...
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  2. *Drake glances down in disdain and looks absolutely mortified. Disgusted he takes off his title, and then slowly removes his cardigan. He takes his time placing it on the nearest production table while still looking mad. Turning his attention to the table he tries to find the negative crowd reaction button, but accidentally pushes the "Jo-no-than chant" button.*

    Ugh, whatever. I don't have time for that. I just can't believe that you didn't put your cap back on, Kaizer! That's one of the reasons why I can't stand soda. Especially the bottle sort! You and your Dew just ruined my cardigan. RUINED IT!! IT WAS A 89.43$ CARDIGAN THAT WAS IMPORTED FROM ITALY! I can't believe it. Now, now I'm going to ruin something for you. I happen to know that one of your favorite shows is House of Cards. Welllllllllllllllllll, I had lunch with Kevin Spacey last week and we had a good time. Like when he was telling me about how much he disliked Bill Clinton, AND that he DID in-fact have sexual relations with that woman!

    That wasn't even the most interesting part though. You see, we were talking about TV and that we both agreed that True Detective is the best TV show going on today, right behind Game of Thrones anyways. But, that's besides the point. We ended up getting to House of Cards, and that he decided to give me the in on how it ends! Yeah, that's right. Now it's about to be ruined for you!

    Russo ends up getting released from prison seasons after it happened and everyone forgot about it, and he ends up throwing Frank out of his own airplane! That's not the twist though. After it happens Claire takes his spot as president with no explanation whatsoever after a two year stint with CNN!

    *Before Kaizer even has a chance to process the said horrible ending Drake reaches over and pushes the "Marcus Anthony pop" button.*
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  3. Best unrealized feud, right here.
  4. With no context as to what is going on, why isn't this feud of every year and why am I not in the Hall of Fame for this?
  5. Part 1 is in the OP. Some goat match build up ngl