Storyline The Promo Not Asking for A Title Shot

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  1. Kaizer walks out in his "Kaizer Slept" t-shirt. He makes his way down to the ring before proceeding to enter said ring. (Entrances that are 5 lines long are unneeded btw).

    Well well, what a week this has been. Team FSW prospers and beats Team IWT! With my help of course. We all know that FSW would have lost if it hadn't been for me pinning and eliminating, Aids Johnson, that Team IWT would have still lost, but look more impressive. No one wants that. And while I may have been eliminated, by Midas...of course, FSW still won. And with that win, Trip went on a little Princess Diana drive and hasn't been seen since. Why? Because he finally realized that IWT's roster doesn't even come close to the level of talent just Team FSW has. Just like I said, Team IWT was a pack of hasbeens and failures like Jwab, who was put on suicide watch because he lost to Lord Lee or what ever he goes by now.

    Now, I was gone for a little bit before Survivor Series. After I lost my title to Midas, who has done a great job at ruining it's prestige by the way. I felt as though, Kaizer needed a break from world of IWT. And god damn was it good. But I noticed something, someone, who just ticked me off. And this is a man who has done that before. Mister Drake....something. His name is irrelevant. All that matters is the fact that this Bill Cosby sweater wearing douche got on my last nerve. So much, that he pushed me to come back.

    Kaizer starts to pace back and forth rapidly

    All because he drank...a protein shake. I hate protein shakes. You've crossed the line! Promoting the devil's drink? What kind of a monster are you? I demand an apology right now for your actions!

    Kaizer stares down the entrance ramp waiting for Drake
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  2. *The lights slowly start to transition into a shade of orange, and two towers of white smoke emerge by the entrance way. The sound of a lion roaring plays over the arena's P.A system and Drake's theme subsequently follows it.*

    *Drake emerges onto the stage at the 0:24 mark to a negative responsive, but doesn't shadow-box inbetween the smoke towers like he usually does. Instead he takes his sweet time down to the ring while sipping on a protein shake along the way. His title rests on his waist over a nice cardigan. Wolfe proceeds to walk up the ring steps and enter the ring. He stands in front of Kaizer and continues to drink his shake before eventually retrieving a microphone.*
    Skipping the formalities I see. How rude-- I guess it's true when people say that etiquette is dead. I was going to come out here and congratulate you on the HUGE win, but I guess I don't need to now. Although, I was really hoping that you would last past Aids. I can't remember the last time he's pinned someone until Survivor Series. It feels like it has been forever really. Aids never seems to just stay away though, which is why his name suits him perfectly.

    *Drake sips loudly on his protein shake trying to be as unbearable as possible.*

    Enough about that though, you called me out here for a reason. Apparently you're not fond of protein shakes. Do my ears really deceive me? How can anyone on God's green earth dislike a protein shake!? Especially someone who claims to be a wrestler in prime condition. It's baffling, really. I guess it's because it helps you be productive, and that's the last thing that Kaizer wants! But, what else would you put in your body? Don't tell me, Diet Mountain Dew!? Which happens to be the official drink of the IWT. I just don't see how you can consume something like that without feeling disgusted right afterwards. It's like watching an Uprising on the IWT Network, seeing Adam pop up in a segment/match, and not skipping it! I'd have to work out for a straight week just to get that crap out of my body, but I already do that.

    Now then, you wanted me to apologize right?

    *Drake pours the remainder of the protein shake on Kaizer's expensive looking shoes.*

    I'm soooo sorry for that. I guess I just didn't get enough sleep. I didn't mean it, honest!
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  3. I don't know if it's the blue or the italics but holy fuck that hurt my eyes to read
  4. lol like you read promos
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  5. Clearly you don't looking at your ratings :pipebomb:
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  6. clearly you don't look at your grammar.
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  7. Cool.
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