The Proposal

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  1. Announcer 1: Well it seems like Dat Kid is making a special appearance today, which is weird since he isn't scheduled for a match.

    *Dat Kid makes his way to the ring to the applause of the few smarks in the crowd. He's dressed in street attire, and he has on his best t-shirt.*

    Now I bet you're wondering why I'm out here right now. When I came into the IWT I here for me and no one else, but that's changed. I've become somewhat used to the tag division...and even more used to my tag team partner Parker. Now at first I was rude and I said somethings I regret til this very day and right now I want to call her out here, so we can talk about a few things.

    Announcer: He of course is referring to his tag team partner Victoria who he won the belts with after replacing Rodrigo who was disqualified for cheating.

    *Dat Kid awaits Victoria's arrival*
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    please do not interfere with this just yet
  2. I propose YOU STFU :stfu:
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  3. *ignores the mark in the crowd*
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  4. *starts heading to the ring*

    Dat Kid, what's going on? I don't understand why you have to call me out to the ring to discuss things with me. Why don't we just go back together to the locker room and discuss whatever's on your mind?
  5. I have to do this here Parker. I was very public about how insulted you and I have to be public about this.
    *holds ring ropes open*
  6. *looks into Dat Kid's eyes*

    Well...alright then. Whatever you want to talk about I'm here to listen.

    *walks into the ring*
  7. First and foremost, I wanted to apologize for everything I said, I don't think I ever did that. From the day you walked in I was an asshole to you and misjudged, you but you proved me wrong time and time again. It was something that I regret til this very day becuase now I know what a great person you are. I think we've grown as a tag team, as friends,...and even more. I guess what I'm trying to say is...
    *Dat Kid gets on one knee and grabs ring out of pocket*

    ...Victoria Parker, will you marry me*
  8. An interracial couple?!? :robbie:

    My Canadian side is saying good for you, but my parents won't be too happy about this.

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  9. *takes one tentative step back*

    You're right, you did misjudge me. After everything I've been through, you and many others have doubted my strength and capabilities in the ring. You're one of the few who saw the error of their ways and there's still many who have yet to believe in me. I'll always be eternally grateful for your support and being my tag team partner. Where I know I feel much more...complicated feelings for you other than friendship, I'm tentative to go there. After our rough past...

    *looks straight at Dat Kid with her piercing green eyes*

    how could I possibly know if your intentions are true? I don't know what I believe anymore.
  10. You said the same thing before when I wanted to manage you and you delivered a roundhouse straight to my face, but still after that I was right there in your corner. I could have left you on your own in the match and let you get beat by two world champions, but I stood their by your side with no evil intentions. I've changed Parker and it's all thanks to you. Seeing you become great has really been something I enjoy in the IWT and getting the chance to be a part of that was an opportunity I couldn't refuse. This is why I'm proposing because I want to do nothing more than to be by your side, in life as well. You've become the woman I admire most, the woman that I've grown
  11. *smiles and blushes*

    Well I just had to be sure. I've been hurt a lot and I didn't want to make another mistake. My feelings have grown very strong for you since I accepted you as a my tag team partner.

    With that being said...yes Dat Kid, I will marry you.
  12. For anyone who thought wrestling wasn't a soap opera for men, this thread has proven it.
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  13. *Orden goes down the ramp and walks into the ring*

    You look like a good couple but this won't go too far, you'll fight after me and my tag partner beat you and you won't be interested in each other, your feelings make you weak
  14. Farooq comes out in a suit as he applauds the newly wed couple. "Now I think you need to relax Orden, these two are going to go through the life relationship of becoming one. As for Dat Kid and Victoria, congratulations. I hope you two enjoy your time together." Farooq said as he stood on the stage. ​
  15. Yeah but when they lose against me and my tag partner they won't be anymore a happy couple, they'll also lose their titles so they'll be ruined they'll have nothing to do with us because they won't get those titles back because we're the best wrestlers of this entire company
  16. Your ego is big, but it's nothing special, much as your wrestling skills are. I doubt you'll win your title match, in fact, I surprised you even know what a title is. I can tell you one thing, at the end of this month, you still won't know what it feels like to hold a championship. After Dat Kid and Victoria beat you and your partner, I hope you do some serious rethinking with your life, and learn to be respectful to others.
  17. *crowd starts chanting "GAAYYY" *

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  18. You said I don't know what's like to be a champion and that I'll lose, the fact is that I'm not facing them at ER for their title but I have my REMATCH for the Cruiserweight Championship, yes man, I'm the first ever Cruiserweight Champion and you can't change history, my ego is big true but I don't lie when I say I can beat them with my partner for their titles, you can be commenting if you want, you won't lose how I'll kick their ass and ruin their marriage
  19. You still will not succeed. You mind as well be in bed, dreaming about victory, because in the end of it all, you're going to be on your back. *walks backstage*