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    IWT is back from commercial break and there is a long pause where nothing is going on. The lights are on. the arena is still as the crowd waits for the next match. "Jesus wept" echoes through the speakers and the crowd comes alive as the arena is blanketed in dark purplish light.

    Dat Kid wearing jeans and his usual vest walks out from behind the curtain. The crowd gets even louder, people in the front rows bowing down as he walks by. Kid maintains his focus on the ring as he stretches out his fist, mic in the other.

    Kid enters the ring and stands right in the middle of the ring, looking at his feet as the lights fade up. The music begins to fade out as the uproar of the crowd gradually gets louder from the excitement of Kid's return. One more match chants begin to break out.

    One more match? I've got a more left in me than one more match.

    The crowd pops again as Dat Kid chants break out. Kid remains stoic by the crowd as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

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    That's enough of that. I've got a lot to say and not much time to say it. I came here tonight without anyones knowledge, not even Joey Bryant knew that I was going to be here and there's a reason for that.

    The truth is, I was never really injured after Extreme Rules. Sorry Alias, it's going to take a lot more than what you did to put me down, but it was a cute little attempt to end my career. The truth is I saw an opportunity to retire and I took it. I rode off into the sunset and never looked back at the world I left behind.

    Then as the weeks passed by I got curious, so I decided to take a look at what happened in my absence and I've got to be honest...

    Dat Kid puts a smile on his face as he looks at the curtains to the back.

    ...this place hasn't been in worse shape since I stole half the roster with me to FSW.

    Dat Kid's smile turns to a cold malice stare towards the back.

    Joey Bryant
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    Everything that I tried to save you people from has come to the forefront within weeks of my absence. I watched as my protege Joey Bryant squander his current reign in lackadaisical contempt. Yeah I said it, and I'm not going to stand here in the middle of this ring and pretend that I am not responsible for you because as much as we both denied it, I made you Joey Bryant.

    You can sit in your ivory tower smoking weed, getting cheeto dust on the championship I put on you, while you watch reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but while you dawdle in your obliviousness I'll be lighting a fire under your ass pretty soon boy, so you best get up before you get burned and buried. If you don't like how I'm talking to you right now Mr. IWT Champion you can come out and understand why you have always taken a second seat to me.

    Alias Antonio
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    Alias Antonio the moment you beat me you knew I was coming back for you sooner or later. You walk around and you believe that you are unstoppable, but you've felt this cold tingling in your spine as if you're being watched. I'm here to tell you that you are being watched because I am coming back and when I do you better bring twice of what you brought at Extreme Rules because I am going to do what you failed to do to me. I am going to put an end to your career.

    The Challenge
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    Now that I got old business out of the way, I've got some new business. At Summerslam, I am challenging both the IWT Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion in the same night, because it seems like the era of true champions has ended, because it seems like the IWT is dying, because it seems like I am sick and tired of managing and putting over inexperienced brats, because it seems like it is time that I am due for what I deserve.

    I am the greatest IWT competitor of all time and as much as my ability says it for me, my championship reigns do not, so I am going to rectify that and I don't give a damn who it is, the IWT belongs to me!

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    Hey Trip, you back there shittin bricks? You should be.

    I don't give a damn that the public wants you as their GM. It's not what the public wants, it's what's good for the public and you my friend are not. I watched you scramble around trying to pander to these people making the same mistakes that dumb bitch Britanica would make, except you don't got a fat fuck named Jonathan clinging to your tit, you've got a drunken little asshole named Aids Johnson.

    Congratulations Aids, you finally took up the ass long enough to find yourself in a position of power, a minor position I might add. Sooner or later you're going to get hungry like you always do and you're going to turn on Trip, just like you turned your back on me, The Cure, and everyone else you've ever aligned yourself with.

    So Trip and Aids, you can play in the magic treehouse in the lost woods, which I'm pretty sure Trip has moved IWT HQ. Enjoy it while it last because it won't take an army to bring this place to its knees. Gone are the days of the factions. The Church, The Cure, The Order, all dead. The age of the individual is knocking at your door and I am coming back to do what I have always done. I am coming back to be the IWT.

    The Rapture is coming.

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  2. *A camera crew catches up to Trip in the Head in the hallway shortly after Dat Kid's promo airs*

    Reporter: Mr. Head sir, what are reactions to Dat Kid's words for you?

    TRIP: :pity2: Do you think I'm scared of Dat Kid? He loves to talk doesn't he? The best part is the people eat it up. I for one am glad to see him back. I hope he does light a fire under Joey Bryant's ass. And I hope he does a number on Alias as well. He wants a 3-way match for what I assume is a unified title with those two at Summerslam? Bold statement to believe those two will even still be champs by that time. We have some title defenses that are due coming up soon on the next episode of Uprising. And don't forget MITB is shortly after that. ANYTHING could happen in that time. Thats why I love this job.

    Reporter: That is true. The belts could be in anyone's hand by Summerslam. What would you say to the people who agree with Dat Kid when he says Aids will turn on you? Kid is not the first to make such a claim.

    TRIP: Let 'em do it. You think I can't handle a little knife in my back brother? Like I've never had to before. Isn't that right @Dat Kid ? Aids will find out why the saying "don't cross the boss" exists if he does decide to stab me in the back. And if he doesn't:pity: *shrugs* well, then who will really look like a dumb ass? Now if you'll excuse me I have a business to run.

    *Trip winks at the camera and turns, walking off down the corridor with purpose in his stride*
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  3. The crowd pops as the house show returns from a short break brought by the IWT's newest sponsor - Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whiskey. The camera pans over to show Aids sitting next to a passed out Chris Kaizer, with a bottle of Johnnie Black in front of each of them, Aids' nearly gone. Aids takes another pull, before looking over and realizing he was the only one to witness the newest Dat Kid promo. He shakes Chris' shoulder, startling him back from sleep with a confused look in his eyes.

    "Hey, you just missed another Dat Kid return promo bro!" Aids nearly shouts out, with an excited look in his eyes, "he even gave me and Trip a whole portion to let him know something he has only heard a dozen time's from everyone in the locker room!"

    Chris rolls his eyes, and immediately leans back against the wall, dozing off nearly immediately. Aids looks over, shrugs, and laughs, before saying to no one "Well I hope Dat Kid realizes the time clock he held everyone else to for title rematches won't be forgotten on him. Two matches at a PPV, and two main events? The best competitor in IWT?" Aids shrugs, taking another short pull from his bottle, finishing it off before staring at the bottle for a few seconds..."Damn I hope that was really a Farooq promo and i've just had too much whiskey." Aids looks up suddenly realizing the camera has walked in the room, and immediately tosses his bottle towards the cameraman, as the screen fades.
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