Night of Champions The real Night of Champions poster released.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Punk will probably use this in his rants for attention I guess. Decent poster though.
  2. Seriously?? I still like the other one much better -- obviously. I wonder if they only did this one to rub Punk and give him something else to work with, or if this really is the poster they'll be using. Oh well, it's still a little ways off.
  3. Looks like a fan made one, not my cup of tea at all. Cena and the gold doesn't work IMO, Punk with the black background did. Orton or ADR with the golden sparks would have been so much better.
  4. That thing looks fan made.
  5. oh please tell me it's not true :((
  6. No Surrender Poster > This ugly thing
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  7. sadly this is true lol
  8. Poster is just fine, but the one with Punk is better.
  9. looks like shit IMO
  10. The punk one was a fake.
  11. Sadly so. I'm still hoping this isn't the "real" one though. Surely they can do better than that. I'd love for it to be that they did this one so Punk can bitch about it, then they redo a new one or whatever for the actual event. I can always hope/dream.
  12. I took a shit. It looked much better then this poster.
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  13. Seeing the NWO sig me realize it could be pretty cool for Punk to spray paint over this one on Raw. Just put "Best In The World" on it and then have him force them to put it into production. Have it graffiti over Cena's face.
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  14. pics or it didn't happen!
  15. The Punk one was superior. :facepalm:
  16. Punk one was beautiful, this one looks like crap.
  17. is this joke?
  18. Sucks ass. I like that other fan made one better.