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  1. The IWT Youtube page has been updated with it's most recent house show, beginning as the music starts. Aids Johnson is shows with a handheld camera taking a shot of whiskey, stopping as he sees the door open. He walks towards it and shoves it aside. The camera pans over immediate showing the crowd booing loudly as the song continues. Aids walks out before the chorus begins to a pop filled with boos to drown it out. He walks straight to the center before running into the ring with his microphone before holding it up. No IWT title is present.

    Tonight is Dat Kid's night, everyone in the real kliq of the IWT has EARNED their time in the limelight. I stand here as your co-undisputed champion to tell you one easy thing no one every asks but everyone needs to realize is the truth. You look at your Universal champion, you see your reigning, undisputed IC Champion, and you see me and what do you see? You see us. You see the problem with IWT talent is too many of us try so hard to reach the top, but what happens when we get there? What seperates people like Jack, myself, and now the Bullad club from the rest?

    The answer is simple, we are present. You might hate me, you definitely hate our club, but while people like Kaizer sleep and the rest of the IWT spends their time backstage, you are stuck with us. We come out and rub our successes along with our failures in your faces. You dont like it? Change the station. I'm so tired of these Victoria Parker champions like Luis Ovaldinho talking all this game then leaving before they can do their interview after. The premadonna shit annoys me. You may hate me, but when we stand face to face you know what to expect. I see your IWT champion's manager had to post boo hoo for me he will talk when he's ready, well here I am mother fucker, I'm standing in this ring right now.

    It's time to put up or shut up. I proved it's not the dollars, and i'm certainly not the one softer than baby shit here. You want to pander to the fans well you need to give them what they deserve! The sound of your silence is deafening, so put up or shut up time is here. I don't see you in the gym, I don't see you telling others how to improve, I see a selfish piece of shit giving nothing but taking everything this company has done so much to build.

    You see he talks a big game, but where is your champion now? Everyone wants to face the man but he is no where to be found. Must be busy doing other things, making money elsewhere.
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