Storyline The Red Light District

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  1. *The Big Jizz walks out looking very angry and he asks for a mic which he his given he jumps on top of the apron and tells the camera man, to "GET OUTTA MY FACE!"

    "Ladies and gentleman, it's me it's me it's that J-i...Double Z, and i have great news for you! There's another mem- *He is cut off with Artist's music*

    *He walks out and he points back to the curtain and 3 whores walk out and he gives them each $300 dollars as they walk into the crowd*
    Artist:"Hold it, Biggy Jizzy! I'm supposed to be making the announcement!"
    Big J: But you were to busy giving the ho's a ride!
    Artist: It's okay i got this.

    *He Tells BJ to go back and get something*

    'Okay so, everyone knows, i'ma mama's boy but the truth is, i'm your mommas boy. If you love the ho's scream a Ho brings in the dough! *crowd screams the ho brings in the dough*

    So, with that said you know Big Jizz has been riding with me for a while, well last night we went out on the town and we found someone who will fit in with us....This person's big, bad and strong ALSO she's a ho....."I give you, LINDA MCMAHON! HAHAH just kidding, kids keep your pants up, *Big Jizz rolls out a cage with a curtain over it* I give you....Juanita!*

    *Big Jizz pulls the curtain and opens the cage and out comes a, steroid freak women who is a white woman with a hispanic name*

    "NOOW! Pull down your pants Little Kyle!"

    *Big Jizz and Juanita stand over Artist who is under their legs pretending to hump the ring.*

    *a new theme hits and they walk away*

  2. EDIT: The stable's name is Red Light District, or The District for short.
  3. OOC: i have a feeling this should be your theme song
  4. Please if you ever say that again shoot your ear out