The Return Of A Broken Mind.....

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    Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen im here with the returning Adam Hawk! Adam whats your plans now you are back?​
    Adam: Plans? Hehe since when did I need a plan? I think first I need to make a statement, Im Adam Hawk, For some on you who dont know me you should believe the hype, The hype is all real, The hype began with me and ends with me. I am the hype. The hype is true, Believe me. Tonight I prove why the hype is an understatement of my talent! No more questions!​
    *Adam walks off but the interviewer follows him*​
    Interviewer: Adam why did you attack backstage offic-​
    *Adam picks up the interviewer and puts him on his shoulder, He puts the interviewer the in corner and gets in his face*​
    Adam: YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?!?! Im a sick guy! Im just a sick GUY! Why do you ask so many questions huh? You guys just dont give me a minute to gather my thoughts. You guys just ask so many quesssssstions! Just leave me alone! *Adam sits in the corner and starts singing like a psycho this:* They stole my belt, They took my belt, They stole belt! Danielson stole my belt! In front of people and I dont even care *Adam stops singing that and gets up as the interviewer walks away, Adam walks after him* No no no no noooooo *Adam picks up the interviewer and throws him down* I need to ask you some questions! Wheres Failface? Wheres Danielson? I need them both here right now! Im facing Fail tonight so where is he! And I need to get my belt back from Danielson, Where did he take my belt? I need my belt baaaaaaack but for now something else! I have to prepare for my match so please leave me alone!​

  2. OOC: Way to try and rip off some Moxley promos.:pity:
  3. OOC: Yeah I know. Kinda had to just to kick off my new gimmick I used in old efeds.
Thread Status:
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