Storyline The Return of Christian 08/21/13

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  1. *The arena's lights flicker

    *Crowd goes wild

    *Crowd has a mixed reaction

    - Christian walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face


    Announcer 1: Well here he is. Christian, the man who returned late last night after a long hiatus and viciously beat down Britanica.
    Announcer 2: A vicious beat down it was, Britanica having to get some stitches on her forehead and bandaged up.Well we all know one thing is for sure. We'll find out why he attacked Britanica.
    Announcer 1: We sure will. Christian, the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion, what business does he have with Britanica?
    Announcer 2: We know that Christian has had personal issues with this company. Do you think they have been resolved?
    Announcer 1: I don't know, but I have a feeling all the questions we have will be answered shortly by this man.

    - Christian steps into the ring and grabs a microphone

    *A few Christian chants break out

    There is a saying... that has been going around in this industry for many, many years. You people must have heard of it before.

    *Christian Pauses

    Actions speak louder than words!

    Actions speak louder than words, now for a man like myself... I believe that both my actions and words are at an equal level. A level that can manipulate people and bring their state of mind anyway I please...

    And last night on IWT, that is exactly what you fans got! Now those were the actions... here... are the words.

    The buzz since late last night has been, why has Christian returned now? Where has he been all this time? What has he been doing for the past few months? And for some new fans, who is Christian?

    When I left this company three months ago, it was not only because of you lousy fans who chose to boo me after I backed you up night in and night out, but it was because this companies MANAGEMENT... was off the chain horrendous! We had the owner sleeping with illiterate superstars, we had wrestlers attacking each other left and right and if this company had an internal problem, rather than taking care of it confidentially, it'd get revealed to the public and show how minor league IWT is!

    I held the World Heavyweight Championship for 181 days, I carried this company on my BACK, since the day it was put in motion, I defended each and every negative feedback received to the entire management, my fellow co-workers and each and every one of you guys in the crowd and those who are watching at home!

    *Crowd has a mixed reaction

    And what did you guys do to repay me, huh? What did the IWT Universe do to repay me?!

    You guys took 181 days of my hard work, sweat and tears and stomped on it.
    You guys took the company that I built from the very beginning and made it into your own playground.
    You guys cheered... for Eric Draven, after everything I've done for you...

    Where is Eric Draven? Come out! Eric Draven, where are you!?

    Oh that's right! Eric Draven was stripped... of the World Heavyweight Championship since he suddenly got an injury during training. And this hasn't happened once, no. This happened during his initial WWE Championship reign and yet, you choose to throw the great Christian in random matches without any sort of notice! I'd come to the arena to sign some forms, have meetings and discuss my future and the booker would come up to me and say, "Hey Christian! You have a championship match up next, get out there!" I'm not sure if this company knows Booking 101, but when you are in a championship match, you are either

    A) A number one contender after earning a championship bout.


    B) You have a REMATCH clause!

    Eric Draven. When I faced Eric Draven, he didn't earn that championship bout. You could say, he STOLE... my championship. And who is to blame? Who can this ungrateful, poor excuse of a human-being be? None other then IWT's very own, Britanica!

    *Britanica gets a mixed reaction

    I'd come to my workplace and I'd be sitting in the her office and realize that I'm not working for a wrestling company. No, I'm working for the circus. We'd have cats everywhere, people pissing on the floor and retards breaking doors.

    And when you realize that you are missing a World Heavyweight Champion, rather than calling the previous and longest reigning champion, you and your intelligent minds decide to crown a new one.

    I never turned my back on you guys, this COMPANY and the IWT Universe TURNED... their back on me!

    *Crowd begins to boo

    And oh, I'm not going to settle only for the IWT Championship, no. I'm back for every championship in this f*cking company!

    And I WILL... get it, don't you worry about it. I've had my lawyers talk to this companies brand new, revamped and improved management. Especially, Dat Kid, who knows what's good for business.

    *Crowd boos

    And they have agreed to these terms that I require to work for this organization.

    1) I will have my own private jet. Not that it matters to you, but that's just one more thing I have that you people don't!

    2) I will be guaranteed an IWT Championship match one on one. I haven't used my rematch clause yet, but when I do, you will witness a historic moment. When I win the IWT Championship, I won't get cheated out of it like I did last time. I will carry the championship longer than my initial run! 181 days is the past, the future will be way longer than that.

    3) And finally, I, Christian, will now be a part... of IWT's management!

    *Crowd is shocked

    Yeah, that's right. I told you months ago that this company would be mine. And now a good percentage of it is!
    And don't worry, I won't abuse my powers... Although, I could if I please.

    *Christian points at fan

    Like if I wanted to kick your fat ass out of my arena, I could.

    *Crowd boos

    Don't worry King Kong Bundy, you aren't my problem right now. My focus isn't even on the IWT Championship right now. All I want to do is get my hands on the one who cost me the World Heavyweight Championship. I have this urge to destroy, to dismember the one who screwed me out of MY CHAMPIONSHIP! Britanica, I want you one on one! And no, not any match. What I did last night was just a preview in what type of match I want! I want you in a match in which I will dissect you bit by bit, I want you in a match where there is no count out, weapons are legal and if I knock you out, I continue to demolish you until the government comes to restrain me. I want you, in a No. Holds. Barred, MATCH at Night of Champions!

    *Crowd cheers

    People call you crazy, but my normal state is crazier than anything you've done. I'm completely sane right now, and if you want to see crazy, trust me, I wouldn't be in this ring right now and you wouldn't be alive right now!

    I know you're in the back all stitched and bandaged up. And trust me, if you thought that beat down was bad, just wait until I get my hands on you at Night of Champions. Because you will NEVER! EVER! BE THE SAME! AGAIN!

    Now come out you sl**! I don't got all day for you or any of these disgusting west coast fans!

    Announcer 2: Looks like he's calling out Britanica.

    Announcer 1: But is she in any state to come out right now? The trauma that man must have caused her.
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    Announcer 2: Here comes trouble!

    *Britanica stands on the stage taunting Christian by thrusting a bear dressed up like him*
    *She begins to spin as if playing ring around the rosy with it now*
    *The crowd looks extremely confused*
    *The white coats apear behind her as she starts skiping down the ramp holding the Christian Bear's hand*

    "Well, well, well... Christian. How are you doing? *Cuts him off from speaking* Oh me!? I am doing just fine. I am quite fond of the blood and bandaged look, I think it goes well with my hair! *starts twirling her hair and notices Christian looking at the bear*... You seem to be worried, or down right disgusted by my lil' Christian teddy. Don't worry... I play nice with him. *she makes a child like face and begins talking like a 4 year old* Though earlier we seemed to have gotten into a bit of an argument and I believe he called me a slut! *shakes finger making a tisk tisk tisk sound* I know, right? So I feel he is do for some punishment though I am not quite sure what to do about this naughty little bear... *she lifts her knee to her waste and bends the bear over her leg* Should I give him a spanking? *the crowd lets out a few whistles* .. Nah! *she holds the bear close to her face* Maybe he could use a little face time? *she licks the bear as Christian looks at her like he is down right disgusted* Or maybe I will just... *She bites the bear's head, rips it off with her mouth and spits it at Christian's feet* Oops? Did I do that? *starts giggling and throws the bear into the crowd* Now... What to do about the real Christian... *she steps closer to him only and inch from his face* I bet you taste like candy! *she licks his face and while trying to push her away she grabs his hair and whispers in his ear* You don't know the meaning of crazy... I redefined it... I became it. *she lets goes and Christian pushes her back and gets ready to strike her* Save your energy gum drop. I will see you at Night of Champions."

    *Britanica begins to get out of the ring and walk down the ramp them pauses and turns at Christian*

    "One more thing my little teddy baby... *she takes a few steps back toward Christian and deepens her voice* Don't you ever interrupt one my play dates again!"
    *the white coats begin to grab her to pull her away as she starts laughing and singing something..*

    "Every game you play, every night you stay, I’ll be watching you. Oh can’t you see? You belong to me…" *she starts laughing again as she gets pulled to the back*
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    *Christian looks confused

    Christian: Britanica is a man?

    *Christian shivers
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  4. Oh hahaha-ha-ha

  5. Now THIS is what I call a great promo.

    *starts chanting Christian's name
    *buys Christian's shirt off
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  6. *Christian heads on to the back

    Backstage Area:
  7. *Andrew runs into Christian in the backstage area

    Andrew: Hey Christian,I know how you feel man. I also lost my world title due to this company's corrupt ways.
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    Christian: So you're the former World Heavyweight Champion, huh? You're the man, who got handed MY World Heavyweight Champion after Eric Draven wasn't able to compete...

    *Christian glares at Andrew with a mad face


    Christian: I'm not mad at you. I understand where you're coming from and I have a feeling you know what I've been through as well. I mean I held the World Heavyweight Championship for 181 days!

    And you held it for, like 8 days.

    Andrew: 32 days...

    Christian: Same thing, same thing. I mean, we have plenty in common, we should probably be partners, buddies, the new tag-team champions!

    *Crowd cheers

    Christian: No, wrong, incorrect! I don't need to become your friend. I know that you still have your rematch clause and as do I. If you're in my way from getting my championship... I won't hesitate... to knock. you. out...
  9. Andrew: Pretty big words from someone who hasn't been in action for what? Three months? If you're going to talk big you better be prepared to bet on it.
  10. *Christian and Andrew stare off

    *Christian laughs and walks off

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