The Return of Fear Part 2

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  1. *A Camera is set up in a Abandoned Classroom...A Man sitting in a swivel chair with the shadows blocking out one half of his body. The Man's Face is that of Bruce Knight*
    Knight: Hello, IWT.....It is I, Bruce Knight, The Solver to you're Problems. Now, I've been missing from IWT for a while, In fact, I took up a New Job here at this Primary School, Teaching children who are smarter then Certain 'Wrestlers' in IWT at the moment. I Left because I wanted to do something in my life, So I did....That's when I found 'Him'. I found 'Him' while taking a stroll around the area, near the arena. He came to me and told me what I must do. He said I must save IWT from people such as Adam, Nick and DK....but He also told me to destroy what remains afterwards....
    *The Covered half comes out of the Shadows, The other half of his face is covered with a Dark Mask*
    Knight: He Converted me and aided me throughout my training and now....I Feel Reborn because Nightmare has returned and he's now within me.....He is in my Mind and now we think a like.
    IWT, The Alliance and anyone in my Way.....Beware!
    *The Camera Feed is turned off*
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