The Return of the GOAT.

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    *AIDS walks out around 0:30 to a huge pop from the crowd, walking out in the brewers gear he is known for, with a huge smile on his face. He runs to the ring, sliding in and grabbing a mic out of the center of the ring.

    CUT my music! Ladies and Gentlmen, For the first time in what appears like years, Your champion has arrived! Everyone give it up for the greatest man to every grace the presence of the IWT community. The Future of the FNW, and the greatest man to step into your arena! I am Aids Johnson, and without me, you wouldnt even be here.

    *Fans boo loudly, filling the arena for seconds before being cut off

    Who are you kidding? Even your boo's are greater than the silence you have been giving these pathetic excuses for champion for the past 6 weeks. Senhor Perfect is about to beg his way into staying a champion, Cm Punk is defending his championship for the first time in 3 months, your biggest event is the dual midcard champion vs the holder of two other mediocre belts, and your main event is a member who couldnt even touch me vs two flunkies he wants to be considered "main eventers," when we really know them as "jobbers to the main event."

    I see Alkaline has already completed the changing of one belt, and it seems your comminuty could be/are moving in the right direction...and lucky for you, I am here to help the push continue, as the IWT has been stuck with midcard moments and failures for the last 2 ppv's without me.

    *Crowd boo's again, chanting Go back to Fight Night*

    You can boo all you want, but your tickets to the better fed speaks more than i ever could about where your loyalties lie. I am here to hold your title hostage. Here to take the Heavyweight championship, and to take back what is mine....The IWT World Title!

    *Fans boo loudly*

    From I know you have no chance, you know you will never have a chance, and the fans all know you never had a chance when facing me. When i take the belt off whoever wins the match for the Heavy title, i am going to be the one to take the belt off your hands. Which brings me to my next point.

    Ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Aids Johnson is here to bring back the IWT what it needs. A champion who defends his title. A champion willing to compete between ppv's, and a champion who gives people a reason to want to be champion. Dat Kid you are witness to the return, come out and bow before the god who gave you a chance at gold.

    *Aids waits in the center of the ring, mic in hand waiting.
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  2. *Adam is backstage*

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  3. *Victoria comes out with a mic in her hand, smiling at Aids

    Well Aids, it seems like your timing is as impeccable as always. I'm certainly pleased to see that you've returned to continue creating havoc in this company. However, with your interest in domination over the IWT, that directly impacts me. When you decided to leave, strong wrestlers like myself were here to pick up the pieces and carry the burden of this company. Not only does the pitiful Dat Kid that you helped me destroy have the title around his waist, but now I have the fantastic opportunity to destroy him like I've been dreaming to do.

    When I win the title from Dat Kid on Sunday at Payback, the championship that you desire will be around my waist.

    *Victoria heads down the ramp, stands in front of the ring and looks at Aids

    Although our chemistry and teamwork got everyone talking and created fear among the inferior beings in this company, rest assured that not even you can get in my way. It's my time to shine and you're just going to have to wait your turn.

    *Victoria takes a seat on a steel chair outside the ring, smiling at Aids

    Welcome back sweetheart.
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    Beautiful, there is nothing id love to do more than win that title off your belt. Unfortunately for your career, the fans will have a lot to lose from seeing the fingerpoke of doom 2.0 go off, as the bad guy wins his champion the easy way. I have spent enough time with you to know you are a determined, future champion. Today, the champion is Dat kid's. and he aims to keep it by allowing people to stall you in your path, such as Rhodes aka Rodrigo is concerned.

    We both know my path to the belt is imminent, there is nothing you can do. The belt this weekend, your opportunity, only lies in your hands, and the hands of Rodrigo and Dat Kid. The path you lead, as i am glad to say, only leads to another title reign for Aids Johnson, the first two time champion of the company, and the greatest man to grace the IWT with his presence *fans boo loudly* and the fans only speak to the facts *Drowned out as he speaks with boos*

    I stand here as a man willing to move up the right way. Respect Gohan6425, you are coming off a ban this week and need someone to pull you up to the main card again. I Challenge you to a 4 promo match, at payback, FTJ vs CM Aids, the legend begins. The winner will take on the winner of Dean Seabsrose vs CM Punk at the champions choosing, and that winner will face the champion at Summerslam for the unification of the titles! Everyone knows you fear me, and when i left you were quick to talk about how you were the one who made me leave. Here i am, ready to face you man vs gohan, in the most fair match we can have. Are you afraid, or are you ready to lose to a god?

    *aids is suddenly cut off*
  5. Guys the GOAT is back!
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  6. "Returned and want a title shot if you beat a opponent that's not even worth lower then a lower midcard manager? I don't see how that is fair."
  7. way to promo in. learn2kayfabe, you and Danielson both.

    ETA: i left with two titles, left a dual champion. You just no showed at all for your titles before, and got a title shot coming back for the same belts.

  8. *Walks down the ramp wearing a leather jacket, carrying a Kendo Stick*

    *Enters the ring without saying a word*

    *Extends his hand to Aids*
  9. Well, well, well......

    Look who's come crawling back. You tried to be favourite over at FNW and couldn't cut it eh? Had to come back here, back to your repugnant ways, sewing out falicies and pomp.

    Well, the IWT was fine whist you were gone. You're a detriment to this company and no one in the back or in the crowd wants you here.

    Why don't you do us all a favour and creep back into the hole you crawled out of.
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    *Shakes Fail's hand, then turns to Senhor Perfect

    I am the FNW goldenboy, there are no if's, and's, or but's about the situation. I am there as a whole different entity as i am here. Here i am the GoaT, the man i have always been. There, i am a workhorse, destined for greatness through the traditional means. I'm glad even you are willing to admit you have followed my path there, as everyone else here has certainly done

    *Crowd chats IWT*

    Senhor you and i both know you are grasping onto straws at this point. You were once holding so many belts, now you and Christian are spending your days hiding behind your belt's hoping the opponents chosen are too fearful of the opportunity to show. In your match, you started out far behind, bur are currently striving behind a surge of mark friends who believe name recognition is > quality. You are destined to lose, and we both know it is to watch me become the first two time IWT champion.My firend Failface *crowd boos* is the man who should have beaten you, to send you back to Canada full of tears, with your only pride being that you are in relative confluence from Cm punk. CM Punk , who also is a pond alongside the ocean that fills Aids Johnson's IWT.

    There is no one better than me, and if i must answer questions, than i will. Yes Jedi Master Farooq I am going to move straight towards the title, as you have currently settled into the midcard with members of your quality, leaving a space in the IWT uppercard for the champion to move back into postiion with. Yes Danielson i am the Greatest of all Time. Best in the world! Better than your favorite superstar, the man who makes you proud to share the same name. I am your future champion, the man who left you the opportunity you failed to suceed on as the million dollar champion. The man who runs with Jonathan, manager of the IWT, and the God of this company. Aids Johnson.

    *Aids turns and gives Failface the Lowblow, setting him up for the Brainbuster, stalling and giving a full 360 before landing the move onto the center of the mat*
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  11. Farooq walked out on stage with both the Hardcore title and Million Dollar title on each shoulder. "If you were the greatest of all time you wouldn't have left for another company, just to return when things weren't going your way. This is a different place, one that learned to survive well without you. If you think that you deserve a chance at a world title shot, you are just going to be lying to the mirror then. You lost to my partner, Rain on his debut, and had to hide behind Jonathan's power corrupt at the time. You may be a good worker, and a great competitor, but there are others here that actually earned their way to the top. If you think you'll win after the game you played when you left, you're dead wrong. The only reason you returned to us, was because the halls weren't filled with enough gold to fill your greed. Your greed won't be filled here, you will be lucky to get any title shot.Welcome back to IWT, but don't expect to win any titles anytime soon." Farooq said as he dropped the mic and left the stage.
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  12. The WoodWarrior was being serious. [​IMG] You're back. The ugliest mug in IWT
  13. I'm also the man who left with gold around his waist, two belts, to be factual. How many belts have you held Danielson
  14. two, and two when I left as well chump
  15. you left? :pipebomb:

    What do you hold now?
  16. It's not my job to bring you up to speed.
  17. notsureifanyoneevennoticed. Seriously, you were champ? i see you lost all the main events, what belt are you holding?
  18. Seabs, and Stopspot both went down to me in the same match, and no one noticed you were gone. If I were you, i'd just stay away because you could cut the best promo in the world but no one will vote for you for a solid 2 months. good luck
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  19. Oh the tag titles? I did forget about that, my bad. I'm okay with no votes.
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  20. I'm just giving you a hard time like you gave me.
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