Storyline The Return of The Pain

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  1. The Arena lights flicker and they all shut off, darkness spreads throughout the arena and only a few camera flashes can be seen.

    (Pain comes out at 0:20, he makes his way to the ring, he is in no rush to get there, he rolls in under the ropes and is handed a mic)

    Nearly a month ago, I was beaten.

    The crowd pops and chants for Frie break out.

    I have no issue admitting it, Frie kicked my ass. On that day, he was the better wrestler. And on that day very day, I was injured, I was put out of commission and I've had to sit at home and watch the bouts and you know what, there were a lot of good ones, but each great match, each amazing fight just made my break a living hell.

    He walks across the ring, slowly starting to pace.

    You see us wrestlers, we know the risks when we step into this ring, we know the pitfalls. There is a difference between knowing and accepting, and when it does happen, knowing about it doesn't make things easier. When you walk out of the arena, you are already thinking of the next show, the next pay per view and an injury? It takes everything away.

    He shakes his head pulls his hair back.

    While I was away, a friend of mine has had his own struggles, he had my back when I was outnumbered and because of my injury, I couldn't have his. So while I am eager to jump back in here and earn my shots, there is one thing I need to do.

    Aiden Ryan...

    The crowd pops at the mention of Aiden.

    ... get out here.

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  2. The Arena turn to pink and green as Aiden Ryan's theme hits.

    With a loud echo'd sound the pryo's shoot in the shape of a star

    Aiden Ryan walks onto the stage and looks around the arena before making his way down to the ring.

    Normally in a bubbly manner, Aiden Ryan appears to be walking on the stage in a slow manner.
    Hands in pocket he makes his way down the steel ramp-way and approaches the steps of which he climbs.

    He takes his hands out of his pockets and brushes the top rope with his hand
    and enters into the ring via by the middle rope.
    Forcing a smile he taunts to his fans with a slight wave and looks back at Pain.

    "Here I Am."
    He mouths placing his hands infront of himself awaiting for Pain to speak.

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  3. Pain walks to the center of the ring, both men look at eachother as Pain takes his time to start.

    Aiden, You had my back when no one else did, when the masked men attacked, when I was injured, you didn't let me get stretchered off and you helped me walk out of here on my own two feet.

    Crowd pops.

    But because of the very same injury, I was on an enforced break, it was hell and the worst part was seeing you go through your own personal hell and not being able to have your back.

    So I guess what I am saying is....

    Pain took a breath.


    The crowd pops.

    But more importantly I want to say that, no no no, I want to promise that, from here on out, I got your back... brother.

    He held out his hand.

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  4. *Kid is seen backstage wiping tears away*
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  5. Aiden Ryan looks at the extended hand of Pain and reaches for the microphone instead.
    "Pain, Firstly I want to say that I have never held you responsible to look out for me but I thank you so much for doing so. It's unheard of to find friendship within this squared circle and I truly consider you to be a great pal of mine With everything that's happened it is comforting to know that I have a friend that will have my back through-out this incredibly hard situation.

    So many people have doubted me and have told me to stand up for myself, to prove myself. but we both know first hand what it is like to have the numbers stacked up against you. From those two masked men who attacked you at the elimination chamber to Parker And Vickie Guerrero who are constantly trying to break me down it can be extremely difficult to establish anything when it's a two on one environment.

    So with that being said, I give you my word also.

    No matter what the scenario may be, when you're in that ring I will be at ringside motivating, dominating, and proving to this entire division that Pain And Aiden Ryan are a duo to not be messed with. "

    Aiden Ryan drops the microphone and grips Pain's hand into a handshake.

    "Awww, Look everyone. It's a reunion of what the X Division looks like. A bunch of "I miss you, You were injured, I was helpless, Mercy me, BULLSHIT!"

    Parker Ryan enters onto the stage with the two masked men who attacked Pain at elimination chamber.

    "You know what, Harriet Vargas was right. How you do expect to be considered one of the toughest competitors here if all you do is allow yourself to be victimized by Myself And Vickie? All you've done for this company and posed for a magazine cover, Performed at mania, And showcased your amazing crocodile tears. You're pathetic, Aiden and what i've recalled from your career that you stole from me by the way."

    Aiden looks over at Pain and shakes his head at the ridiculous statements being made.
    "Oh, I stole it from him?" Aiden Mouths.

    "Oi! Miserella, Do you have something to say? Because I couldn't quite hear you over that depressing voice of yours."

    Aiden Laughs and picks the microphone up.

    "Do I have something to say?"

    The fans begin to wild up as Pain And Aiden shrug with a smirk

    "You claim that I stole your job, Well you know what if you put your trash talking technique into your wrestling performance then maybe you wouldn't be sat at home with a box of doughnuts eating your heart out like the big miserable bitch that you are."

    "Oh look at you, Sir superiority. You know what, Instead of talking all that smack why don't you come up here and do something about me sabotaging everything around you?"

    "I can do that."
    Aiden drops the microphone as Pain struggles to grab Aiden.


    Parker sprints down to the ring apron only to receive a baseball slide, both of Aiden's sneakers ramming into the jaw of Parker. He then slides out and begins to hammer solid fists to the face of Parker whilst the fans jump up and begin cheering on both of the twins.

    "Chill!, Chill!"
    The Masked Men and Pain rush to break up the fight

    "Let Them Fight!"
    "Let Them Fight!"
    "Let Them Fight!"

    The Arena becomes thunderous with chants as the men struggle to pull apart the twins.
    "Let go!"
    One of the masked men yell as Pain lifts Aiden Ryan up and takes him towards the steel steps.

    "You've gotta let me go! Just one more hit!"

    Aiden pleads with Pain as Parker is dragged away yelling in a bloody mess.
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  6. You'll have your chance, Aiden, you will have your chance!

    Pain pulls Aiden back into the ring as the masked men drag Parker away.

    Pain grabs the mic.

    If anyone in the back wants a piece of us, you know where we stand

    Pain drops the mic and Aiden's music starts to sound as Pain raises Aiden's hand. Making the crowd pop.
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  7. OOC: "Painden Ryan"? lol
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