Storyline The Return of Victoria Parker

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  1. Entering the confines of a mental rehabilitation center at an undisclosed location, IWT’s camera crew walks through the lobby and down the brightly lit hallways passed several white cloaked staff and other employees. Going to the end of the hallway to the room on the right, the camera crew enters a conference room with three medical staff already present and seated at the long oak table. The entire table is lined with chairs with white boards and other materials scattered throughout the room.

    A minute passes before they all rise and smile as Victoria Parker, the estranged and former two time IWT champion, enters the room. Wearing a white crocheted babydoll top, dark wash skinny jeans, and red high-top Converse, Victoria looks very well put together as she shakes all three gentlemen’s hands and takes a seat across the table from them. Her hair is cut into a short wavy bob with long bangs hanging effortlessly by her eyes, and is a considerably darker brown shade than it had ever been.

    “Well Victoria, I believe I’m speaking for the three of us when I say that we are incredibly pleased with the progress you have made here in the two months you’ve spent with us.” Victoria nodded and smiled pleasantly, still not saying a word. “It took incredible courage to turn yourself in like you did and admit to the crimes you committed. You could have served some considerable time for the crimes you committed against Aids’ family and the arson inside the insane asylum, but luck was on your side when you came here. With the immense progress and mental rehabilitation you have endured here, as well as the skills we are certain you’ve acquired during your time here, it is our pleasure to inform you that we are releasing you effective immediately. In addition, this means that you can go back to the IWT again.”

    Victoria looks at each doctor, her eyes wide with shock and pleasure as she reaches over to shake their hands again. “Are you serious? Thank you!” The doctors smile at her kindly as they shake her hand again, pleased with her reaction.

    “Now,” the doctor continues to say, “we will be keeping a very close eye on you. Any sign of a slip and we will make sure you are back here getting the help you need. This is a once in a lifetime second chance and it will be on you to make sure you maintain the rehabilitation you’ve obtained here. You will encounter many-“

    “With all due respect, Doc,” Victoria said, interrupting the doctor, “but I know exactly what I’m going to get when I get out of here.” Victoria leaned back effortlessly in her chair, looking at each one with intensity. “I’m walking right back into a career where nearly everyone despises me. My actions were selfish, driven by personal gain with no regard for any human life around me. I even put personal lives at risk and even injured a few along the way. There will be temptations everywhere to go back to the woman I was, and you’re afraid that my instincts will kick in and I’ll start to lash out again.”

    Victoria leaned forward in her chair, resting her arm on the desk as she placed her chin in her hand, looking at them intently. “But boys, I’m insulted! You’ve forgotten who you’re talking to. I’m Victoria Parker, and if anyone can survive in the cruel, harsh world of professional wrestling…well, it will most certainly be ME. This is just a new kind of adversity, and for once I’m looking to do the right thing. We all know that I need to go back and not only live my dream, but also to make right the wrongs that I’ve committed. I can’t do that locked away in this rehab center and I certainly can’t do it through video confessionals. It’s time to go back and I’m ready.”

    Taking her chin off of her hand, Victoria leaned back in her seat again and awaited the doctor’s response. The doctors all leaned in and spoke among themselves. As they departed, the doctor who had been referencing her the entire conversation spoke again. “You’ve made some valid points Victoria, and based on what you’ve said today we’re even more confident about your release. There should be a van waiting to pick you up outside the main doors, so go ahead and grab your things. You are free to go.”

    Victoria stood up quickly with glee, shook their hands again and quickly walked out the door. The camera crew follows as Victoria grabs her clothes and belongings, quickly shoves them into her duffel bag and walks past the camera crew without a second glance. Seeing the van outside the lobby, she waves to the folks in the lobby and pushes through the double doors. Taking a moment to enjoy the fresh air, she walks to the door of the van and opens it up, getting inside. “Here’s to new beginnings.” Victoria closes the door as the van takes off down the road.
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  2. Only read the title so far and my initial reaction was :yes:
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