The Return

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  1. Bryanson: I'm baaaaack! You all thought I left, huh? You all thought the nightmare was over, you all thought I was gone, huh? Well, here is the wake-up call all of you need. Daniel Bryanson is back, and I am better than ever! Now, I know I have never "officially," and I use that term loosely, debuted because I have never been booked. Well, the time for talk is over for Daniel Bryanson. Because, when I was on my vacation, I found something... I found myself. I found "the Joker" inside of me, and I am now ready to embrace my craziness. Because, I am the most demented, the most vile, the most EVIL creature that IWT has and will ever see. But, you see, that also makes me the most DANGEROUS and the most UNSTOPPABLE machine in IWT. So now, I am calling out ANY member of the IWT Roster who even remotely thinks they can touch me. I will be waiting...​

  2. Black Jesus: Overused Gimmick- check TNA theme song- Check Stupid name- Check.
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  3. Bryanson: Blah, blah, blah. I'm looking for some REAL competition, not some random jobber off the streets.
  4. Black Jesus: Describe real competition.
  5. Bryanson: Hm.. Let me see... Um... Not you? That's about right.
  6. Black Jesus: I didn't catch that, the 9000 other wrestlers who are using your gimmick started praying to me.
  7. Bryanson: Ha, very cute. I'm sorry that you aren't as good as me, I truly am, but the fact of the matter is this. Even IF you had the guts to face me, you're just not as good as me. So, you can have your silly little comebacks and your cute little "Jesus" gimmick. I'll just sit here and be BETTTER than you.
  8. Bitches need to fight. Black Jesus vs Thread Starter Jonathan set this shit up holmes.
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  9. Black Jesus: Your gimmick makes me want to call George Zimmerman to come and shot me, holy hell.​
  10. Less talking more fighting.
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  11. You know, I'm not quite sure if they're good enough.. :pity2::pity2:

  12. #FacebookPrelims, by the way I sent that letter back to the office. I couldn't find a pen to sign it doe.
  13. Bryanson: Call me whatever you want, I could care less. Because I think, no, I KNOW you're full of your own shit. Keep telling yourself you're better than me, because people have underestimated me before, and every single time, I prove them wrong.
  14. Black Jesus: :badass:
  15. Bryanson: You are REALLY annoying me. You know, I hope me and you get put into a match, just so I can figure out just what your blood smells, just how loud you scream, and JUST HOW MUCH YOU CAN TAKE, from Daniel Bryanson!
  16. #Anal
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  17. Oh god, lol.
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  18. Black Jesus: So you are also gay? Yesh, maybe I should of debuted
  19. Bryanson: Oh, so you have jokes, huh? I was talking about taking a beating, at the hands of Daniel Bryanson. You know, they say, if you play with fire, you get burnt... if you mess with Daniel Bryanson, YOU GET YOUR NECK BROKEN!
  20. Black Jesus: I am original, you are generic. That's all I got to say for now, go ahead book me in a match against this guy, Black Jesus doesn't care dawg. I just need to make sure everyone believes in my daddy and momma! Black Jesus popping mollys!