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  1. *Lucas Hacksaw walks out to a mixed reaction*
    *Lucas Hacksaw grabs the mic and heads to the ring, smiling*
    Hello everyone! If you don't know who I am, my name is Lucas Hacksaw and I am officially back. Now, I do have quite a lot of explaining to do. While I was absent from an injury, I started thinking over things. Before, I was a jerk to everyone and I am sorry. You may be wondering why, I don't even know myself. Maybe I banged my head a little on that holiday. Either way, I don't want to be that jerk. I don't want to be the person everyone hates. A lot of people want to be that person, a lot of people are born that person. Not me. I am not that person. If you still don't like me, fair enough. I can't always win you lot back with an apology. However I can say that I will continue to respect everyone in this arena tonight, everyone sitting at home and everyone in that locker room. Unless, of course, you pick a fight on me.

    *Crazy pop from the crowd*

    Now I have recently been told that I have a number one contenders match for the X division championship. Hopefully, this will be my chance to prove to everyone that I am not only back but I am better than ever. I would like to say good luck to my opponent. I have no plans in losing this match because all I want to do is become the champion. I have not yet become champion in this company so I am hungry for that title. I will do anything in that ring to win the opportunity for a championship match.
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  3. *Alias is chilling in his room when he decides to check Youtube for any updates*

    Well....what have we got here, hmmm? Luke Hacksaw? Pfft. Shaking my head uncontrollably at this company. SMHUATC. Tweet it.