Storyline The Return

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  1. The arena lights go black as an unfamiliar theme hits the arena sound system.(So Amazing by Kanye West) As soon as the lyrics hit, a dark figure walks out onto the ramp and a spotlight shines on a ladder in the center of the ring with a microphone placed on the top rung. The figure pulls the hood back from its head and it turns out to be none other than Marcus Anthony!

    *The crowd is sent into a frenzy after his time away*

    He takes his hoodie off and throws it in to the crowd and slowly makes his way to the ring. Upon his arrival, he walks up the ring steps and jumps over the ropes. He looks around the arena as the crowd is still unglued from his comeback and climbs the ladder in the ring and grabs the mic and sits on the top of the ladder and begins to address the crowd...

    Marcus: IWT....Darkness has come once again...
    *the fans are chanting ORDER! ORDER! At the top of their lungs*
    In case you have forgotten who I name is Marcus Anthony, leader of the greatest faction this company has ever seen...The Order of Night. In my time away I had to address certain things. Things that needed correcting. For one, my desire. The desire that burned hotter than the whitest of flames that no living creature can match. That fire that fueled the rage to eviscerate those who oppose the night. It wasn't to where it needed to be. I got comfortable. I felt like I couldn't be touched. Until my brother Trip and I lost our titles.

    *the arena fills with boos*

    I know, I know....I felt the same as you all do. Only the difference is now I know I'm destined for more. Destined to make The Order a much stronger unit. I'm destined to reach new heights....I'm destined to become...CHAMPION.

    The fans go ballistic and start to chant MARCUS ANTHONY! *clap..clap..clap clap clap*

    So IWT...darkness has come and it's time to * Marcus holds the mic in the air and the fans scream GIVE IN TO THE ORDER! He then drops the mic off the ladder and the camera fades to black*
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  2. GOAT face turn.
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  3. OOC: Are The Order faces?
  4. OOC: potentially, I have some plans in mind