The Return

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  1. A Video appears signaling the return of Anonymous.

    OOC: This return will begin at the next PPV. If you would like a match, shoot a promo at me on why, and the winner will be chosen :) Have a good day

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  2. Hoping you actually learn to bleep out the curse words correctly this time.
  3. LMFAO, yeah, still trying to figure that out lol.
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  5. It's on like donkey kong. I bring the Activity!
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  6. It's like you making love, you make it hot :ksi:
  7. lol I figure 50 posts a day = about 1,500 a month. Not too shabby, this is a good way to keep me interested
  8. Good stuff Danny.
  9. So, anyone want a match?
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    Artist walks out wearing his T-shirt. He makes it to mid-ramp, tilts his head back and spreads his arms wide as pyro shoots in various directions. He walks into the ring and grabs a mic.

    Artist: Anonymous, I know we've had a rocky past and history. I mean I am 1-0 at Mania thanks to you. Well that's not the point. You see you're a driving force in the IWT. Yet your being held down by Dat Kid...the man that drives himself on others misery. Join The New Generation (OOC: Stable) We will not only send people like you to the top but we'll topple the relics in the way.

    Artist looks around

    Artist: What'd you say? Yes? or No?

  11. *Watches in back*

    *Titantron hits*

    Artist, you bring up some valid points. Some of which I feel like kicking your ass for, right here, in this middle of this ring

    *changes tone* aren't wrong about two other things. I am a driving force here in IWT! I've been here since day 1! Where has that gotten me? No where! Why? DAT KID! DAT JOBBER! DAT EGOCENTRIC SON OF A BITCH! You know what, whatever it takes to rid this company of that fraud is fine by me.

    *extends hand*
  12. Artist reaches in and shakes his hands before raising it. After releasing his hand he hands him a "TNG" shirt.
  13. The "NEW" Generation.
  14. OOC: Now, let's find ourselves some matches
  15. OOC: Oh yeah.