Storyline The Revelation Behind 9/16/13

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    The titantron turns on and the numbers start to appear on the screen:​
    Commentator 1: It's finally time to figure out who and what was behind that strange vignette aired during Night of Champions!

    *The strange vignette airs once more*
    *As the vignette music fades a new song airs along with the first video*​
    *A man comes out dressed in street clothes,he has a beer bottle in one hand and a mic in the other. The cameras pan up to reveal the man is Suicide. Before Suicide makes his way to the ring he chugs the beer and throws the bottle on the stage,it shatters on impact. Suicide proceeds to make his way to the ring,he stops by the barricade and sees a pretty chick in the first row. He bends over the barricade,and, licks the chick on her cheek,she responds with a slap to the face,and,Suicide smiles*​
    "The males in the crowd have a mixed reaction of laughter and cheering"
    *Suicide enters the ring and sits criss cross in the center*
    Commentator 2: See,I told you all it was Suicide,I freaking knew it!
    Commentator 1: I don't think anybody gives a damn about you right now,let's just see what Suicide has to say.
    Suicide: "Y'all surprised to see me? Well,y'all should as my return was pretty unexpected. I'm kinda happy right now,I'm drunk and I have a live mic so I'm gonna go ahead and rant for a bit.I'm pretty much out here right now because Dat Kid(Big E Rection) screwed me over for the second time so I didn't really have the time to have a fancy build up before I returned. Allow me to break the fourth wall for a few moments as I explain what exactly Dat Kid did. The first time he screwed me over was when he got creative to book me to lose my Undisputed title match against Victoria. You all know I had that match won and it pained me that I was forced to just give up in the end so Dat Kid could set up a storyline that basically led up to him getting the title. Thank god that never fully went through,right? That first time is what led me to leaving IWT as I was sick of being the victim of horrible booking and I was sick of seeing all the backstage politics. The second time he screwed me over was just recently as a matter of fact. Me and him made up a couple weeks ago and hatched a big angle for my return that was supposed to take place a little while back,whenever it's about time to execute it what does he do? He quit because things got a little too rough,booo hooo,right? It's whatever I guess though. You wanna know who else who was involved in that big angle? Their names are Danielson(Danielson) and Britanica(Britanica)." "The crowd responds with a harsh negative reaction."
    Suicide: "Yup,they quit too which quite frankly I'm glad of. I'm glad they left because truthfully I didn't want to associate myself with a jobber like Danielson. He claims he's done soooo much to help this company but all he ever did was lay down on his back and eat pins in the midcard division. Speaking of laying on their backs,I'm glad I never put my dick inside that whore Briticana. It pleases me to say that I'm free of any STDs,had I slept with her I don't think I'd be able to say that. Moving on,do y'all remember when I debuted here in IWT? It was against the X-Division Champion at that time and it was proclaimed as one of the greatest matches of the year which I prevailed in. He goes by Farooq(Farooq DatAss) and he's another person that recently left. He claims he's moved onto Hollywood and became a "movie star". Well boy do I have a story for you. I was on them things called dirtsheets the other day when I came by a pretty juicy story involving him. It said that he was seen going to multiple movie sets these past few weeks,but, they weren't sets for any big movies such as Fast Seven or The Avengers Two,no no no no no no. They were sets for male eroticas! That's right,Farooq sure is a movie star now. He's already shot three gay pornos in the last month! Congrats Farooq,you finally became big! *Suicide smirks*"​
    "The crowd bursts out in laughter"
    Suicide: "Enough of those hasbeens,on to the real matter. The matter of why I am here. You know,I honestly don't why I'm here. Maybe I oughta cash in my rematch clause and make Aids my bitch. "The crowd starts a loud "DO IT!" chant." Maybe I oughta use backstage politics to become the new IWT Commissioner. Maybe I oughta try to take down The Cure myself. Maybe I oughta be the third guy to try his hand at calling out that "mysterious" dude who comes out to Iron Maiden and cuts himself at night. Hell,maybe I oughta go in the back and satisfy Victoria the way Dat Kid never could. *Suicide pauses,and, grins* "The crowd starts a massive "YES!" chant." I honestly don't even know what I should do,but, the important part is that I'm here,right? So,Jonathan, book me however you want,I don't care. Just make sure you don't try to screw me over aswell because I can be your greatest asset. "The crowd gives off a huge pop for Suicide.""
    *Suicide drops the mic,stands up,and, looks around at the crowd smirking*

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  2. The lights flicker for a minute, before the titantron hits and a shot of pyro shoot.

    Aids Johnson walks out, to a crowd mixed in boos and cheers. Aids stops at the top of the ramp, holding up his IWT title, before walking down into the ring, grabbing a 2nd mic from ringside.

    Now here is someone i can get along with. *Aids grabs a beer out of each pocket, handing one to Suicide* But i have to ask, who are you? I dont remember you outside of your no-show title victory, handed to you by Dat Kid himself, and then a big loss to a woman who just couldnt handle the Johnson of AIDS. *crowd laughs* I think you need to get your story straight, you'd be competitor #6 to suggest to the public that you could single handedly take out the cure. We all know that, just isnt true. *As aids finishes the statement, the members of the cure come out and surround ringside, causing Suicide to move evasively, staying towards the center of the ring, as Aids circles around him.

    This isn't Jonathan's company, you dont ask him how he books you. I am gracing you with my presence, and in MY IWT, I am in control. You are going to face Nick for the #1 contender for the IC title. He was bested in the Title tourney, but he deserves a chance in a..lesser...title scene where he can still shine. As for you? Your chance to reprove yourself. Dont even bother with what Jono says, this is My company now.

    *Aids cheer's the beer with Shadow, forcing the beers to meet before pouring the alcohol down his throat. He stares at Suicide, laughing as he backs out of the ring, crowding the walkway on the way our alongside the rest of The Cure members.
  3. *Suicide tosses the beer Aids gave him,and,sobers up a little before speaking once more*​
    Suicide: "Leaving so soon? You come out here with a title you won easier than I did and you think you run this joint? No,no,no,no,no,no. You don't waltz out here with your lackys and try to intimidate me with them,and, you certainly don't put me in a match when you don't have that kind of power. Also,what's this nonsense that I can't take out The Cure? I'm different from all the others that have tried to take y'all down before for I am the one who co-founded The Cure. I left y'all because I realized that you guys aren't any type of Cure. I mean you lead The Cure right now and your named after a type of STD,that certainly doesn't sound like any Cure I'd want to take part of. Y'all aren't The Cure,y'all are the sickkness and it shows.​
    I mean,two of the members got stripped of their tag titles because they no showed,the other one beat the company's jobber,and, you Aids? You weaseled your way out of another match. What a dominant stable you run,congratulations.​
    Regardless,I didn't return to face cowardice people like you and your lackys and I sure as hell didn't return to be in the midcard division. I returned for one thing and one thing only and that's to remind everyone who's in charge. You Aids,you are not in charge around here. Dat Kid was never in charge around here. Jonathan is and it's about time you,your little group,and, everyone else in the back who think they're rebels realize that."​
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