Storyline The Rise of Dirk

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  1. Death. Disease. Dishonesty. Despair.

    No more
    Now there is Dirk

    Dirk spins around to face the camera as it cuts to him

    Have no fear IWT - Dirk Turdis is here! *flexes*

    I come to this barren wasteland of a company to inject life and restore hope. Hope that was lost long ago here in IWT. I stand for truthiness, justicity, and the all around good way of doing things. Wholesome as apple pie and tough as your mother's day old over-cooked steak. Oh I almost forgot, just a sec....

    *Dirk breaks out an industrial sized bottle of multi-vitamins and proceeds to pour them right down his gullet. After a few seconds he tosses the giant bottle away and the pills scatter everywhere*

    I always take my vitamins too!
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    *Dirk stands tall with his hands on his hips*

    In the honor of all those that came before me and stood for what is right, I am standing up for the injustice that have plagued the IWT. Dirty matches, outcomes rigged, helpless people beaten bloody - no more! Just as a gentlemen would lay down his coat in a puddle or hold open a door for his woman I shall knock down these roughians and let my lady - IWT- walk tall right over them. I will be the one too hold open the door to a brighter future in IWT. I may be new to this business but I have seen enough to make my blood boil. And now it's finally time to be there when I am needed most. Hit my music maestro!

    *Dirk holds up a hand like is flying away as he bounds off camera*

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  2. You missed "diabetes" at the start of this.
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  3. Damn it


  4. Thunder and Lighting begins blasting over the PA system. Accompanied with flickering strobe lights. After around 25 seconds, Michael walks out to a pop. He walks down and grabs himself a chair. Placing it in the center of the nearly empty arena.

    Michael: I'm here...back to this death trap. I heard the IWT didn't have the funds to run Summer Slam? Now they're paying my right-hand man, and best friend a massive paycheck to be Hulk f'n Hogan? Who ever runs this company might aswell be a drunk, half-baked Wisconsinite. Speaking of being drunk, Dirk, you're taking your damn vitamins now, but do you remember when you drank your problems to oblivion like the rest of the Caucasian middle class? Before hoping into your car, and wrecking it? Then who saved I saved your life, and I rebuilt you. The Influence was more than just a tag team, we had a purpose. A purpose you strayed away from, when I left. You're now Hulk Hogan III and you left your hellish ways, in turn for comedy to tickle the fancies of the maximum 3 children watching this indy show? Get a grip, Dirk. Join me...let's build the IWT with our faces on the new Mt. Rushmore of the IWT. Down with the ones who left this place to die, and up with the ones who've stuck by. Listen to me Dirk... Let's reunite The Influence.

    Michael gently puts the microphone down.
  5. Preface (open)
    This is technically a new full on face guy @Tsar . Sorry I didn't really state that in the OP. We could have a match? I got a long weekend.

    *Titantron turns on with Dirk front and center*

    You dare use the name of the immortal one!? I dare not speak it for am I unworthy. You should refrain from using it as well lest he takes offense and unleashes the pythons of legend and quotes the holy scripture - "what'cha gonna do?". *Trip pauses for a moment and bows his head slightly in respect* To compare one such as I to he is quite flattering, but I am but a flea compared to his greatness. Perhaps some day.....

    Now you speak as if you know me stranger. And my mother taught me to never talk to strangers. And I do not drink. Where have you heard such outrageous stories? Alcohol has never touched these lips nor has my sharp mind ever felt it's effects. And furthermore I would never drive under the influence of alcohol! That is against the law sir! You think I would join you when these are the references you make? I'm sorry sir, but Dirk teams with no man. I am a lone crusader for good and common decency in a world gone mad with corruption and ill will. I should come out there and show you what a real man can do in the ring!​
  6. Michael: Dirk, you fight me...if I win, you'll be forced to drink liquor!
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  7. Dirk: A wager! HAHA YES! But what shall you wager stranger? Ah ha! An oath to right wrongs for the good of man whenever you see the chance! Name your time and place for this challenge for I have nothing to fear from the likes of you.

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    How about tomorrow? :heyman2: Could just post the thread tonight even. Who cares how long it takes. Viva la revitalization!
  8. *Micheal shirks from the challenge*

    Dirk: HA! I knew it. I was excited to prove to the IWT that am I what I say - a crusader for true good - but it seems I shall have to wait for another day. Dastardly douchebags of the IWT look out - Dirk Turdis is here to make you pout!

    *Dirk raises his hand and acts like he flies off camera again*
  9. OOC: I mark for Dirk Turdis.
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