The Rock In Next Year's Rumble Match

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  1. If availability isn't an issue, does anyone think it would be awesome for The Rock to enter next year's Royal Rumble match?

    We all know that no matter what his schedule is, Rock will be at Wrestlemania XXX. WWE will throw whatever money they can to acquire him for their 30th anniversary WM and Rock is already known as "the hardest working man in Hollywood" so he'll somehow find a way to make it work.

    Firstly, he can return to Raw during the build to Wrestlemania and say that last year he promised to win the WWE Championship once more at the 2013 Rumble, and he made good on that promise. One year later, he now vows to win the Royal Rumble match itself one more time and then go on to reclaim the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania or maybe even the World Heavyweight Championship (would be nice for him to tease going after the Big Gold Belt, although he technically already buried that title as being second rate to him when he ignored mentioning it the night after Wrestlemania 28 when he said he wanted to be world champion again.)

    Secondly, it would be a good way to build towards an angle with someone for Wrestlemania. Since Rock/Lesnar is practically set in stone for WM30 should Rock choose to wrestle again, I'll use that as an example. Say that after Rock announces his entry into the Rumble, there is a spontaneous confrontation between Rock and Paul Heyman at some point. I don't know what would instigate this face off, maybe just Heyman interrupting and spouting his mouth off for no reason, but if it ends with The Rock giving Heyman the Rock Bottom, then the seeds have already been planted for Rock/Brock since Lesnar has always acted as a huge protector of Heyman. (His feud with Punk is centered around Heyman and his two rematches with HHH began with Vince attempting to fire Heyman.)

    The way to further the build to Wrestlemania is to have Lesnar then cost Rock the Rumble match. The Rock comes in and starts cleaning house by tossing a couple of people over the top rope, punching and stomping and hitting the Rock Bottom on a few people and even giving someone the delicacy of being hit with the People's Elbow. Perhaps he comes in late so he can make it to the final four without being out there too long. Then, in runs Lesnar all of a sudden and he hits an F-5 on Rock, which allows someone else to toss Rock over the top much to the surprise of everyone. (It'd be just like Goldberg exactly ten years before.) This sets up the Rock/Lesnar feud well, which makes sense since they'd probably want to promote a big match like this as much in advance as possible. It also allows someone, a heel obviously, the bragging rights of saying they eliminated The Rock from the Rumble. It'd also be fitting if one of the people Rock tossed out was Curtis Axel given the Heyman involvement here, though perhaps you could argue it'd be fitting if Axel tossed out Rock instead (though Rock wouldn't be making it to the final four in that case, cause no way is Axel gonna still be there that close to the end of the match.)

    Lastly, Rock's involvement in the Rumble match would add extra buys to the PPV on top of making the Rumble match a bit more special by knowing The Rock could come in at any moment.
  2. I would kill myself (not really)
  3. not unless they let him win, or screw him over for a wm feud. Dude is past it, and his last deal was horrible, honestly.

    Id rather they bring rock back for next years summerslam, at least that would have a shorter build/better take. I honestly want part timer vs part timer though, no reason to screw over another match for someone who wont be there for more than 2 months.
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  4. Honestly I'm pretty happy Rock isn't around, I'll just hold on to the small hopes I have of him not coming back. But I really don't want to see Rock/Lesnar.
  5. I would not be surprised if it's Rock/Cena 3 and now before everyone crucifies me, here's why I think it'll be that match again. 30th Anniversary and Cena and Rock just coincidentally happen to be one and one with each other at Mania. I doubt, no I HIGHLY doubt that they will let one of the most hyped rivalries of all time go unsolved on who can really beat who, there needs to be a clear winner between the two and Wrestlemania is the only place I see that match happening.

    Lesnar vs Rock is a nice thing to do, but is it more of a main event than Cena vs Rock? On top of that both of those guys are part timers, which would make it extremely difficult to sell that rivalry when neither of them show up.

    Now to the topic. Rock winning Royal Rumble imo would be overkill, just like Cena winning the Rumble was overkill. I would much rather see a #1 Contender's Match between Rock & Lesnar. That way we get the match we all want and some young deserving talent can get over by winning the Royal Rumble and go for the WHC.
  6. Rock wont be in the Rumble he will be filming a movie
  7. Would rather Rock not be at WM 30 if he is i want SCSA to come back and deliver one last stunner to The Rock screwing him over.

    As for the RR wouldnt surprise me as the guest entrants have seemed a bit thin on the ground and lame last couple of years.
  8. Don't get why people want part-timer v part-timer. WWE should use guys like Rock, Lesnar etc to put over younger guys.
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  9. It'd be so awesome to see DB/Lesnar at WM 30.
  10. I'm in the middle with this, I don't really want to see The Rock return and come back for a title or do anything and then just leave abruptly. But on the other hand, he might have a feud with Lesnar or Taker which would be cool to see which of them wins. Or he might not even come back. Either way, I don't care too much.
  11. I'm just as happy to not have the Rock back in a match. He can be like Stone Cold and come back here-and-there, just to come in and Rock Bottom somebody, then disappear again for 3 - 12 months.

    I'm still not happy with the decision to have him go over a full time main eventer (especially one who's been built as a legitimate champ and had just carried the title for the longest period in over a quarter of a century...the fans were robbed of what should have been the victory of John Cena over CM Punk for the WWE Championship), just to drop the title back to Cena two months later. I don't hink it was a well-built or well-executed match, and both the build and execution were lacking on Rock's part, not Cena's, who improved leaps and bounds between WM 28 and WM 29. The only problem with his part in the match/feud/build was that he just didn't look excited to wrestle the Rock like he had the year before.

    So, to recap: no Rock in the Rumble, no Rock-Lesnar, no Rock-Cena 3. Putting the Rock in the ring doesn't build anybody, not even when he puts somebody over.

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  12. I've missed you.
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  13. I only wanted him to wrestler against The Undertaker. Brock would fuckin injury him and holywood already bitch at him for getting injury to cena. Undertaker would not try hurt him like brock would do he fuckin fighter. Undertaker more of professal! I WISH PEOPLE WOULD FUCKIN UNDERSTAND THIS!

  14. I'm absolutely convinced that Rock/Lesnar would be bigger than a third Cena/Rock match and probably even the second one. Cena/Rock and HHH/Brock rematches on the same card (the latter did very well buy rate wise for Summerslam) didn't even do the 1.3 million buy rate that WWE hoped it would this year, so I'm feeling they'll go a different route for the big 30th anniversary of the event in regards to who Cena and The Rock wrestle. I don't care for Rock/Lesnar either but I'm being objective, it's been rumored and it's an obvious cash cow for a Wrestlemania, not to mention WWE has already foreshadowed it with Lesnar staring down the Rumble poster with The Rock's picture on it when he and Heyman paid a visit to WWE Headquarters. I know it's hard to believe that WWE won't have the rubber match for the feud but Cena defeating The Rock once already proves he can defeat him again in any other rematch. There's really nothing left to prove for Cena as far as going against The Great One.
  15. I think WWE will give him another title reign... I don't really like the idea of giving a part timer the most prestigous belt in he company, but it's The ROCK! It's an international star! But at least in my opinion it's just boring to watch Rocky as the WWE champ...
  16. Anytime you have a grounds for a rubber match there is always something to prove. Now this is going to sound terrible and I'm going to have nightmares about it, but Rock/Cena is the modern day Rock/Austin. I feel like last year's match didn't up the ante on the rivalry, in fact a lot of the matches on the WM29 card had lackluster build. You take that and compare it to the powerhouse card of WM28 and it makes perfect sense as to why there wasn't so many buys. I mean how do you go from Taker facing HHH in a Cell to him just fighting Punk in a regular old match. A lot of Rock/Cena was just and awful rehashing of 28.

    Now I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen again being that the writing has made a dramatic improvement since then imo. I mean looking at it from a booking perspective, Rock vs Cena 3, The match to determine who the better man really is without any doubt. Then on the other hand you have Rock vs Lesnar, which has absolutely no build around it. There is no premise for that fight to happen. There's no recent history or connections with characters (like Heyman with Punk for SS). If that match were to happen it would have to be built from the ground up with two people with very limited appearance dates in a short amount of time. The only thing that match really would have is just big names imo I'd rather have both names on the card against people who they have a story built around, rather than two people on the card who are going to have a terrible match because both of these guys have ring rust.

    At least with Cena and Rock there is a recent storyline that people can come off of and jump right back into this feud, so that it can be escalated to the next level, the peaking point of the feud. If Cena were to fight someone else at mania who would it be? Punk would need to turn again, Bryan probably wouldnt get picked, and Taker would just be terrible as far as where it would leave storylines and character development no matter who won the match.

    Cena/Rock 3 would just make more sense and having Rock face Lesnar in a #1 Contender's match would still allow that match to happen, drawing in some people that would carry over through to the WM season
  17. Only if he loses - and somewhere along the line, jobs to Roman Reigns (imagine that feud).

  18. I don't think you can blame WM29's lower buy rate on having a lesser card since WM28 didn't have a powerful card overall either. The 5-6 week build itself probably had little to do with WM28's success considering Rock was getting an average of a 3.1 rating last year when he returned and Raw's ratings as a whole weren't that great for a Wrestlemania build, but the show still ended up doing the best buy rate ever. It shows people had already bought into the hype for "Once In A Lifetime" (it is the most hyped up match in history, after all) and thus they were just ready to see the match. Point is, it shows that no matter what new spin they put on Rock/Cena III, you can't avoid the extremely obvious outcome and thus people likely won't end up caring much about it. The buy rate for a PPV is typically credited to the top 2-3 matches or usually just the headline match (definitely Rock/Cena in the case of WM28.) So if they wanted WM29 to score the highest buy rate ever and it only ended up becoming like the #7 highest WM buy rate ever (would be even lower than that if they counted international buys for WM 1-19 but they didn't), then it's safe to say they should want to shake things up and try something new for next year.

    Rock/Lesnar makes sense because it's a fresh match that would garner a lot of mainstream publicity and would also make more sense for Rock's retirement (he's almost certainly hanging the boots up after next year) than losing to Cena for a second time. You could jump start the feud in a couple of ways; One way is to go with the scenario I mentioned in the OP. You could build from there. Another way is to simply have Rock come back on the show and announce to the world that he's ready for one more match and then Heyman interrupts and ends up taking a Rock Bottom for some reason. Since Brock has always come to Heyman's aid and protection in scenarios like this, this could easily plant the seeds for a rivalry.

    There's also the back drop of Lesnar being the biggest name that Rock has never defeated (except for Goldberg, but Brock is more relevant to WWE than Goldberg.) He defeated The Rock for the belt back in 2002 during his rookie year. This could all be brought up as a way to sell Lesnar as a threat, and to also make it so that Rock defeating Lesnar is him accomplishing one last accolade before signing off for good.

    The scheduling shouldn't be a real issue either. They would only be required to both be on the same show maybe twice or three times at the very most. Just build the way you did their first match, by not really having them physically interact with one another until the PPV, just show videos of why they're the best and superior to the other and hype the match similar to Taker/HHH at WM27 by having other superstars talk about who they think is gonna win.