The Rock Or CM Punk - Who Do You Want To Win?

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  1. Not just who you think will win, but who you want to win.

    For me, both objectively and personally, I want The Rock to win.

    For those saying Punk deserves to beat the Rock and that him losing his long title reign to a 'part-timer' in what will only be his third match in almost a decade is disappointing, they don't realize that Punk might not (and to me, almost certainly wouldn't be) champion still if not for the Rumble match with the Rock set in stone several months ago. Does anyone think Punk would have survived HIAC with the belt if it wasn't for his upcoming match with the Rock? That was really the only thing stopping WWE from putting the belt on Ryback. (And they didn't like the idea of Ryback winning it and losing it back soon after, and it would take some luster from Rock/Punk if Punk couldn't brag about his long title reign.) He might have even lost it to Cena in the summer and might not have even turned heel in the first place. There's also no one else (other than Undertaker at Wrestlemania) that could plausibly beat Punk that Punk hasn't already run through (yes, that includes Daniel Bryan.) And I'd rather have Rock win it than Taker win it, as would probably everyone else. Punk beating Rock only to lose it to him at Elimination Chamber is also retarded, Vince Russo-like booking.

    Considering that, I think putting the belt on Rock is the perfect way to start the 'Road To Wrestlemania', with Punk's record breaking reign ending and Rock winning the belt for the first time in over a decade happening at the same exact time. Rock being champ also attracts more attention business-wise than Punk retaining.
  2. Dwayne The "BRAHMA BULL" Rock Johnson.
  3. Personally, Punk. Doesn't matter which way it is put, I just dislike the idea of a part timer holding the belt, so I guess him retaining until WM and then dropping it to Cena in a Triple Threat is a better idea. But if Rock wins, well, alright then, I won't rage that much. Although I'd really dislike it.
  4. The Rock. CM Punk has been stale for months now, I don't want to hear more promos about "respect"/bitw"/whatever many days. I don't care if The Rock is a part timer, I'll mark when he wins the title.
    Also, when Rock is on TV, entertainment is pretty much guaranteed. Punk's had his run, time to move on.
  5. CM Punk all the way , I mean the guy keeps the title for like 420 days and a guy who wrestles one match a year just comes and takes the title .Don't get me wrong i know all of this is planned for the Twice in a lifetime match at WM but it's just doesn't feel right even if it is THE ROCK :sad:
  6. I don't see how him losing to Rock is so bad. The way I see it, it would say a lot about Punk's reign. No one could beat him except for one of best ever, no shame in losing to (arguably) the GOAT.
    Better than losing to some boring, uncharasmatic newbie like Ryback or something
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  7. THAT ^^
  8. It's not really because he's ending Punk's reign, I just really dislike the idea of Rock holding the belt in 2013. Various reasons. First, the fact that he wrestles once a year and wins the belt. The richest prize of the federation is held by a guy who shows up when he doesn't have a movie to shoot. I don't like that. Second, it's simply admitting that the company that WWE is nowadays doesn't even compare to what it was years before, since a guy who was a big main eventer, a star, 10 years ago, comes back and takes the title from the best (kayfabe-wise) today. Even though most people do think the WWE was better before, doesn't mean they have to "admit" it like that by giving the belt to Rock. I know that's not how they think, and it's pretty much Vince swimming in his pool of money and fapping over how Rock will get him even more money, but still.
  9. Cm Punk. On pure principle.

    The "Brahma Bull" comes here after a load of time and shit movies and acts like the big star he wants to be and wants everything (including the title) handed to him.
    Punk however has wrestled 24/7 and doing a pretty good job, it would be stupid to have Rocky come from Hollywood to get the title just like that.
  10. Shit movies, wants to be big star = One of the best paid male actors in Hollywood (in the top five)
  11. You're saying he's a good actor? :pity:
  12. It depends entirely in which direction they would take Rock for Wrestlemania. If it's to have another feud with Cena so Cena gets his revenge then I want Punk to win. If they book Rock decently and not with Cena then I wouldn't mind Rock taking it.
  13. He's not a great actor but he isn't bad either.
  14. Well, no. I've seen worse.

    Anyway, I'm just saying Rock's a shadow of his former self and he thinks he doesn't have to prove anything anymore.
  15. Rock wasn't a shadow of his former self with Punk on Raw or Sandow/Rhodes on Smackdown. He seemed like his old self.

    My only disappointment is that it's all just leading to jobbing to Cena and giving him the title at Mania (though didn't Rock say the main event wouldn't be what we thought it would be?), when it would really be a perfect chance to build a new star. If there was a newer star who had caught fire, then winning the Rumble and defeating the Rock for the WWE Title would be a great way to officially mush them to the main event level, but there is no one in that position right now. Ryback is the closet to the next star, and he's going nowhere at the moment (and Rock/Ryback would be horrible.)
  16. As a mark, I'd say Punk. I'd like to see Punk retain at RR, retain at EC, retain against the Undertaker at WM (ending the streak), and then go on to retain cleanly against Cena for the rest of Cena's career. Objectively, though, dropping it to the Rock is only thing that makes sense. Even though he's a part timer, he's still a legend. It'll add prestige to a long reign and make sure people remember it - at least in the short term.
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  17. I once said I didn't want a part timer winning the title. However, after Monday night, Rocky changed my mind. He had me marking out huge! So if he wins, that ensures more TV time, thus I want the Rock to win.
  18. ^^ This, with the exception of ending Takers streak.
  19. The Rock. CM Punk has been very stale for months hence adding Paul Haymen however he's still a vanilla midget. Your new WWE Champion, The Rock.

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