The Roray James theory.

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    -Roray James slowly makes his way down from the entrance ramp. He's wearing a business suit, glasses, a fancy watch and his hair slicked back with a lot of gel. He walks to the ring with one arm tucked behind his back, showing class as he steps up on the stairs slowly and looks around the arena and makes a face of disgust as he notices the boos he's receiving. He asks the announcer for a microphone as he begins to speak with the microphone up to his mouth.-

    Roray: Hello to all of you wonderful people, it is I, Roray James.. the savior of professional wrestling here to deliver you with some more words of wisdom. But first I'd like come straight forward with a complaint of mine to the wonderful board of directors here in IWT. What in the world are you thinking putting on such a disgraceful show for your pay-per-view, "Extreme Rules." The only thing extreme about this pay-per-view is I, myself do not have a match up against some buffoon you throw towards my way. I was the brightest free agent in all of the land, and here I am finally in IWT with no one to challenge. But nonetheless, I shall build my way to the top and hold my place there as I always do.

    -The crowd boos him for his arrogance.-

    Roray: How dare you all boo me? I am here to help all of you reach the light and become something beyond your idiotic selfs. I have prospered myself as an upper class civilian. A graduate of Hartford in psychology, A mat technician and an overall great, valuable human personality. Here for your enjoyment to relax and to be entertained with my ways of the world they call professional wrestling. If anyone here disagrees, speak now or forever hold your peace.
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  2. ( :yay: An intelligent heel, now I have someone legit to feud with :boss: )

    Farooq watches from one of the monitors backstage. "Hmm for someone so smart, he seems so ignorant. He reminds me of Muhammad Elijah...well it shall be an interesting addition to this company I suppose." He said to himself.