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    Dat Kid walks out to the ring, with mic in hand.

    Commentator 1: There he is folks, the head honcho of D-Generation X, Dat Kid. He's coming off a huge victory in the 1st ever IWT Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match. His team stood tall against Team Jonathan and now he has regained employment here in the IWT.

    Commentator 2: That was a fluke! The other team just felt sorry for poor old unemployed Dat Kid and Danny, they let them win. Do you honestly believe that Team Jonathan could be beaten by that group of miscreants.

    Commentator 1: I know what I saw last night and that's exactly what happened.

    Are you ready? *crowd pops* I said ARE YOU READY?! *bigger pop* For the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching around the world, and for the all you can eat buffet that'll go out of business when Jonanigga shows up. LLLLLLLLLLets get ready to suck iiiiiiiiit! *camera cuts to sign has Jonathan's mouth wide open*

    We are back and damn does it feel good to be home. Not much has changed I have to say. Aids is still in the title picture. Cure, or what's left of the Cure, is flopping. Adam Aries is still changing gimmicks. Victoria Parker is a crazy bitch. Jonathan's fat. DK James still can't get a one on one title shot. Gav the Chav still has crabs. Senhor's still comes down to the ring in an iron lung. CM Punk is still so far up Jonathan's ass that if he goes any further he might find the Based God Darth that Jono ate. The only thing that's new around here, is that big titty bimbo that's seen the Da Vinci Code one too many times.

    It makes me think, why did I even come back here. I mean, essentially it's the same old shit. There's nothing in this business I have not done. I was tag champ, upper midcard champ, and world champ. I've defeated the who's who of the roster, I've won the traditional survivor series tag match. Hell, I have the highest win/loss record at mania with 2-0. I've been at the bottom of the ladder, getting my ass handed to me by Baraa and I've been at the top of the ladder, calling the shots. I've even worked in the production truck!

    My point being is this, there isn't a damn thing in this business I have NOT done. So after Survivor Series, I'm in my hotel room, and I'm asking myself "Why did I come back?" Then it hit me. There is one thing I have not done.

    *Dat Kid looks over at the Wrestlemania sign*

    I have never headlined Wrestlemania.

    January 26th, 2014! 30 men will enter this ring and they will claw and scratch there way to the top of the totem pole. Career paths will be set in this one match, where one man will ascend to the top and 29 others will LEAVE BEHIND NOTHING! In a match where no team matters, no rivalries matter, where your friends are your enemies, and your enemies could become your greatest of friends! I'm talking about….The Royal Rumble….

    This year, I will enter the Royal Rumble and it doesn't matter if I'm #1 or #30, when all 29 other men get their asses handed to them in such a spectacular fashion that only yours truly can bring, there will be one man in the center of the ring with his hand pointed straight at the sign for Wrestlemania and his name is Dat Kid! I am officially declaring my entry into the Royal Rumble match!
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  2. ooc lol everything? Bro :pity2:
  3. Not following you
  4. Adam Aries? He died bro.
  5. Check the date of the promo. This is old
  6. It makes me think, why did I even come back here. I mean, essentially it's the same old shit. There's nothing in this business I have not done.
  7. Was still dead then
  8. Pretty sure he was alive. DX still existed
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