Storyline The Royalist of Rumbles

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  1. Michael jumps out, beating his heads to the music. The camera runs up to his face, as he screams "salvation!" he continues to strut down to the ring. He fixes his suit, tidys his hair, and wipes his feet on the ring apron. He steps in and looks around. He takes a deep breath and smiles. He takes the "IWT" logo off from the microphone and begins to talk, with a cocky grin on his face.

    Michael: This is my empire! I am your emperor! You are my subjects! I am Royalty! The man that was never given a shot, and was always the bottom of the barrel. Is now the man; is now the ruler; the emperor! I've recently been putting together our first show of 2016, and while we have many matches confirmed, we still have a few that are not. One thing that will return, is the Royal Rumble! A 30 man, over the top rope,, battle royal to determine the #1 contender to either Victoria Parker or Aids Johnson - IF they make it to IWTMania as Champion. It can be anyone from Based God Darth, Incognito to former champion, FTJ or Gato Volar. It can be anyone, and that's the beauty. So I'd like to bring out some of the competitors that want to grab that br- golden ring, set by yours truly...But let's set the tone. Get a sumbitch out here and bring out the official poster! And hit the damn theme!

    A staff member runs down with the poster, places it into the ring and runs off, as "Us against the world" by Clement Marfo blares in the background.


    Michael: Alright! I'm gonna call out some of the Rumblers, and allow them to speak their mind. Free of censor, free of restriction!
    @Prince Bálor
    @Randy Savage
    @Gav the Champ!
    @Senhor Perfect
    @The ReagMaster

  2. ***As the thumping heartbeats to "Catch Your Breath" play through the PA System, the arena fades to black.***

    ***At the 1:01 mark, out comes Prince Bálor with his demon paint. He's greeted with boos.
    At the 1:23 mark, Prince Bálor throws up his arms in the air, as the lights shine upon the X-Division Championship!
    The spotlight's on Bálor as he's shown standing at the top of the ramp.
    He waits for the negative reaction to subside before he starts to speak...***

    Wait, wait, wait!
    That's not how it's done, Big Mike.

    ***Starts walking towards the ring.***
    You don't call out the next Royal Rumble winner and very soon to be new IWT Champion just like that.
    You have to announce me properly.
    Perhaps, I should kick your ass, just like I'm gonna do to everyone else at the Royal Rumble and smile for it.

    Because, you know, hurting people makes me happy.

    ***Bálor enters the ring, and Michael is visibly shaken.***
    I have a message to deliver to my adversaries and it'll be very clear.
    At the Royal Rumble, you will not be fighting a man, you will be fighting a demon!
    I will eliminate and eviscerate every single one of you.
    Nothing will stop me from becoming the IWT Champion, while also holding the X-Division Championship.
    Now, as for Victoria Parker or Aids Johnson, I don't care who is the champion come Mania time.
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  3. *Gato walks out to the top of the ramp smirking at the sight of Bálor. He walks to the ring brushing away fans reaching out for him. Finally upon arriving to the ring he grabs a mic left on the stairs and addresses the IWT*

    Mi nombre es Gato Volar

    For my incompetent American fans in name is Gato Volar. It does not matter to me who I face at all for I fear no man or woman on this earth. Whether it be that brúja Victoria Parker or that perro Aids Johnson. Onto you *pointing at Bálor* my painted claim to be a demon, yes? We have a saying to describe people like you...La mona aunque se vista de seda, mona se queda...

    It means although a monkey dresses in silk, it's still a monkey. You're just a man wishing to be something he can not be.
    Eres sólo hombre que desean ser algo que de puede ser
    Those mind games and teatrales may work on those with weaker minds around here. I am a different caliber of competition than you may be used to.

    Yo soy la revolución, yo soy el futuro, y voy a ganar el rumble!

    *he says loudly while pounding his chest*
    I am the revolution, I am the future and I will win the rumble!

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  4. The arena lights up red as flames spew from the top of the ramp, however afterwards a video plays with Spawn stood in a dark room.

    "You can talk to me about beating 29 other men. You can talk to me about throwing 29 other people out of the ring. You can talk to me about winning the rumble.
    But none of you will be able to prove it.
    At this royal rumble you will not be competing for a shot at the IWT Title, you will be fighting for your lives.

    I am joining the Royal Rumble match. Not for title shots, not for the fans and not to promote a new shirt.
    I have simply joined this rumble, to inflict pain and agony on you all.

    I look forward to meeting you all. I look forward to breaking you.
    Royal Rumble, is going to be hell."

    And with that the arena returned to it's normal color, as Spawn's threat faded out
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  5. The lights glitch immediately after Spawn's video stops playing. The Zero Sovreignty walks from behind the curtain one by one until all seven are lining the stage.

    It's amusing that you want to focus on the Royal Rumble, when something much more historic will happen this Sunday. Micheal, this Sunday, your body will be buried under six feet of dirt and the IWT Champion, nor a man greater than 29 others can do to save you. You can distract yourselves from fate, but you can't deny it. Micheal, you will be buried alive, and i hope you pray to God that he can hear you cough when your lungs fill up with the dirt, because this world you think you rule, will not.

    As for the Royal Rumble itself, you may think that it is anyone's game this Sunday, but I assure you we will not have another Bruce Knight miracle, because for the man who sees reality for what it really is. It's 7 vs 23.

    King Zero holsters his mic and heads backstage.
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  6. *Suddenly the lights transition to their normal state as Skillet- Awake and Alive echoes around the arena as Reagan Cole comes out to still a mixed reaction but Reagan looks around until deciding to walk down the ramp and walks around the ring before grabbing a microphone from a guy at ringside*

    Reagan: why are you guys having a party without me?

    *Reagan slides into the ring and shakes his head at each of the people inside the ring*

    Reagan: so who do we have here? We got a guy, Donald Trump would not approve of and 2 guys who are demons so that's Almost looks like a team ran out of ideas

    *Reagan stares at the camera before going back to talking because everybody loves that*

    Reagan: but I'm here for more important stuff because when I enter the Royal Rumble and win the Royal Rumble, it will be exactly two years after my debut here in IWT. Two years! That's a long time, I know so lets go through what I have accomplished through those two years I have.....

    *Reagan pauses as he tries to remember what he has actually done and it takes him nearly a full minute to remember 1 thing he's done*

    Reagan: wait! I was in the triple threat at Wrestlemania which involved Alias Antonio and Aiden Ryan for the X-division title!

    *Reagan suddenly points at Michael*

    Reagan: I beat him in a tag team match at Summerslam! *stops pointing* anyway the thing is if you going to put any money on any of these guys, it's obvious who you should put money on. It's not Gatorade, it's not Michael Jai White and if you don't get that reference, Google spawn movie and there you go and the winner is not The Devil's version of Prince Harry, it's especially not FTJ, can we not give that guy a title again? Thank you so they are the only ones that I think are in here but of course there will be surprises and all that stuff but there is only one that's realistic, not weird and scary. So this is probably why I am going to win anyway bring on the next nobody, come on down!
  7. Hi
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  8. Michael takes his hand out of his pocket, and looks around sarcastically.

    Michael: First of all, Reagan. The only reason you beat me, was because I was carrying a, virtual, corpse in Danielson around the ring. I can fucking kill you right now. I own you. I pay you. And most of all, I've been banging your ol' lady for the better part of month. So shut the fuck up and sit down. If it's even possibly - but I have more faith in FTJ as a 3 time champion, then I have in you even winning a fucking match let alone a Royal Rumble. But I understand. I was a jobber. Now I'm a millionaire who owns the IWT. You can go back to NGW and that gang of up-tight pricks, anytime now.

    Michael: Now, onto more pressing matters. King Zero. I've been training. I've been fighting through my neck issues to put you in your fucking place. I seriously hope those 7 goons of yours can dig you out before your soul leaves your incarcerated, buried and decomposing corpse.

    Michael walks closer to Zero.

    Michael: This is more than a match for me. And I'm sure it's more than a match to you. I remember when I was a wee kid. Knocking you, just to get attention. Now, it seems that it's shifted. You and your Zeroes are just as weak as I was, then. You've come crawling to the owner, the millionaire, the greatest mind in pro-wrestling and business. Just remember, that it won't be pretty when your family will have to attend a funeral, that already happened.

    Michael backs into the corner, observing the mass that has flooded the ring.
  9. *gav the chav appears on the titantron*

    ( gav the chav) what a bunch of cheeky ****s
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  10. *senhor appears via satellite*

    The royal rumble is about three things. Stamina, experience and luck. You can all run your mouths from here till Sunday and it won't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. There's no competitor with more experience or stamina than yours truly. The only way I'm not winning this match is sheer bad luck. So try and keep some of that air in folks, you might need it come Sunday.
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  11. Don't where we ALL know that "luck" will be in my hands this Sunday...
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