Storyline The Sacrifice.

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  1. ~The arena is met with a now familiar scene, where the lights go out after a crack of thunder~

    IWTmania. The date looms ever close now. Your victim has been chosen. The senseless beating, the teeth bearing around my neck, the fingers broken by my being, The kids, SHREAKING IN SUFFERING. Yes! I can see it now.

    Alias Antonio. You have sacrificed the man many believed to be your equal. It is time. at IWTmania. Joey Bryant will die.

    Mr Bryant. I know you have felt this coming from inside of your very soul. You felt the urge to jump off the ledge, haven't you? This was my calling. Telling you to step out from the light, and into the dark. The crows, beg for meat, the sharks can sense the blood.

    Joey Bryant, you are a dead man. And you are just the first. For at IWTmania. The clock of death will strike 1...

    @DK James
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  2. character reference (open)

  3. OOC: yo I'm sorry for takin so damn long dude, felt like shit all week and been busy as hell. Today hopefully.
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  4. Know the feel, been chucking up all week. it's cool
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  5. *The crowd gives off a loud pop as the music of the former IWT Champ plays throughout the arena for the first time since the week after the Rumble. He walks out onto the stage slowly in his street clothes with a mic in his hand. He barely even acknowledges the fans and walks down the ramp with the hood from his hoodie over his head. He gets into the ring and stares down the man standing before him for a few moments while the music plays. The music fades and crowd cheers at the confrontation, Bryant raises the mic to his face.*

    "I really don't think you understand what you're doing right name is Joey Bryant, as you seem to already know. Now maybe you didn't know that I am a 3x IWT Champion. Maybe you didn't know I was the 2014 IWT Superstar of the year because if you did know either of those facts you wouldn't be so damn stupid to call me out for the biggest show of the year."

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction but Joey doesn't take his eyes off the man.*

    "Did it even pop in to your head that I was the man main eventing the show last year? I got an 0-1 record at IWT Mania and out of all my other positive stats that one certainly jumps out the most. I'm looking to change that this year, I'm hungry, and I'm not letting anyone stop me whether that be Alias Antonio or.."

    *He pauses a moment and just looks away to listen to the crowd cheer the name.*

    "Alias Antonio. You know that man... don't you? Yea yea see you might know him and you might have had a good shot at him but I've beaten him. He sits at the throne as we speak but that's only because I'm letting him. By this time next year you could be looking at a 5x IWT Champion and I'd bet my left leg you won't even be a glimpse on the map, just another forgotten name. And it's sad because I see promise in you but that all just changed because you are asking for a career death wish. I have retired hall of famers in this company, future hall of famers, and just flat out losers that realized they couldn't make it in this business when I embarrassed them. You are no different but you're the first one I'm going to be able to humiliate while the entire world's watching at the biggest show of the year."

    *Joey begins pacing in front of him slowly but continues.*

    "Now have you changed your mind yet? I see dudes like you all the time, these big scary dudes that try to get into other peoples heads and use their brute force to get a quick pin. I ain't just some X-Division reject off the street my masked friend, I hope you now realize that. But you know the one thing about big and "scary" guys like yourself is they never become big stars. Look into the IWT Hall of Fame, all guys with class and the dignity to show their faces to their opponents and use more than just brute force and some quotes out of a 1980's horror flick. I've been in the light and I've been in the dark but no matter where I am I know that there is no challenge too big and scary for Joey Bryant, and well, since I got nobody elses ass to kick so I can get that first IWT Mania're on."

    *The crowd cheers a bit as Joey stares him down once again.*
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  6. ~Alkatrz stares at Joey while he talks, Alkatrz begins to manically laugh under his mask, as he knocks it off on the floor, and his insanity can be heard clearly~

    Joey Bryant. I Do know who you are. I know exactly what you have done. And this is why I chose you. IWT needs their champions, but right now, IWT needs to beg. The time of suffering has come. Joey Bryant you are just the titan that needs to be locked up. Your accomplishments are exactly what need to be made exampled. Look at the people screaming for you tonight Mr Bryant. LISTEN to them, PLEASEEEE. because at IWTmania, they will be screaming for you again. But you won't hear it. There is no sound in the abyss, the prison of my enlightenment. Oh how you fans will shriek in the horror of your death Bryant.

    And don't take this the wrong way, champ. This is not a foolish mistake on my behalf, to "injure my career". This is me picking you out of great respect! There is no better canvas in IWT to paint my rise. With your fall, people will finally understand it! There is nothing to stop the darkness. Of course I would pick a superstar of the year, of course I would pick the 3 time IWT champion. Who better is there to die? Alias Antonio? He has already fallen. At Uprising I knocked the so called champion to the flesh and bone. He had to resort to the evil in his head, telling him to cheat. That is why I have laughed... Oooohhhh how I have laughed. See people say that the ref called the match, and gave Antonio the win. But watching him walk out, with the inner disgust on his face, I knew I had won.

    My Bryant. I am not here for a career. Win's and losses mean nothing to me. It is all apart of the plan, because where we are going there are no wins. Only a big loss. This is the fall of IWT sir! I can call out anyone I want, and with the hatred in my being I know there is nothing that can stop me. Hopefully you can see this when we meet next, maybe then you can succumb to my dominance, and understand as our fair champion now understands. Otherwise, I guess he really is the better man

    ~Alkatrz smirks in spite after toying with Joey~

    You wanted to know if I have changed my mind? Yes.

    ~Alkatrz drops his head, before raising it licking his lips with a manic stare for Bryant~

    At IWT mania, I am not going to kill you. I am going to fucking skin you, rip your eyes out, eat your tongue and feed your family to pigs you rotten fuck.

    ~Alkatrz laughs like a mad man as he bites into his lips with desire, leaving his mouth running with blood as he flicks it about in the ring~

    Joey Bryant. I cannot wait for our match, you better make it bloody, because I know I will. And a bit of advice sir. Don't let your loved ones watch IWT mania, and leave your heart at the door, because if not I will eat it.
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  7. OOC: I shouldn't have to apoligize for this shit anymore but I feel I have to. I did want to reply to this really bad but here's my life, I work every day 7 AM-4 PM except Saturday's where on those days I'm not sitting inside at all. Other days I'm just tired as fuck and have no creativity or ideas on what to post. I'm sorry Tumbas bro, I wanna make this a big match with build but it's comin up way too soon. Let's just make it a bomb fuckin match, thats all I can promise, y'all won't see many other random build promos from me till I get less busy, but oh well, shit happens. This is why I'm glad to no longer be the champ, I don't have all the time in the world anymore.
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  8. It's cool with me
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