Storyline The Secret Weapon... C String!

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  1. The Camera switches to the backstage area to where Aiden Ryan and a medical trainer are communicating.

    "Are you kidding me!?"
    Aiden's mouth drops in shock to what the doctor had told him off camera.

    "I have to report this to the general manger, Aiden. Parker is not on contract and you can be fined for this." The trainer shows the medical results of Parker Ryan to Aiden Ryan.

    Aiden shakes his head in disbelief.

    "But you can watch the clip back, I didn't break his arm. Infact Pain pulled me off of Parker before I could do any serious damage, Surely the tape would show that?"

    "I'm sorry, This has to be done. There will be no Parker Ryan Vs Aiden Ryan at MITB."

    The fans thunder the arena with a negative reaction as the trainer walks off to find the general manger.

    Aiden runs his fingers through his hair and shrugs slightly. "Whatever." he whispers to himself as he starts his leg stretches. Hearing some foot steps behind him he immediately assumes It's Harriet Vargas.

    "Get away from me, Harriet. Didn't you get enough insults in at uprisi..." Aiden turns around
    as Bubble Cheeks walk in, wearing a thong with two big booty women in thongs as well.
    "Now ya see....Aiden, I think I know why you're so mad. So....tense baby. What if I told you, there's a way where you can win all your matches....without even trying?"
    "Oh My... Oh gosh!"
    Aiden Covers his eyes at the sight of the man in the thong, He laughs in an awkward manner.
    "Okay, What exactly would help me win these matches?"

    Aiden asks with an uncomfortable laughter.

    Bubble cheeks wraps one of his arms around Aiden and brings him close, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.
    "It's the best item of Earth, more powerful than Biggie Smalls on a treadmill and bigger than a Full House reunion..." He claps both of his hands, making smoke appear. As soon as the smoke clears up, he has a golden C string thong in his hands. "THIS IS THE SECRET!!!"
    C String:

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    The audience erupts with laughter as Aiden stands there looking at the item with a blank look drawn upon his face. After five seconds of looking it he shakes his head.
    Aiden slowly removes Bubble Cheek's arm that is around Aiden away from him.

    "That Item would not only damage my performance in the ring, It would damage me permanently."

    "Actually! It'll increase your in ring performance! Think about it, wrestlers who performed in trunks were always great, now imagine less clothing! More natural movement! Less man-made clothing and more of the good stuff!"
    He said, setting it on your shoulder.
    "Look! Now it's like a parrot! It's so damn creative!!"

    "Oh yes very..."
    Aiden struggles to find the patience.
    "Very creative, Genius of you if i may add. Say, Uhm... You haven't been wearing this have you?"
    Aiden looks at Cheek's and his women.

    "Of course not! This one is fresh, straight from the package!" He says nodding, pulling out a box full of them. "Normally they're 60003 dollars, but I'll give 'em to ya just for free!" He says, putting on sunglasses. "Goddamn, better put these on because these are hottttt!"
    He says touching the C string, making a sssssss sound.

    "Wow! Really? Gosh, I'm so overwhelmed with emotions that... I best head to the locker room and try these on right now!"
    Aiden Nods walking away from Bubble Cheek's in a rushed manner.
    As soon as he reaches around the corner, Aiden then sneaks behind a trainer who has their back turned to their personal belongings. Without any hesitation Aiden shoves the C String into the trainer's backup.
    With a fake smile Aiden then rests his hand on the trainers back.
    "Hey, Henry. How ya doing?"
    "Aiden! You look ready to go."
    "You know it, Just gotta work on my kicks more and I'll be able to hit that X Division again in full force. I'll catch you later, Alright?"
    Aiden Walks away as the fans once again erupt with a loud laughter.

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    Just a fun little segment I did with big boss. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  2. That trainer will destroy our whole roster :4/10:
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