The Shield breaking up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. When do you guys think it'll happen?
  2. inb4 the thread title makes some of you shit your pants :tyson:
  3. I almost die when I read the title, The Shield is what makes the 3 hour RAW a little better...
    About when they'll break up, I think they'll break up before 2013 ends
  4. :pity:
  5. Hopefully over the summer, it can be the big story as the three implode over the WWE title.
  6. I'm indifferent. Whilst The Shield are the most entertaining thing in WWE at the moment, I wouldn't mind a break up because a Dean Ambrose solo run would make me mark like a 12 year old little girl. I would prefer them to win cleanly at Wrestlemania and have the summer storyline based around them though.
  7. So you are not really a 12 year old girl? I'm shocked. :shock:
  8. It'll be one of the important things happening during the summer. Don't know how they'll implode and don't care to speculate, since it could go a bunch of different ways and we're not close to them breaking up anyway.
  9. Have to assume you've edited and changed to be an asshole. :pity:

    You marking like a 12 year old girl? :xanth: you can finally tell police what happened that night.
  10. Too late. :mad2:
  11. They will most likely break up in the summer, good things never last too long :cry:
  12. I hope one of the members break up during the summer and then two of them feud till WM
  13. Well I expect Reigns to turn face obviously and then they'll give him this super push. Rollins & Ambrose might stay together for a while, feud with Reigns. Then inevitably when they're defeated they casually disperse to singles careers like The Corre and Nexus did, hopefully with more success
  14. I'm seeing a new Super face in Reigns too. Wouldn't be that bad consdering :obama:
  15. I'm still on the fence about him because he hasn't done enough to impress me. His mic skills are a little bit better, but I just feel like he'll be the next big guy who doesn't know how to work the ring. Then again he is Samoan, and they tend to know how to wrestle, don't think I know one who can't
  16. Reigns doesn't impress me very much aside from his spear. But he has a great look and will probably be the break out star of the group because of that alone.
  17. It's a little wacky but I'd love to see Ambrose take the World Heavyweight Championship as part of The Shield. An Ambrose/ADR fued lasting a few months with Ambrose taking the title at Summerslam would be great. Eventually after a few months of domination by the Shield Ambrose and Reigns could turn on Rollins turning him face. Then at WM you have Rollins getting put over massively as a face after beating Ambrose for the WHC. Ambrose blames Reigns for the defeat and turns on him hence Roman turning as well. They could fued for a few months with Dean going over before moving onto bigger things over on Raw.

    A boy can dream *sigh*
  18. True, plus I don't think they need many more heels at the moment anyway, I see Ambrose/Rollins doing a better job of the Heel role.
  20. Ambrose an ADR would be a good feud to see, but I feel like it'll lack the hype because of Del Rio's inability to shoot a good promo. Believe it or not I think he would be good against the Miz, the match wouldn't be as ADR/Ambrose but it's a nice slow start for him, and more likely IMO since world title seems a bit soon for Ambrose even if it is next summer.